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44 (amazing) benefits of coriander with side effects

44 (amazing) benefits of coriander with side effects



Coriander is widely used in Indian cuisine. It is considered a good source of dietary fiber (a type of carbohydrate from plants ). In addition, many types of medicinal properties are also found in coriander. People used to use coriander in different cultures to enhance traditional treatments and food flavors. The whole plant of coriander is considered to be a good source of lipids because it contains petrochemical acid and essential oil ( oil prepared with herbs ). Coriander, found in the regions of southern Europe and northern and southwestern Africa, is a soft herb whose plant can grow up to a length of 50 cm. 
In Ayurveda 📖 coriander has been given tremendous importance in the form of trimester (three benefits) spices . 
Its three benefits include 👇
  1. Increasing the appetite
  2. Improving digestion 
  3. Fighting infection . 

Many biological constituents are found in coriander, due to which there are many types of medicinal properties in different parts of this herb. In coriander, diabetic-resistant, antioxidant , anti-epileptic, anti-depressant, swelling suppressor, reducing lipid in the blood, protecting brain cells, high blood pressure , and diuretic properties.

Facts about coriander: 

Botanical name: Koryerander sataiwam 
Common Name: Coriander, Silentro, Chinese Parsley 
Sanskrit name: coriander 
Useful Part: Leaves, Root, Seed 
Geographic details: Southern Europe, North Africa, Southwest Africa

Benefits of Coriander

There are following benefits of Coriander 👇

Benefits of Coriander for weight loss 

If you consume metabolism and consume fat-burning foods then your weight may be reduced. So if you are trying to lose weight then use coriander seeds which will be beneficial for you. 
"Boil three tablespoon coriander seeds in one glass of water. When the water is reduced by half, filter it and take it twice daily." 
According to Ayurveda 📖 the decoction made from coriander seeds reduces lipid levels in the blood. The sterols present in its seeds and leaves prevent the absorption of cholesterol in the body, which does not increase the weight. 

Benefits of Coriander for thyroid 

If you have thyroid problems like hyperthyroidism, then you should consume coriander seeds. There are high types of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are very beneficial in the problem of thyroid. For this you should use the decoction of coriander water as your diet. Read more Thyroid [causes to treatment]

Benefits of eating coriander for digestion 

If you have a problem related to digestion then you should consume coriander. It also helps to reduce inflammation. Coriander helps in getting rid of other symptoms like digestive system such as gas , swelling and irritability etc. 
Its use helps the intestines to absorb nutrients better. 
"Make a mixture with a large spoon coriander seeds with coconut milk and other cold substances such as cucumber or watermelon and take it."

Benefits of coriander for menstruation

Women suffering from excessive menstrual flow should consume the water of boiled coriander seeds. It regulates bleeding. Iron in the coriander helps in reducing blood deficiency. It also improves energy levels in the body. Coriander can relieve the uterine cramps during the menstrual cycle. And also helps in controlling hormones during this time. It improves the regularity of the menstrual cycle. 
Read more Menstruation [Periods] : Things You Should Know

Benefits of Coriander Seed for Diabetic

Coriander seeds maintain insulin activity and reduce blood glucose levels. Insulin secretion in the pancreas increases due to the stimulating effect of coriander on the endocrine glands. This reduces the level of blood glucose rapidly due to other normal metabolic functions.
For this, you can use coriander powder or coriander seeds, in soup, pickle and juice. You can also use coriander water. 
"keep 10 grams of coriander seeds soaked in water for the whole night and in the morning, drink that water." 

Benefits of Green Coriander Seeds for eye infection

Coriander seeds have high antioxidant properties which help in reducing itching , redness and swelling in the eyes . Antibacterial properties are obtained in the seeds of coriander, which conjunctivitis protect the eyes from infectious diseases. 
If you have a problem of conjunctivitis then wash your eyes with the decoction of coriander seeds (boil the seeds of coriander seeds). Apart from this, to get rid of various eye problems, take the empty stomach coriander daily.

Benefits of coriander for Diarrhea and allergies

Soak 1 spoon coriander in water throughout the night. Boil and drink.

Benefits of coriander for Headache

Apply the juice of soft coriander leaves on the forehead.

Benefits of coriander for Acne and Black Wart

Put a pinch of turmeric in the juice of soft coriander leaves and apply it on the face and wash after drying.

Benefits of coriander for animal bite

Drink juice of 6-7 teaspoon coriander leaves. And paste the paste in the cut area.

Benefits of coriander for mouth ulcers

Drink coriander seed decoction and rinse with it.

Benefits of coriander for Foul odor (bad breath)

Take a powder of coriander seeds on a fixed time and then take a powdered seed.

Benefits of coriander for Blisters of skin

Drink the decoction of the seed. Boil 1 teaspoon coriander seeds in water and place its paste on the affected area. Dryness of the mouth, pain in the stomach,

Benefits of coriander for hemorrhoids

Drink decoction of coriander seeds

Benefits of Coriander for Allergy

Coriander is cold so it is very good to calm allergies . It helps in removing common symptoms of allergies such as hives, itching and swelling. 
To use it on the skin, make a paste by mixing one spoonful honey and half a teaspoonful of coriander. Place this paste on the affected area and wash after 5 to 10 minutes. 

Benefits of coriander for swelling in the mouth or throat

If you have swelling in the mouth or throat then the seed of coriander will be very beneficial for you. For this, you boil a small spoonful of coriander seeds in a cup of water. Now, if you like, you can add hot honey to taste. You can also consume coriander seeds by mixing with cold cucumbers or oatmeal stalks. 

Coriander oil giving relief from arthritis

Due to anti-inflammatory properties of coriander, it is also used to get relief from arthritis. For this you add a powder of semi-spoon coriander seeds to Shea butter, coconut oil or in your favorite fragrance lotion. It will be very beneficial. 
Coriander seed oil also has benefits for arthritis .
"Mix 5 tablespoon coriander oil in a tablespoon of coconut oil, olive oil or grapes seeds, massage your joints or else you can use anti-inflammatory oil like frankincense ), Tea Tree Oil , Teaspot oil and Lemon Oil can also be added."

Benefits of Coriander For Skin

Coriander contains insecticides, toxicants, antiseptic, antifungal, and antioxidant properties which help to clean skin disorders like eczema , dryness and fungal infections . 
As mentioned earlier, coriander is rich in many antioxidants that prevent free radicals from harming the skin cells. Vitamin A is a significant soluble vitamin and antioxidant that is important for maintaining the mucus membranes and the skin healthy. Vitamin C is a powerful natural antioxidant that fights with free radicals that help in preventing aging symptoms like loose skin, wrinkles , pigmentation etc.

Coriander juice for hair

Coriander juice helps in the development of new hair and relieves hair loss problem . Because there are essential vitamins and proteins that help in the development of hair. 
Using some drops of water, make a paste of fresh leaves of coriander. Apply this paste on your head an hour before shampooing. To get effective results, use it twice in 2 to 3 weeks. You can wash your hair by boiling coriander leaves in water and cooling it. 

Benefits of Coriander Leaves in Hypertension

Apart from reducing LDL cholesterol, coriander helps in reducing high blood pressure . This herb is a good source of potassium , magnesium , calcium , manganese and iron. It helps control heart rate and blood pressure due to high potassium and low sodium. People may have more blood pressure due to various reasons. And one of the reasons is stress. By eating coriander there is less anxiety and stress, which also helps to control your blood pressure. In this way, it keeps your blood pressure under control. 

Other benefits of coriander

These are some wonderful benefits of drinking coriander juice.

  1. Coriander leaf juice exits toxins of the body.
  2. Because of low calorie intake, it stays in weight control by drinking it.
  3. Potassium present in coriander can keep the heart out of the heart.
  4. The coriander juice gives energy to the body and runs away from the dusk of the face.
  5. It can also protect against facial nail swelling.
  6. Drinking a juice of coriander leaves also reduces blood loss.
  7. It helps in reducing cholesterol harming health and enhancing beneficial cholesterol for health.
  8. It is particularly beneficial for the digestive system. It helps in increasing the activity of the liver.
  9. It is also beneficial for patients with diabetes. It works to control the level of blood sugar.
  10. The phytonutrients found in it serve as a protection in the radical damage.
  11. Vitamin contained in it is beneficial in Alzheimer's disease.
  12. Anti-inflammatory properties are found in coriander leaves . Because of which it is also very useful in arthritis .
  13. It is also effective in fixing the mouth wounds. The anti-septic properties present in it work to quickly fill the mouth wounds.
  14. Coriander leaves are quite beneficial in keeping nervous system active.
  15. Many diseases related to skin like pimples, having problems in blackheads and dry skin can be of great benefit.
  16. Boil green coriander in the morning and boil in water, filter it. This water drains stomach stomach through urine after drinking empty stomach in the morning.
  17. A lot of vitamins A and C are found in 'Coriander leaves'. It helps in strengthening the immune system in the body.
  18. If hunger is more in the winter season, then there is a possibility of having stomach problems such as gas, diarrhea, acidity etc. To overcome these problems, consumption of 'coriander leaves' in any form will help.
  19. Consumption of 'coriander leaves' in any form is helpful in reducing urine related problems.
  20. Regular consumption of 'coriander leaves' helps to keep away from viral diseases such as viral and cold cough.
  21. There is plenty of 'Vitamin C' in coriander. Which is beneficial for arthritis patients.
  22. Consume of coriander leaves in any form is beneficial for diabetics, because it helps to control the amount of insulin in the blood.
  23. People who are complaining about dizziness should use coriander with amla. This will provide a lot of relief.
  24. If you have a problem related to digestion then you should consume coriander. It also helps to reduce inflammation. Coriander helps in getting rid of other symptoms like digestive system such as gas , swelling and irritability etc. Its use helps the intestines to absorb nutrients better. For this, you should make a smokin mix with a large spoon coriander seeds with coconut milk and other cold substances such as cucumber or watermelon and take it.

Side effects of coriander

There are following side effects of  coriander

  1. Coriander has very little side effects but consuming more amounts of it can cause allergic reactions that can be seen on the skin. Consumption of high amounts of coriander increases the likelihood of our skin's sunburn , which can cause skin cancer in the long run. 
  2. Pregnant women should not eat coriander until it is completely researched. However, some women have claimed that consumption of coriander increases with breast milk. 

Coriander Tasir - Dhaniya Ki Taseer 

Coriander leaves are cold. Therefore it is also used for stomach problems. Coriander provides quite healthy benefits but keep in mind that excessive intake of it can also prove to be harmful for health.

More about coriander

From ancient times, India is known as the "Land of spices" in the world. Coriander seeds and leaves are used to make food scented and delicious. Coriander seeds are used in the form of culinary and diarrhea in the form of a lottery due to having a lot of medicinal properties. Coriander is a one-year spice crop of the Ambeli Ferry or Carrot Total. Its green coriander is called cilantro or Chinese porcelain.

The cultivation of coriander in Madhya Pradesh is 1,16,607 ha. Which produces approximately 1,84,702 tons. Average yield 428 kg / ha is. Guna of M.P., Mandsaur, Shajapur, Rajgarh, Vidisha, Chhindwara etc. are major coriander producing districts.

Uses and Significance

Coriander is an economically beneficial crop with a valuable multi-purpose spice. Coriander seeds and leaves are used to make food scented and delicious. Coriander seeds are used in the form of culinary and diarrhea in the form of a lottery due to having a lot of medicinal properties. India is the leading exporting country of coriander . Foreign exchange is earned from the export of coriander .


Dry and cold weather is favorable for getting good production. For germination of seeds from 25 to 26. Gray The temperature is good. Due to the cultivation of coriander temperate climates, there is a need for pala-free weather at the state of flowering and pimple formation. Coriander has lots of damage from the spine. High temperatures of coriander seeds and cooler climate for more volatile oils, faster sunlight, higher elevation than sea level and higher land are needed.

Choice of land and its preparation

For good irrigation crop of coriander , good drainage is best suitable for drainage and black heavy land is good for uneven crop. Coriander does not tolerate alkaline and saline soil. Good drainage and fertile pot or loamer or matrior loamy land is suitable. P.H. of the soil Must be 6.5 to 7.5 In the irrigated area, if there is not enough water in the soil at the time of plowing, then the preparation of the land should be done by plucking it. There will also be no bullets in the ground during the cultivation and the seeds of weed seeds will be destroyed during germination. After harvesting kharif crops for rainfed crop, plowing should be done twice by hanging vertically.

When to grow coriander

Coriander is sown in Rabi season. The best time to plant Coriander is from October 15 to November 15. The occasional bony of coriander is beneficial. The proper time of sowing of coriander for the grains is the first fortnight of November. The time of October to December for green leaf harvesting is suitable for sowing. It is appropriate to sow coriander in the second week of November to protect against paddy.

Seed Treatment

To protect against land and seed born diseases, seed should be administered to Carbendazim + Thiram (2: 1) 3g / kg. Or Carbocin 37.5% + Thirum 37.5% 3g / kg + Trichoderma viridi 5 g / kg. Treat the seeds at the rate. To prevent seed born diseases, it is beneficial to treat seed with stryptomycin 500 ppm.

To get good yield of uninfected coriander , dung manure should be 20 tonnes / ha. With 40 kg Nitrogen, 30 kg Phosphor, 20kg plot and 20kg / sulfur per hectare and 60 kg. Nitrogen, 40 kg Phosphorus, 20 kgs of potash and 20 kgs Use sulfur for irrigated crop at a rate of hectare

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