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21 Home Tricks to get instant relief from painful periods [Magical treatment]

21 Home Tricks to get instant relief from painful periods 

[Magical treatment]


Often women are troubled by the pain of periods that occur every month. He sometimes uses Painkiller to get relief from this pain and then seek solutions to overcome the pain on social media. But tell you that during this time you can get pain relief from painkiller to relieve your health. In this case, let's know about 21 Home Tricks to get instant relief from painful periods [Magical treatment]

1-Water works like magic

Although water removes many different types of diseases, but water comes as magic when it comes to periods. Drinking at least 12-15 glasses helps your swelling, which will relieve your spasms.
[Drinking Too Much Water May Cause Obesity, Kidney And Brain Damage]

2-Bay leaf

Very few people know that except for the pain of the Tejpal period, you can end your many problems related to health. Tell us, many women use it to overcome the pain during Mahaviya.

3-Ginger is effective

Ginger food is very beneficial in the pain of periods. If you want, you can drink small pieces of boiling water in it. This will ease the pain.

4-Fenugreek oil

Fry the fenugreek seeds in mustard oil and fry until black. When they leave their effect well in oil, filter it and take it out in a vial. Massaging the waist with this oil daily will cause the pain to disappear.

5-Hot bag

If you have a lot of pain in your stomach during periods, then you can use a hot bag to get relief. For this, you have to keep the hot bag on the part of the stomach where you are feeling pain.

6-Avoid caffeine

Increasing intake of caffeine increases the likelihood of acidity in the body. You can also have trouble because of this. In this case, reduce the intake of caffeine at this particular time.


Papaya works to force digestion. Drinking it during periods gives relief in pain.

8-Foot massage in periods cramps 

Our whole body has pressure points in the feet. For this reason, the massage of almost all kinds of pain can be cured by their massage. Above the width of the four fingers of the ankle bone is the point of this pain reduction. At this point massage with light hands can reduce the stomach and lower back pain.

9-Make a little distance from the salt

It is natural to have bloating in periods. In such a case, if you reduce salt intake some time before periods, you will also get relief in pain as your kidneys help in extracting excessive water.

10-Sesame oil

Sesame oil is very hot, allowing muscles to relax. Massage with this oil is beneficial when there is a back pain.

11-Basil leaves

Make a tea of basil leaves while boiling it in a water and drink it. it will give relief in pain

12-Avoid fried foods

To reduce the pain during Mahaviya, first control your diet. Avoid eating fried foods at this special time. Include fruits with green vegetables in your diet.


Women often have gas problems during periods which causes stomach pain To avoid this, the use of oregano will also be effective.

14-Exercise in the routine included

Including a light exercise in your daily routine will give you pain relief. Exercising will ease your bloating problem Due to bloating, pain is felt only. In such a way, you will feel relaxed by exercising light.


If you experience too much pain during periods then you should choose the right exercise. Experts also believe that walking during a period is very beneficial. This causes your muscles to relax and you get relief from pain.


If you feel boring with walking, you can adopt dancing. Dancing is the same as workout. But there is no special rule in it. You can do this according to your fun and convenience.


You can also get rid of the pain of periods from Yoga. Which yoga you take depends on your convenience and the flexibility of your body. Keep in mind that do not let excess pressure on your body during this time.


Plucking is also a way of workout. In planking you have to pause your body at one position. In it you had to get help with your hands and feet


Junka nowadays remains the first choice of people in the Exercise Market. But this exercise is all new in India. Jumbo is a mixed form of dance and exercise. With this you can reduce your weight and get rid of periods of periods.

20-Ginger drink for menstrual cramps 

Ginger is an excellent ingredient that you can use to get relief from menstrual pain. It reduces your fatigue and helps you feel more energetic. In a cup of warm water, add a little ginger and honey and leave it for some time, when the water becomes lukewarm, drink it. You can drink ginger tea three times a day if there is severe pain in menstrual period. Ginger is a great way to remove the pain of periods. This provides relief from other pain during periods. 

21-Drinks of pickle juice in periods cramps 

Pickle extracts (juice) Cereal extracts (juice) are also known to remove pain during menstruation. You can drink half a cup of juice for this. In this trouble you can try this remedy once a day. There is abundant sodium found in the extracts (juice) that works to make you energetic. Apart from this, it also removes the pain in menstrual cycle and also fixes the cramps in your muscles. 
💀Warning -Do not eat the empty stomach at all.

Symptoms of Stomach pain and back pain in menstrual period

During menstruation, you also have to face many other problems. 

  • At this time there is a sharp pain in the lower part of your stomach.
  • At the same time, there is constant pain in the lower part of your back.
  • Many women sometimes face the following symptoms:

  1. Headache
  2. Nausea
  3. Mild
  4. Diarrhea
  5. Fatigue
  6. Dizziness
Sometimes abdominal and waist pain in the periods or menstrual period is very fast. The change in the hormone during this also changes your thoughts (mood). To overcome this problem, you should try domestic remedies. This is a natural and simple solution to overcome this problem.

Causes of Abdominal Pain and Pain in Periods 

Periods of abdominal pain and waist pain can be the following.

  1. Extra haemorrhage from the vagina
  2. First baby after birth
  3. Adding hormones to prostaglandin (the element responsible for pain)
  4. When the Periods of Adolescence Begins

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Careful! The mysterious fungus spread in the world, are killing secretly

Careful! The mysterious fungus spread in the world, are killing secretly


These days, a mysterious fungus in the world is proving to be fatal for people. It is a matter of concern that neither is there any cure for this fungus nor it is being destroyed after the death of man, rather it is spreading in the body of another from a human body. The name of this dangerous fungus is 'Candida auris'.

💬💻According to the New York Times report, so many people have been killed by the "Candida auris" fungus. This fungus makes people prey to those who have weak immune systems.
According to the report, the first patient of 'Candida auris' was found in Brooklyn in May last year. An 👵elderly person was recruited in the Mount Sinai Hospital🏥 for Abdominal Surgery, whose blood test revealed that he was suffering from a mysterious fungus.

After this, the doctors shifted them to the intensive care unit. After the death of the elderly, many people with this fungus appeared. In the last five years in Venezuela and some hospitals in Spain, many cases of people with this fungus were revealed. Due to which a British medical centre had to be closed till its intensive care unit.

After the US and Europe, this fungus has now turned to Asian countries. It is said in the report that cases related to this fungus are also being reported in India, Pakistan and South Africa.

It is also said in the report that this fungus does not die with the death of a person. Because of the death of the elderly who was suffering from Candida auris, who had been admitted to Mount Sinai Hospital, after the death of her, a virus named Candida auris was found.

💻According to Dr. Scott Laurin, manager of Astal, after the women's death, we found Candida auris in the walls, beds, doors, curtains, phones, sinks, whiteboards, sheets, bed rails.

Dr. Scott Laurin says that Candida orris is so dangerous that it does not even have the effect of anti fungal medication. One problem is also that people have less information about this fungus as it has been kept confidential. The medicines have not been made so far. Therefore it is said that the governments are afraid of this.

So far many cases have been reported so that the patient dies within 90 days from Candida auris fungus. It is also being spread from one person to another, with the people present in the hospital, and the import and export of other things including equipment.

Dr. Matthew McCarthy explains that the patient has a fever, pain, and weakness after coming into the grip of this fungus. Apart from this, the person who weakens the immune system, this fungus takes it easy in his grip. Right now, research is going on to find the breakdown of this fungus.

Fungus is spreading in a very secret manner

Candida auris is spreading quietly in the hospital worldwide, but governments are not ready to disclose information by saying that they are afraid of intimidating patients and people. In the US about 587 cases of Candida auris have been revealed.
Those who treat patients infected with Candida auris are also afraid of their safety. Dr. Matthew McCarthy, who works in a New York Medical Center, shares his experience and told that he had recently realised the fear when he was treated for the affected 30-year-old patient.

In more than 20 countries, cases of infections have emerged.

Recently, Candida auris has reached New York, New Jersey City and Illinois. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has included it in the list of 'urgent threat' or threats to be taken immediately.

Candida auris infection has been observed in more than 20 countries. Since it requires special laboratory methods to identify it, it is possible that in other countries these infections are spreading, but have not been identified yet.

Issues arising in India and Pakistan

💻According to the report, after the US and Europe, this fungus is now visible in India, Pakistan and South Africa.

Patient death in 90 days

All the cases related to this fungus have been reported so far, within 90 days the patient has died. Doctors say that it is spreading from one person to another with the people in the hospital, including equipment and other things.

Do not die with the death of a person

👉 After 90 days of the elderly suffering from Candida Oris, admitted to Fangus Mount Sinai Hospital. Test showed that there was candida orris on everything in the room they were kept in. After this, the hospital had to use special cleaning equipment to clean the room. They had to be pulled from sealing to floor tiles to eliminate the fungus.

👉Dr. Scott Lorin, manager of Astal, said, "Walls, beds, doors, curtains, phones, sinks, whiteboards, pole, pumps, sheets, beds rails, wall sheds, sealing and everything in that room were found positive for Candida Oris. . '

Two of the 10 cases of Candida Oris

The case of Candida Orris, declared as Global Threat, has been coming out in India since 2011, through many studies, this information has emerged. Recently, a study conducted on patients profiles by AIIMS trauma center revealed that two of the 10 cases of patients recruited from the hospital between 2012 and 2017 were from Candida Oris.

Anti fungal's are neutral

Most patients infected with Candida orris usually have no effect on anti fungal's - Fluconazole (55%) and Voriconazole (35%) used for treatment. These medicines are given to patients when they do not have antibacterial drugs. Candida oris is a fungus that is usually present in the hospital environment and makes its victims vulnerable to immunotherapy.

Which people are more prone to Candida auris?

Newborn baby to old people can become a victim of this.

📌According to the Centrifuge for Disease Control and Prevention, people who have recently been in the hospital and whose tubes are inserted, such as respiratory hose, food pipe, they may be at greater risk of C orris infection.

Symptoms of Candida auris

👉According to the CDC , the most common symptoms of Candida auris include fever and chills, which are not cured even after antibiotic treatment.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Never do these things if you want to be healthy

Never do these things if you want to be healthy 


Healthy eating and healthy lifestyle is important for Healthy Life. But we keep on hurting our health and eating things that go ahead and get serious results. Neither do we exercise at the right time and in the right way. Neither sleep nor sleep at the right time and eat and drink. On the occasion of World Health Day, we will tell you in the article " Never do these things if you want to be healthy " about such habits which are posing a threat to your healthy life.

Not to take full sleep

Many people can not take full sleep and many things are responsible for this, such as workload, tension, depression, eating habits and lifestyle changes. But whatever the reason, always should take complete sleep. Lack of sleep leads to diabetes, heart-related diseases and obesity.

Drink less water

Human body has 50 to 65 percent water volume. In such a situation, you can imagine how important it is to drink enough water to maintain the health. Due to water scarcity, many types of diseases are born, such as dehydration, obesity, hypertension, constipation, gastritis, eczema, cystitis and urine infections. So drink plenty of water.
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Much Sweet Food

Many people are very fond of sweet eating. On the name of sweet they crack up to sugar or jaggery. If this is the case then stop sweet food. But if you are thinking that sweet things like sugar, jaggery or candy are only then you are wrong then you are wrong. Apart from Sugar Frutus, there are many more things in it. Rather, whatever food we eat, also goes into our body and gets converted to glucose. So keep the intake of sugar in control. By eating more sugar, the level of insulin increases, which gives diabetes a feast. The risk of heart diseases increases and people become prey to obesity. 
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Alcohol and cigarette consumption

Many people drink lots of alcohol and smoke , but it is not right from the perspective of health. Drinking and smoking can lead to depression, chronic diseases such as old age, tension, fatigue, lack of sleep, infection and cancer.

A lot of sleep and healthy food, that's the key of good health

Health fit we hit so we hit Of course, health is paramount. After all, how can we save our health

Get up to the right time

Wake up at 6 to 7 am in the morning. There is no longer tone and refreshment than sleeping for long. However, if you sleep late night (around 1-2 o'clock) due to work, then you can get late too. Sleep must be completed. If sleep was not complete at night, then after getting up in the morning, doing exercise and breakfast etc. can take an hour-long nap after an hour. This will end sleep. The same applies to snacks between lunch and dinner.
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What to do immediately after getting up - 
after getting up, first drink a glass plain or lukewarm water. This causes the toxic elements of the body to come out. In a glass of water, squeezing half a lemon can also be squeezed.

👉 After this, be freshened. Do not rush in here. Give yourself time to relax so that the stomach can be well cleaned and poisonous substances can be released from the body. If you use an English style toilet seat, you can place a small stool or a pedestal under the feet. This causes pressure on the intestine and the stomach is well cleaned.

👉 After 10-15 minutes of freshness, take a cup of green tea or herbal tea or fresh seasonal juice. At this time our body has the ability to sense. Eat healthily in such a way that it benefits the body more.

👉 At this time, eat any fruit especially banana or a handful of dry fruits (almonds, walnut, chia seeds etc.).

Not to do -
drink tea first after you get up. From this, hungry body is not able to get proper nutrition or drink tea, then take cup tea about half an hour after eating fruits or dry fruits.

Exercises -
👉Exercise 45 minutes after eating half or dry fruit fries 45 minutes. After 45 minutes of exercise, deep breathing and meditation for 15 minutes.

👉Include Cardio (Brisk Walk, Cycling, Swimming etc), Stretching (Yoga) and Weight Lifting, all in the Stock Exchange. If it is not possible in one day, do 3 days cardio and stretching (Yoga) in the week and three days cardio and weight lifting. One day give your body rest.

👉Yoga is very good for stretching. Do not want to do different asanas or there is a shortage of time, only 20 sun salutes please. This is a perfect workout in itself. Together, also move the movement and stretch the body slightly.
Brisk walk 45 minutes a day, even when there is a shortage of time. In Brisk Walk we usually take 70 to 80 steps in 1 minute. Once you can not do so much or get enough time, do it twice. Do not have morning time then do it in the evening, but do the walks.

Not to do
Exercise should not be done empty stomatch. Eating banana or dry-fruits is better than before exercise. Do not eat immediately before and immediately after exercising. Be sure to have a gap of at least half an hour. Actually, during the exercise, a blood attack is carried out from different parts of the body, especially on the feet. Circulation is less on the stomach. In such a situation, the food is not digested properly.

Easy Bath

👉Save at least 10-15 minutes of time for bathing. Take normal or lukewarm water for bathing. Press the whole body with a light hand and take a bath while rubbing it. This increases blood pressure in the body.

👉Shampoo can use anybody to wash. But try to be herbal shampoo. Apply the conditioner after shampoo Clean shampoos and conditioners well with hair. In a glass of water, add a lemon juice or a spoonful vinegar, and after the hair wash, you can put it. It also works as a conditioner.

Do not do it
👉 Do not use hot water for bathing. Do not be bothered Do not use too much of soap or shampoo.

👉 Also, do not use very hot water. Doing this ends the natural moisture of the body and hair.

Healthy ways of breakfast

To do
👉 After stocking up to half an hour after breakfast. Breakfast must be very nutritious and full because it provides us energy for the whole day. Sugar patients should eat something soon after the freshness is done.

👉Breakfast must have three carbohydrates, protein and fat. Dalia, oats, cheela, saddle rolls, poha (with plenty of vegetables), cheese rolls, whole bread sandwiches etc. should be taken as they slowly release sugar. Also, take protein (milk, paneer, sprouted pulses or egg white etc.) because doing this does not seem to be hungry early. Fresh seasonal juices can be taken with breakfast.

👉Do not take the same things every day in breakfast. Instead, add different types of things to breakfast. This gives the body all the nutrients.

what not to do
👉Do not take liquids with breakfast. If you want to drink, you can take vegetable juices, buttermilk or milk. Do not drink tea at all because the tannins and caffeine present in it do not allow calcium and iron to biline in the body. Drink tea, drink halfway before or after breakfast.

The most light dinner

  1. The dinner should be the lightest meal of the whole day. Our body runs according to the Sun. In such a situation, the body's metabolism starts reducing after the day is over.
  2. If possible, do not take protein, especially Dal, Rajma, etc. in the night. It is difficult to digest. Take a seasonal vegetable instead of these. Vegetable porridge, khichadi or chila etc. can also be taken.
  3. Eat less than 20 percent less food than you are hungry. There is no problem of heavyness and dyspepsia.
  4. If you are invited to eat sweet after dinner, then eat some molasses instead of sweets or ice cream.
  5. Can walk lightly after about 15 minutes of dinner. If you want to walk fast, then keep at least half an hour gap from dinner.


what to do- 
  1. Try to go to sleep until 11 o'clock at night. Sleep at 7-8 hours daily.
  2. The best time to sleep is between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. If it is not possible to sleep in the meantime, then try to sleep on at least a fixed day every day.
  3. Keep a gap of at least 2-3 hours between dinner and gold. A cup of lukewarm tooth milk can take about half an hour before sleeping.
  4. If possible, meditate 10 minutes before sleeping. After lying on the bed run good sleep meditation music (available on YouTube) and concentrate on music except stress throughout the day. Slowly take meditation on the breath. You will be sleepy in a while. It gives deep and good sleep.

Do not do
👉Do Not play TVs, laptops, or mobile phones in the bedroom. By doing so the mind is not ready to sleep.

Some more tips

  1. Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. Do not drink water while eating food. Yes, it is beneficial to drink half or a glass of water approximately half an hour before eating. With this we eat food in small quantities.
  2. Eat food at regular times. It does not have the problem of acidity, gas, harassment etc. Eat less sugar, flour, salt Do not take a teaspoon of salt daily, sugar more than 4-5 small spoons. Take ghee and oil in half a liter in the month.
  3. Must be at least 10,000 steps daily. It will be better if you decide on the pedestrian rather than the carriage of nearby distances.
  4. Take a nap in the day, but do not make it habit. If you have not slept properly or have been tired in the night then it is OK to take a knife.
  5. Breathe with stomach (diaphrag) instead of lungs. This gives the body more oxygen, which goes to the brain. This increases the ability to think and analyse. Train yourself to breathe properly. Look for this on your stomach. While breathing, the stomach should go out and breathing inwards towards the inside. Gradually, the right way to breathe practice with practice becomes habitual.

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