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42 benefits and side effects of carrot

42 benefits and side effects of carrot 


The name of the carrot you must have heard, must have seen and also many times will be eaten. But do you know that in a carrot thousands of attributes are hidden. That is, if you regularly consume only one carrot, then you can get rid of many diseases. For this reason carrot is used in various forms. With this, it can be eaten raw as well as making a variety of dishes. The special thing is that carrots can be eaten at any time. Apart from salad, its juice is also used.

Carrot pickle is also made. A glass of carrot juice is a full meal. Its consumption increases amount of blood in a body. Except for diabetes, carrots can often be consumed in every disease. Vitamins 'A', 'B', 'C', 'D', 'E', 'G' and 'K' are found in carrot juice .

In Ayurveda, carrot is considered to be sweet in taste, sharpening of qualities, cough and blood clots. In it, yellow colored carotene makes vitamin 'A'. Due to the abundance of calcium and carotene, this is a great diet for young children.

Carrots have the ability to bathe the cells and arteries. Carrot has a medicinal element called beta-carotene, which is helpful in controlling cancer. It contains calcium as well as the proper amount of carbohydrate. From this, its benefits appear in various diseases soon.

Different species of carrots are used in different areas of India. All species of carrots are of different colours. In North India, the most red and orange colour carrot is used. On the other hand, the use of pink and red apple carrot carrots is used in South India. Several new species of carrot came after 1980. After this, it was originally used as food.

Where did the carrot originate?

It is believed that carrot was first used as food in Afghanistan. It has been used since the eighth century. With the passage of time, its different species also evolved. Most species of carrots in Afghanistan are Some of them have been declared wild species. Although the wild species is not yet in India. Various research reports have revealed that the first leaves of carrot and its seeds were used. Her roots did not have the intake of food, but now it has become the main food item. Carrot black and red are of two types. Black carrot is best.

Nutrient Store in Carrot

The long list of major ingredients found in 100 grams of raw carrots is as follows: 

  1. Carbohydrate - 9 grams; 
  2. Sugar - 5 grams; 
  3. Dietary fiber - 3 grams; 
  4. Fat - 0.2 grams; 
  5. Protein - 1 gm, 
  6. vitamin B - 0.04 mg, 
  7. vitamin B - 2 0.05 mg, 
  8. vitamin B - 3 1.2 mg, 
  9. vitamin B - 6 2 0.1 mg, 
  10. vitamin c - 7 mg, 
  11. calcium - 33 mg; 
  12. Magnesium - 18 mg; 
  13. Phosphorus - 35 mg; 
  14. Potassium - 240 mg
  15. sodium - 2.4 mg

The scientific name of carrots is Daucus carota. It is basically a vegetable grown in Europe and Southwest Asia. But now it has started growing all over the world. 
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Benefits of Carrot

According to health experts, carrot is one of the best diet for health. Carrots are rich in many nutritious properties. It contains vitamins A , Vitamin C , Vitamin K and Vitamin B8, Pantothenic acid, Folate, Potassium , Iron ,And vitamins are found. Carrot is found to contain high amounts of fiber and beta-carotene, which makes it extremely useful for health. And the good thing is that carrots are readily available throughout the year. It is a good source of vitamins and minerals. Carrot reduces cholesterol, heart disease and the risk of cancer . It also reduces better vision and signs of aging before prematurely. Apart from this, carrot has the properties of improving skin, enhancing the immune system , improving digestion and doing good oral health.

Advantages of Carrot for Healthy Eyes

Healthy vision is one of the most effective health qualities of carrots. Carrots contain high amounts of vitamin A, which is very beneficial for the health of the eyes. In addition, beta carotene present in carrot protects eyes from glaucoma and cataract related to age. 
Carrots contain beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin, which are essential components for eye health. Only one of these can cause eye problems. Beta lack of carotene macular degeneration (macular degeneration) and blindness can occur. Whereas other nutrients included in the carrot are necessary to prevent any loss of sight during old age. 
One study has shown that consuming beta carotene can reduce the risk of macular degeneration by up to 40%. 
So start carrot food today and feel a positive effect in your eye health. 
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Benefits of Carrot Juices to reduce the Risk of Cancer

Carrot's anti-cancer properties are another achievement of its health benefits. The high amount of carotenoid carotenoid found in carrots is filled with anti-oxidant properties which protects the body from free-radical damage and provides the ability to fight illnesses by increasing the immunity of the body. In the recommendations it has been proved that the phytonutrients and other components present in carrots are capable of preventing the development of cancer. 
According to most studies, drinking one and a half cup of carrot juice daily  has a significant positive impact on cancer. 
In addition, regular consumption of carrots is also useful in reducing the risk of lung cancer , colorectal cancer and prostate cancer. 
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Carrot Benefits for High Blood Pressure 

Carrot is extremely beneficial for patients with heart and blood pressure . It is full of beta-carotene, alpha-carotene and lutein, which are quite good antioxidants and are also helpful in reducing the risk of cholesterol and heart attack. 
In addition, potassium in carrot increases blood flow and circulation by spreading your blood vessels and arteries, which causes less stress on the cardiovascular system. So the next time you feel stress and your blood pressure increases, eat a carrot quickly.

Benefits of Carrot for Oral Health

Carrot is very beneficial for your oral health. By chewing this health-enhancing and flavorful vegetable, the grinding of teeth and the strained food particles are removed, which help keep your teeth and gums clean.
In addition, carrot enhances the production of saliva (saliva) and naturally it balances the effect of acid in the mouth due to its alkaline. Its alkaline effect also prevents the development of bacterial in the mouth, which keeps cavity , mouth odor and other oral health problems away. Carrot is also a good source of vitamin C which keeps good for connective tissues, teeth and gums.
So keep your carrots chewy to keep your teeth and gums healthy for years. 
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Benefits of carrots for heart diseases

According to research conducted by scientists at Harvard University, 68 percent of people who consumed carrots daily lose their chances of having stroke.
Additionally, the risk of heart attack can be reduced by up to 68 percent by eating a carrot daily. Because it contains good amounts of beta carotene which helps us to reduce the risk of heart attack. In addition to reduce the risk of stroke, start cooking carrots five times in less than one week. 
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Benefits of Carrot for Skin

Due to being a rich source of antioxidants and vitamin A, carrot is also very useful for your skin cleansing and health. Carrot protects the skin from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays and also helps in improving the damaged skin tissues. By drinking carrot juice in the summer, carrot acts as a powerful natural sun block for the skin. It keeps the skin moist and protects the skin from acne, pigmentation, spots and uneven skin tone. In addition, carrots are also useful for keeping the skin healthy and shiny. To give skin a new flavor, you can make a simple and easy face mask for the face with carrots. 
Mix two large spoons of carrots in a little honey and place it on the area of ​​the face and neck. When the masks dry well, wash it well with hot water.
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Benefit of Carrot for Digestion

Carrots contain ample fiber which plays a very important role in maintaining digestive health. The fiber present in the carrot regularly and stimulates the excretion of the stool, but at the same time it is also helpful to easily pass the stool through the digestive system. In addition, it stimulates secretion of gastric juice.

Carrot for Liver

Carrot protects your liver from the toxic effects of environmental chemicals. It contains a high amount of vitamin A which plays an important role in the removal of toxic substances from the body. 
In addition, it is helpful in reducing bile and frozen fat (fat) in the liver. In this, soluble fiber is also found in good quantity, which helps to clean your liver and colon by stimulating the excretion process. Regular consumption of carrots reduces inflammation, swelling and infections in the liver, which protects the liver from liver problems like hepatitis, cirrhosis and cholestasis

Benefits of Carrot for Diabetes

Although there is a high amount of sugar in carrots, but for those who are sugar patients, it is a healthy alternative, because the natural sugar body present in carrots can be easily absorbed by them. Although carrots are a relatively high glycemic index, its glycemic load is very low. In addition, Carotenoids contained in carrots help to reduce blood glucose levels by controlling it. It also affects diabetic patients to fight diabetes by affecting insulin resistance. Important biological alkaline elements present in carrots are helpful in balancing blood sugar levels. People with diabetes can eat a cup of baked carrots daily for a healthy life.
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Carrots for Anti-Aging

If you want to appear beautiful and young for many years to come, then start cooking carrots everyday. Due to the age of concealing carrot and fighting properties, it has also been given the title of old age vegetable. This is primarily due to the presence of beta carotene in the carrot, which ensures the health of cells by conducting metabolism . In addition, due to the rich source of vitamin C, carrot is also helpful in the production of collagen. Collagen plays an important role in maintaining the flexibility of the skin, which helps prevent wrinkles , lines, and symptoms of aging. To maintain the youth situation, just drink a glass of carrot juice daily.

Benefits of carrot juice to keep blood clean

Your body's blood is naturally clean by drinking carrot juice continuously daily. 
Take 2 or 3 carrots and grind them and remove their juice. You can add a little honey to increase the taste of this juice further. 
If you can not drink carrot juice everyday, take it for at least once a week and clean your body's blood.

Carrot for haemorrhoids

Carrot is also useful in haemorrhoids. Raw carrots should eat as much as possible after the initial symptoms of haemorrhoids appear. This leaves the haemorrhoids a few days later. Those who have complaints of piles, use regular carrots, the stomach remains clean.

Carrot juice for a sharp brain

As you get older, you can not pay much attention to making your body healthy and refreshing. With this you have to face a lot of trouble remembering many things. As a remedy for not having missed any point, you can adopt the method of consuming carrot juice twice a week. Vitamins are considered to be the main source of enormous enlargement of brain power, so you should pay attention to the consumption of foods that are rich in vitamins. Carrots contain a rich source of vitamin C, with which it plays a very effective element in keeping your body and mind always healthy and young.

To strengthen the brain, take the carrot mash every morning. Ayurveda has been told that the carrot marmalade keeps the mental state of the food every day. At the same time, they do not have to forget about aging. Because children have to work a lot during the study, in such a way they use carrots in their food, their memory is maintained and they feel fresh. All people are complaining about insomnia. Due to insomnia in today's life, many other diseases also cause people to grapple. If such a cup of carrot juice is drunk every morning in the morning, then this problem is reduced. Carrot juice is also beneficial for brain weakness.

Advantages of Carrot to Increase Sperm Count

According to many researches, it has been proved that the men who eat raw carrots, there is considerable increase in the number of sperms . Therefore, to increase the quality of sperm and increase the number of carrots, it is very necessary. So, do the best to eat raw carrots during the process of ovulation.

Advantages of carrot to strengthen bones

Vitamin C is important for bones Carrots contain many types of essential nutrients like Vitamin C and Calcium. Many women do not get calcium in accordance with the requirement of their bodies, so carrot's properties, carrots prove to be beneficial for them in such situations.

Carrot Benefits for Uterus Cleaning Process

Seeds of carrots 20 grams and soya, radish, onion, spinach, beta, fenugreek and oreganis all these seeds 3-3 grams dhamasa, kutki, eggplant, reverse blanket and otkatara all these root 3-3 grams and bamboo wood Mix 3 grams powder, 20 grams of jaggery in it and make a decoction in 1st water. If the remaining 100 ml is remaining, feeding 3 times (30 ml) of the woman three times the uterus is purified. In addition, by sticking the wild carrot, keeping the cloth in the juice and keeping it in the vagina, the uterus becomes purified.

Carrot for Itching

In today's polluted environment, the risk of skin related disease i.e. itching is increasing. Carrot helps in relieving the problem. By applying carrot juice, the skin gets rid of itching and itching.

Carrot Increases Sexual Stamina

By removing the bonectal part of the middle of 1.5 kg carrot, roast it in 150 gm of ghee and mix it with sugar candy, immerse it in safflower sugar candy and keep it safe by launching cardamom, almonds and pistachios powder from above. Consumption of grams in 10-20 quantities is prevention of burns or burning sensation, gonorrhea or diabetes, bleeding (bleeding from the nose and ears), pimples or thirst, pimples, or gonorrhea etc.

Carrot for labour pain

Carrot helps a lot in reducing the pain of delivery.  Mix 10 grams of carrot seeds and 100 grams of leaves and make a decoction. Feeding the prepared decoction in 20-30 ml is less labor intensive. The pain of carrot seeds in the vagina also reduces the pain.

Carrot in jaundice

Carrot is considered as a natural medicine of jaundice. Use of regular carrots on jaundice, gives hope. In jaundice, carrot pudding, carrot juice and raw carrot food are more beneficial. Doctors advise that the patients of jaundice must eat carrots as a salad. Because the ingredients called carotene contained vitamin A in adequate amounts. Along with calcium as well as enough carbohydrate and filament, the advantage is seen early.

Benefits of Carrot for Ear pain

If there is pain in the ear as a side-effect of cold-cough or any illness, then it provides relief to treat carrots in such a way. Eating of root of banana, carrot, ginger and garlic, in the warm water, putting 1-2 drops in the ear reduces the earache.

Carrot for Chest burn

Boil the carrot and take out the juice. After cooling it, mixing one teaspoon of honey in one cup and drinking it removes the pain in the chest. The yellow part inside should not be eaten because it gets hot.

Carrot for worm disease

The worm problem is most common in children in the stomach. Make a decoction of carrot by drinking it in 20-40 ml and get rid of stomach worms.

Eat Carrot to Get Relief from Cough

If due to change in weather due to cough and not taking the name of less then it can be treated with carrots. Add sugar and black pepper powder to 40-60 ml juice of carrot, and it consumes cough due to consumption and relief from the caffeine problem.

Help prevent diarrhea in children 
If there is diarrhea due to eating more packaged food or out-of-the-box food that does not take the name of stoppage, then home remedy for carrots will be very useful. Drying the cooked carrots, draining it in the water, consuming it with passion, Balatias benefit.

Advantages of Carrot juice for boosting immunity

By drinking carrot juice in the summer, carrot acts as a powerful natural sun block for the skin. It works to keep the skin moist and protects the skin from acne, pigmentation, scarring.

In addition, carrots are also considered useful for keeping the skin healthy, shiny and vibrant.

Due to decreasing body resistance, we become weak and surround us with diseases. Carrot is very helpful in diagnosing your problem. They increase your immune system and keep you healthy.

Carrot Benefits for Migraine

Typically, migraines have a problem because of stress. Carrot's home remedy proves very beneficial in relieving migraine.

Heat the carrot leaves ghee by ghee and take out the juice and add 2-3 drop nose and ears to the relief from the pain.

Carrot for Skin burn

If the skin is burnt by fire, then grinding raw carrots grows immediately. Not only this, there is coolness in the burnt spot and the blisters fall short. If the blisters fall then it does not burn. Similarly, by grinding carrots by burning it on the fire and making it a poultice, the boils are cured. If the pus becomes powdered then it quickly gets cleaned up. Infections in the bladder do not grow.

Benefits of Carrot for fungal infection

An effective way to deal with and remove carrot fungal infections is to use fresh carrots as a continuous one. Gazars are rich in nutrients and antioxidants and therefore it is a very effective treatment to remove the infection of your body. It also increases your body's immune system, which gives your body complete protection and protection in the event of harmful bacteria and fungi attacks.

Carrot for dental disease

Carrot is cleaner for blood. There is abundance of iron. The teeth are also strong, clean and bright by consuming carrots by chewing tobacco. Gums are also strong.

Carrot for menstruation pain

All women have to face unbearable pain during menstruation. Some are not openly menstruating. 
Boil the carrot seeds 30 grams and boil them in half a litre of water. When the water is halfway, add some sugar and eat it for two to three days. 

Side effects of Carrot

As the carrot is delicious and there is also a very good health-enhancing diet, it is very likely that you take it too much. But be careful of its excessive consumption as you may have to face some of its side effects by consuming too much of it, which is the following - 

  1. Carrot is a very good source of beta-carotene that cures vitamin A deficiency in your body, but if you consume it in a very high amount, then it can darn your body's colour. 
  2. You might be allergic to carrots. 
  3. There is more sugar in the carrot, so if you are suffering from diabetes, then do not consume carrots by boiling it in raw form. 
  4. Carrot intake in large amount can cause skin to yellow and teeth decay in infants and young children 
  5. By consuming high amounts of carrot, your body may have an effect on the absorption of minerals like magnesium , iron, calcium, zinc etc. 
  6. If you consume carrots in the right amount then it can improve your digestive health, on the other hand, consuming more amounts on it, you have to undergo digestive disorders such as gas , diarrhea , stomach, stomachache etc. Could.
  7. By consuming carrots or other juice in excess quantity, the taste of breast milk changes, so breastfeeding women should consume it in a limited amount. 

Keep the above mentioned things in mind and eat delicious carrots and say goodbye to diseases and make health.

Other prescriptions of carrots

  1. Acne scars, stains, wafers are eradicated by consuming carrot juice, tomato juice, orange juice and sugar beet juice of about twenty-five grams daily for two months.
  2. Take the amount of carrot, chukundar and cucumber juice in equal amounts in the complaint of calculus.
  3. By grinding carrots and baking it on the fire, making it a poultice will make the boils fit.
  4. The pickle of the carrot destroys the spleen disease.
  5. Take one cup of carrot juice every morning and evening in insomnia.
  6. Eating carrots destroys abdominal, gall, cough and constipation. It cleanses the stools deposited in the intestines intensely.
  7. Boil the carrot and take out the juice. By cooling it, mixing 1 teaspoon honey in 1 cup juice and drinking it removes the pain in the chest.
  8. Feeding of raw carrots to the children leaves the stomach worms.
  9. Regular consumption of carrot enhances the amount of iron elements in the blood by removing the lack of blood.
  10. If the skin is burnt by fire, then by grinding raw carrots , it is immediately benefited and cooled down in the burnt place.
  11. To strengthen the brain, take the carrot mash every morning.
  12. Lower blood pressure patients should take honey in carrot juice . Blood pressure will be normal.

Name of carrot in different languages 

In India it is known by many names. It is called '
Gajara' in Hindi, 
'Gajraa Gadda' in Telugu, 
'Mangal Mulunji' in Malayalam, 
'Ghajari' in Kannada,
 'Carrot' in Marathi, '
Alar' in Punjabi 
Alarja in Bengali'. 
Hindi- Gajar;
Urdu- Gazar;
Kannada-गज्जटी (Gajjati);
Gujrati- Gajar;
Tamil- Gajjarakilangu);
Telugu -गज्जारागेड्डा (Gajjaragedda);
Bengali- Gajara;
Nepali- Gajar;
Panjabi- Gajar;
Marathi- Gajra;
Malayalam - Karaffu
Arbi -जजरुल (Bazrul), जाजर (Jazzar);
Persian , Gazar, Zardak,
Tukhm -Gajar

Useful Parts of Carrot

Carrot root, fruit and seeds are used as medicine.

How to use carrots? 

The method of consumption and use of carrot for the disease has already been reported. If you are using carrots for the treatment of a particular disease, then take the advice of ayurvedic physician.

According to the doctor's consultation, 20-40 ml of carrot juice should be consumed.

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99 Tested Home Remedies For Piles with yoga treatment ( A Permanent Solution )

99 Tested Home Remedies For Piles with yoga treatment : - A Permanent Solution 

home remedies for piles

Piles/ Hemorrhoids

Piles ( hemorrhoids ) is a very painful disease. Piles are accompanied by swelling and there is also heavy pain. According to a study, 50 percent of the people complain after crossing the age of 50.

The biggest problem with Piles is that people hesitate to talk to the doctor about it and hide it. Often, this disease increases in hiding and increases the risk of infection. In the beginning, only pain and irritation are realised, but if the problem increases, blood starts coming. The blood vessels of the anal or rectal area are larger in Piles, which causes pain with irritation.

There can be several reasons for having piles. Many times constipation, bad digestion, lifting heavy things when there is a problem of gas, stress, obesity and anal sex also cause this disease.

It is not necessary that the piles pain will be same for everyone. Pain in the rectal area, itching and burning, swelling and infection are its common symptoms. Treatment of Piles is possible but people avoid treatment in hesitation, but if you want you can fix it with the help of home remedies.

Treatment no -1

You may not believe it but there is only one thing in your kitchen that you can treat Piles ( hemorrhoids ) within 24 hours. With the help of Apple Cider Vinegar you can treat Piles.

How to use it?

Apple Cider Vinegar is found to have the advantage of not allowing the infections to grow. By using it the infection does not increase in the rectal area and it also helps in reducing pain.

Apart from this, there is also relief in burning sensation. Swellings are less and get relief. If you want you can also add aloe Vera in it.

Method of use

Take two spoonful apple cider vinegar in a clean bowl.
Put a clean piece of cotton to dip it in it. 
Apply this cotton to the affected area.
Do this process till you feel relieved until you feel relieved.

Magical Ayurvedic medicines of piles ( hemorrhoids ), can end it in just 3 days👇

Ayurvedic medicines of piles: -

In today's fast food life 90 percent of people have stomach disorders. And those who have stomach discomfort also have to complain about Piles. There are exact treatment of piles in Ayurveda . Which can eliminate piles ( hemorrhoids ) permanently. 

Today we will tell you how to make piles Ayurvedic medicines at home and how to remove piles from the root in just 3 days.


A plant which is known as jhingudi can end piles in just three days. This plant is found everywhere. On the side of the house where there is greenery in the fields, there are thorns on its fruit. 

Method of making piles medicines: -

Wash it with clean water and keep it dry for a while, then grind them and make them paste. Now you have to take this paste in a spoon and mix as much ghee as you like. Eat this mixture. You have to do this twice a day. Take it an empty stomach in the morning and after half an hour after eating dinner, you will end up with piles for doing it for 3 to 5 days .
Precaution 💀:- Do not keep the leaves in sun to dry.

Avoidance: -

Things you have to avoid 

  1. Rice
  2. Sour cheeses
  3. Cold water
  4. Hot things
  5. Non wedge (egg will not work too)
  6. Fried cheese
  7. Fast food
  8. Water pancake
  9. Spice stuff
  10. Fish

Other home remedies for Piles ( hemorrhoids )

There are following home remedies for hemorrhoids (piles)

Home remedies of Piles with buttermilk

The residue is the best remedy for hemorrhoids. 
Mix one pinch of salt and one quarter spoon celery in a glass of buttermilk. Drink it daily and effectively repair your hemorrhoids.
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Home remedy for hemorrhoids with Radish

Radish is one of the most effective home remedies for piles and is widely used in hemorrhoids treatment
Put a pinch of salt in the half-glass radish juice. Drink it twice a day. In addition, mixing it with honey , place around the anus opening to reduce pain and swelling. 
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Use of black cumin seeds for piles

Black cumin is extremely beneficial for hemorrhoids and it is widely used in India. 
Make a paste made from cumin powder and water and apply it on a swollen place for 15 minutes. This remedy is very effective in reducing the symptoms of hemorrhoids. 

Home remedy for piles with Garlic

Garlic is an ideal solution for your painful piles. It has excellent anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and astringent properties. It relieves pain and swelling and makes the process of defecation easier. You can eat raw garlic garlic every day or use it as suppository. This destroys germs. 
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Home remedy for Piles with Papaya

Papaya is a rich source of vitamins and minerals and contains a powerful digestive enzyme-Papain which is considered to be a powerful fruit to treat constipation and bleeding hemorrhoids. You can eat it in your breakfast or you can apply its juice to the anal area to reduce bowel movement. You can also include raw papaya in your salad.
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Home remedies for piles with almonds

Almonds are also a source of dietary fiber and helps in the functioning of the intestines. 
Drinking three almonds each morning is a good treatment for haemorrhoids. Chew almonds at least 50 times for better and effective results. You can also put almond oil on the affected area to remove swelling and itching. 
Almond oil relaxes the skin and is a good remedy for external hemorrhoids.
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Isbgol is a cure for all hemorrhoids patients because it is a rich source of soluble dietary fiber. 
Mix one tablespoon of isbgol husk in a hot water or a glass of milk and drink it daily while sleeping. 
This reduces the process of defecation and reduces the pain while removing the stool.
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Home remedies for piles with mango seeds

For the bleeding and internal hemorrhoids, mango seeds are the most effective home remedies. Its seeds help in pain relief, swelling itching and stimulation. Mixing powder of mango seeds with honey twice a lot helps in getting rid of piles.

Dried figs

Dried figs for hemorrhoids is another effective remedy. 
Just soak some dry figs in the water overnight and eat them the next morning. Repeat this process for 2-3 weeks to get rid of hemorrhoids.
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Castor oil

Castor oil helps soften the stool and hence it makes the eradication of the goods relatively easy. 
Take a spoon of castor oil with milk every night to reduce the pain in the morning. 
This reduces the pressure on the nerves in the anal area and relieves the pain.
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Domestic treatment of hemorrhoids by ice

Rubbing ice on the bloated area for 10 minutes provides instant relief from pain, itching and swelling. It numb and slow down the flow of blood in that area and relieves pain for several minutes. 

Ayurvedic treatment of hemorrhoids

Myrobalan is an excellent herb for both dry and bloody piles. It stimulates digestive system, makes constipation easier, and therefore reduces pain and swelling and prevents bleeding during the process of defecation. 
One teaspoon of green powder can be taken three times a day with milk. You can also add two spoonful green powder to the bathtub, and take a cyst bath to remove the pain and swelling. 

The native medicine of hemorrhoids is Zimikand

Zimikand is another powerful Ayurvedic herb for hemorrhoids and is known as the enemy of hemorrhoids. It improves digestion process and relieves constipation. It has soothing and astringent effects on the anus region. 
5 grams of zimindic powder can be taken daily with buttermilk for a few days for hemorrhoids treatment.

Ayurvedic remedies for Piles bell fruit

Effectiveness of vine fruits in reducing inflammation, treating constipation and keeping the digestive system healthy makes it an ideal herbal remedy for hemorrhoids. It is a good reservoir of Tenin which is known for its active functions to kill harmful invaders in the digestive system. It also works as a good laxative and helps to remove the stool without much pain. 
Drinking Bell daily is a proven remedy for hemorrhoids.

Ayurvedic Medicine of Sanai Tea for Piles

Sani Herb is well known for its laxative properties. The main reason behind this hemorrhoids cures constipation . Sanai has active ingredients that help to cleanse and stimulate the digestive tract. It clears diarrhea with less pain. 
Drink your tea daily for 2 weeks and do not consume it for more than two weeks.

Sesame seeds to get rid of piles

Ayurveda treats sesame seed as a good treatment for hemorrhoids. It improves digestion process and makes the colon cleansing process less painful by making diarrhea soft. It reduces inflammation and pain and reduces the sensation of irritation and itching in the anal area. 
Boil the sesame seeds in water and then make a fine paste of it. Mix a small amount of butter in it and drink it. 

Ayurvedic treatment of piles with horse chestnut

Horse chestnuts are found in the Himalayan region in India and are traditionally used in the treatment of swollen veins. Hemorrhoids are also classified by the anus and surrounding swelling nerves and hence Horse is a perfect herb for chestnutbayer. It contains a powerful enzyme called acessin, which is known for reducing its inflammation properties. It calm down the seminal blood vessels and keeps them in healthy condition. 
Only eat small amounts because it is toxic in nature. 

Home remedies for piles with Aloe vera juice

Aloe vera is a powerful herb for internal and external piles. Its strong swelling and astringent properties help in reducing pain, swelling and burning in the anal area. It is also a good laxative and therefore helps a lot in making constipation and ease of functioning. 
Take just half the juice of aloe vera three times a day and get rid of the painful hemorrhoids.

Reduce inflammation by Sitz Bath

By sitting in a hot water tub or with the help of sitz bath, relaxes the muscles of the anus (the toilet area) to ease the stool. Sitz bath with advice from your doctor.
Put lukewarm water in a basin and sit in the basin for 5-10 minutes.

💁 Keep in mind that sitting in a hot water tub for pregnant women can be harmful to the infant. Take the sitz bath with lukewarm water and take precautions in such pregnancy.

Relax from laxative

The doctor advised laxative  Hemorrhoids Home Treatment
"For the treatment of constipation, doctors can advise you to take laxative. Using them, hemorrhoid symptoms, such as pain in the anus or itching can get relief. "

Eat foods made from whole grains

Eat nutritious fiber-rich food in daily life.

"Eating of fiber-rich food is soft, which does not require much toilets."

Avoid just oiled and spicy foods. Eat foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, cereals, lentils, oats, and nuts.

Drink more quantity of water

Avoid caffeinated drinks and alcoholic drinks such as soft drinks, coffee, green and black tea.
Need 3-4 liters of water or other liquids to drink at least a day to soften stool 

Exercise regularly to stop constipation

Changing your lifestyle is the most important tip of piles treatment at home. Laziness or sloth in life can be detrimental to you.
"Exercising regularly daily keeps weight in restraint, helps prevent constipation, and keeps blood pressure under control."
Avoid caffeinated drinks and alcoholic drinks such as soft drinks, coffee, green and black tea.
Need 3-4 liters of water or other liquids to drink at least a day to soften stool 

Do not stress while stool

you should understand the importance of stooling at the right time Many doctor explained that after waiting a long time the stool becomes dry and it needs to be pressurized.
"Try to get rid of it when there is a stimulus to go to the toilet."

What is Hemorrhoids (Piles)?

Hemorrhoids (Piles) is a medical condition, which extends from the expansion of the blood veins and the anus and the lower part of the rectum. This is sometimes called anal hemorrhoids, and during the defecation, the pressure and swelling of these vessels increases.

Hemorrhoids are one of the most common diseases, although the actual reason for their occurrence is not very clear, about 80% of people are affected in their life span and are divided into two parts.

First: Internal Hemorrhoids

Due to the expansion of blood veins within the rectum, which is usually painless and is not felt by the patient in the initial stage, and it is classified to 4 degrees

The first degree stays inside the rectum.

The second degree descends into anus at the time of defeats, but comes back effortlessly.

Third degree exits from anus at the time of defecation, but finger response is required.

The fourth degree remains permanently down and can not be returned.

Second: External hemorrhoids

And due to the emergence and origin of the nerves, which is surrounded by outside and can easily see external hemorrhoids, because small amounts of skin emerge from the edges of brown and rectum in the brown color, and with slight itching and some tightening During defeats

What are the Symptoms of piles ?

Common symptoms of hemorrhoids include the appearance of a painful lump or tumor on the borders of the anus and the sufferers begin to feel that there are lumps in the anus. Symptoms include complaint of anal itching or pain in the anus, especially when sitting. This pain increases during defecation, in later stages, often with bleeding output is seen. When you feel these symptoms, it is better to carry out clinical trials to eliminate other serious serious diseases that may be the cause of hemorrhoids.

Learn the difference between Piles and Fisher. Many times people become confused in Piles and Fisher. Fisher is also a disease of anal, but it gets cracked in the anus. This crack can be a little too small and it is too big that it starts bleeding.

Hemorrhoids ( piles ) complications

Hemorrhoids have many potential complications, including the accumulation of blood clotting and clotting in those nerves, causing severe and sudden pain in the anal area, resulting in damage to the surrounding membranes of blood clots, and the area of ​​hemorrhoids The care is interrupted, which increases irritation. In addition, sensitivity to the area, besides, internal piles can cause severe contraction in the sewage tract, especially if the stools are solid, which is pressurized on the nerves around the anus. Another occurrence that is generated from internal hemorrhoids, with constipation, is an anal fissure, steel forks are yum, the narrow opening (anal) explodes in narrow passage due to hemorrhoids and causes a deep incision, resulting in Serious pain, burning sensation, and often mild bleeding. All this causes the people with anal spas to avoid defecation on a regular basis. To an extent that there is a possibility of an attack.

Due to severe bleeding and hemorrhoids, there may be anemia , for which Iron needs to pay attention to high food items like meat, poultry, eggs, dairy products and spinach watercress and leafy vegetables in salad form.

It may be a little embarrassing for the patient, Vickem injured the piles and told that no one goes to the doctor who increases the health problem and enhances the degree of infection and thus improves mental health. , And many people suffering from hemorrhoids complain of incidence of sexual debilitation.

Neglecting the treatment of hemorrhoids can cause suffocation or wrapping around itself, thereby blocking the flow of blood in this region, and thus death of the tissue and the result in this pain is serious.

Diagnosis of hemorrhoids

When bleeding occurs in the stool, the doctor should be consulted. Hemorrhoids are not symptoms of hemorrhoids. There are many gastrointestinal diseases in which bleeding occurs, which involves colon cancer, but to determine the main cause of bleeding, physician, clinical examination of external piles involves the external examination of the anal region.

Diagnosis of internal hemorrhoids is done using anaoscope device, a hollow and light tube that allows to see up to a depth of about 7 cm within the rectum. This test determines the presence and degree of hemorrhoids. Size and severity are its (4) degrees or steps.

Hemorrhoids protection

How to avoide piles ?

Treatment of hemorrhoids and unpleasant symptoms from them is easily possible in most cases, but the problem is how to prevent their recurrence and repetition. Here also the importance of prevention for people infected with hemorrhoids, and many of them Measures can be obtained and easy to implement.

  1. Avoid sitting constantly for long periods of time.
  2. To ease the process of removing stools to deal with constipation, and to facilitate removal of stool, it is necessary to pay attention to this, Alia, eat vegetable fiber in daily food, vegetables and fresh fruits and pulses and More than eating whole grains, and consuming minimal fluid, or at least eight glasses of water.
  3. In temperate climates and moderate physical exertion, whenever you feel the desire to defecate, you should go to the bathroom.
  4. Avoid curing natural laxatives, and addressing the causes of constipation. 
  5. Reduce stress.
  6. Exercise work.
  7. Do not sit for long and exercise.
  8. Reduce refined foods like white sugar, rice, white bread, pastries, cakes and pancakes.
  9. Avoid alcohol, chronic constipation is happening in the long-term. Rationalization and reduction in the consumption of acid foods such as animal protein, milk and coffee.

What are the reasons

  1. Constipation is the biggest cause of piles. Due to constipation, many times it has to be stressed while bowel movements, and due to this, Piles complains.
  2. People whose job is to stand for too long, they may have problems with Piles.
  3. Having anal sex can also cause Piles problems. 
  4. Obesity is another important reason. 
  5. Sometimes there may be Piles problem during pregnancy. Piles can be problem even after normal delivery.


Many office-based processes can be executed. These are usually safe, while extremely low back effects such as periillan sepsis can occur. 
Recommended rubber band binding is a disease of the grade 1 to 3. This is a process in which elastic bands are placed in the inner arsh, to prevent the flow of blood to the Ishak , 1 cm of the toothed line is applied. Within 5-7 days, dry piles fall. If the band is placed close to the dentate line then it can cause serious pain immediately. The recovery rate is approximately 87% and the rate of complications is up to 3%. 
Sklerotherepi in the haemorrhoids Finol alike Sklerosing is injected agent. This reduces walls of veins and piles dry up. After four years of treatment, its success rate is approximately 70% , which is higher than rubber band binding.
Several combustion methods have been shown to be effective for hemorrhoids, but they are used only when other methods fail. This process can be done using electric combustion , infrared radiation , laser surgery  or cryosurgery . The option of infrared radiation combustion can be done for the disease of grade 1 or 2. Among those who have a grade 3 or 4 disease, the rate of recurrence of the disease is very high. 


Many surgical procedures can be used if conventional and simple procedures fail. There are some complications in all surgical treatments, including bleeding, infection, contraction of the anus and urine retention , due to its proximity to the rectum of the nerves supplying the bladder. Stomach incontinence, particularly, may also involve a small risk of fluid, whose rates have been reported from 0% to 28%. Mucous excretion is also a condition which may arise from surgery by removing hemorrhoids (often with anal stenosis). In this, the mucous membrane is reversed by the anus, which is similar to a light pattern of the coccyal duct. 

The process of removing hemorrhoids by surgery is done primarily in serious cases. In the process, there is a lot of pain after surgery, and generally it takes 2-4 weeks to improve. However, in the case of hemorrhoids of grade 3, it is more beneficial than rubber binding in the long run. If done within 24 to 72 hours, then it is the recommended treatment for those who have thrombosed side piles . Glycerol trinitrate ointment helps in postoperative , pain and wound healing.
Doppler-guided, cross-sectional arterial diarrheaation is the least aggressive treatment in which blood flow from the arteries is established using ultrasound doppler. These arteries are then "tied" and the corona tissues are tied back in their normal condition. Their recurrence rate is slightly higher but their complications are less compared to hemorrhoidicomiasis. 
Hemorrhoeping surgery, which is called Stapled Hemorodopexy, which is a staple, is a process in which abnormally tissue tissues of the urine are removed, after which the remaining tissues are restored back to its normal physical condition. . Generally it is less painful and compared to being extracted from the entire form of urine, it also helps in wound healing. Although the possibility of withdrawal of metastatic piles in the traditional piles surgery (hemroedectomy) is more and for this reason it is recommended only for the grade 2 and 3 diseases. 

Methods of treatment of piles (Hemorrhoids)

1. From allopathy

Medicines: If piles are stage 1 or 2 then they can be cured by medicines only. Surgery is not needed. There are medicines to apply on anovate and phaktu piles. One of these drugs can be applied to piles thrice a day. These medicines should be done only by asking the doctor.

Operation Rubber band ligation If rubber is slightly larger then rubber band ligation is used. In it, one or two rubber bands are tied on the root of the masses, thereby stopping blood flow in them. In this, the doctor inserts a device inside the innus and with the help of it the rubber band is tied in the root of the massoon. After this, the piles of these piles are dried after drying in a week. Anesthetic is not needed Only two-three wings are cured at one go. After this the patient is called again. There is no need to be hospitalized in this also. Within 24 to 48 hours of doing this procedure, the patient may feel pain, for which the doctors give medicines.

Sclerotherapy This method is used only when the wart is small. This method is used for stage 1 or 2. In this patient is given an injection. With this, the moth gets compressed and afterwards it is slowly ammuned by the body. This method is not used if the wart is hanging out. There is no need to get admitted to the hospital. There is no day care process i.e. there is no need to be hospitalized.

Haemorrhoidectomy If the wart is very large and the other methods have failed then this process is adopted. This is the traditional way of surgery. In this, the inside or out of the wones are cut and removed. It will need to be admitted to the hospital. General or spine anesthesia is given. Recovery can take two to three weeks. There may be some pain after surgery. There may be some blood in the bowel movement for the first time after surgery. Surgery is successful and there is no risk, but even after surgery, it is important that patients change their lifestyle, avoid constipation and take fiber diets. In such cases, in almost 5% of cases, PILs can be re-organized even after surgery.

Stapler Surgery This method is only used for stage 3 or 4 piles. In this process, general, regional and local anesthesia is given. Hospitalization has to be done. The proliped piles (the extracted wart) are transmitted back inwards through a surgical staple and blood supply is stopped, causing the tissues to shrink and the body makes them amorphous. In this process, there is less pain than Hemorrhiddyctomy, and recovery time is less.

2. Homeopathy 

There is a great cure for homeopathy in Stage 1 and Stage 2, and in many cases Stage 3 Piles can also be cured with its help. There are very few cases of Piles that require surgery. The rest of the piles can be cured by medicines only. At the same time, the initial stage piles should refrain from going straight to the surgery. Wait, take medication and pay attention to the methods of defense. Piles problems can be eliminated from the root cause of continuous treatment for one to two months. Often the problem with Piles is that once it gets cured, they get repetitive. For this problem, medicine is given separately in homeopathy. The following medicines can be given according to different symptoms. The drug can carry four to four times a day: If there is a problem of back pain with Piles then Aesculous 30 - If the size of the piles is large, like the size of the grapes, then the Aloes 30 can be taken. - Collins Sonia 30 can be taken for Piles during pregnancy. This is a panacea medicine. If Piles has severe pain and bleeding, then Hamammelis can take 30. - If once again the piles become a dose of Thuja 200 can be taken every week. In the morning empty stomach can take 4-6 pills a day in the week. Take up to five weeks. Sulfur 30 is also used in chronic piles. Take up to five weeks. Sulfur 30 is also used in chronic piles. Take up to five weeks. Sulfur 30 is also used in chronic piles.

3. Ayurvedic 

One of the medicines given below from Ayurvedic medicines can be taken. Take one teaspoon triphala hot water every night. Do not eat anything else after taking it. Take a spoonful of hot milk from the saffron roast every night. Take a pancake powder with a spoonful of hot water every night. Take two tablets of Ashghordi Vati after drinking it in the morning and after drinking it with water. After eating the food or rain water, add four spoonfuls of half cup of water in plain water. Sutherut oil comes to apply on wines. You can put it on wines. Swelling and pain can be done with the help of Sikaai. For this, take hot water in a tub and put a pinch potassium paramennet in it. After all bowel movements, do this cycle.

AlkalineKsharasutra therapy is done in Ayurveda for stage 2, 3 or 4 piles.
Its method is given below.

  1. A thread is used in it. By using some ayurvedic medicines, doctors make this thread. 
  2. Local anesthesia is given before this procedure. 

This is a day care process and there is no need to be admitted to the hospital. Before starting the process, the doctor sees Piles through a device and then binds this medicated thread to wax. There is a place in the root of the mice where there is no pain. This thread is tied to this place. After this the wart is inserted inside and the thread hangs outwards. After this the patient is sent home. In this manner it takes two weeks to recover the piles. Drugs are injected through the thread hanging outwards, By which the heads die drying. Within two weeks, the doctors call  to see the patient and decide that everything is going well. During these two weeks, some medicines are given to the patient and it is said to take such a diet, which does not lead to constipation. Some exercises are also reported. - Doctors claim that after the treatment in this manner, Piles will end again. If there is pain, then it can be due to the infection. In such cases, the first drug is given to the infection. After that, only khadarasutra therapy is done. There are many zodiacal doctors in this area who claim to be treated with alkalisutra. Avoid these. If you are doing alkalasutra, then do the same with doctors who have MS degree in Ayurveda. Do not cause constipation. Some exercises are also reported. - Doctors claim that after the treatment in this manner, Piles will end again. If there is pain, then it can be due to the infection. In such cases, the first drug is given to the infection. After that, only khadarasutra therapy is done. There are many zodiacal doctors in this area who claim to be treated with alkalisutra. Avoid these. If you are doing alkalasutra, then do the same with doctors who have MS degree in Ayurveda. Do not cause constipation. Some exercises are also reported. - Doctors claim that after the treatment in this manner, Piles will end again. If there is pain, then it can be due to the infection. In such cases, the first drug is given to the infection. After that, only khadarasutra therapy is done. There are many zodiacal doctors in this area who claim to be treated with alkalisutra. Avoid these. If you are doing alkalasutra, then do the same with doctors who have MS degree in Ayurveda.

4. Diet

  1. Consume as much vegetables as possible. 
  2. Eat green leafy vegetables. Peas, all kinds of legumes, capsicum, tomato, tinda, gourd, carrot, fenugreek, radish, cucumber, cucumber, spinach. Bathua is good to relieve constipation.
  3. Eat papaya, banana, pears, grapes, apple Seasonal, orange, watermelon, melon, peach, tangerine, guava are very beneficial. Mix the dough of soya beans, jowar, gram etc. in the wheat flour which is eaten. This will give you more fiber.
  4. Drink tooth milk only. Can eat sherbet, sugarcane, lemonade or lassi. 
  5. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Do not eat it

  1. Foods made from fast food, junk food and flour.
  2. Eat less rice.
  3. Do not eat beans, Arabic, eggplants in vegetables. - Rajma, Chole, Urad, gram etc.
  4. Meat, egg and fish.
  5. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes and tobacco.
  6. Remember this - Wear loose underwear. Wearing nappy etc. may be harmful. 
  7. Avoid thrust during bowel movement.
  8. Try to complete the work of bowel movement within two minutes. 
  9. Avoid the habit of reading a book or paper while sitting in a restroom. 
  10. If possible, use Indian style toilet as it is the way to sit in it that the stomach becomes easily cleaned.

Domestic treatment of hemorrhoids

  1. Start fertile things regularly, make them an essential part of your daily diet.
  2. Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day.
  3. Eat lunchtime.
  4. Leave at 100 gram raisins in the night to thrive in the water. And then in the morning water that raises the raisins, stir the raisins in the same water. Continuous use of it for a few days makes great benefits in hemorrhoids.
  5. Take 50 grams of cardamom and fry it. When it cools down, then grind it well. And then drink it regularly for a few days in the empty stomach every morning. This will benefit you a lot.
  6. Applying castor oil on the hemorrhoids helps in relieving.
  7. Mixing spoonful of cinnamon powder in a spoon of honey, it benefits from eating.
  8. If you have hemorrhoids, you will have to avoid sour, chilli, spicy and spicy food for a few days . Unless your piles completely end.
  9. Take two and a half liters of whey and add 50 grams of cumin powder and a little salt in it. And whenever you feel thirsty drink this whey instead of water. By doing this for a few days the hemorrhoids reduce.
  10. Drain the inside of the mango kernels, and part of the berries in the kernels. Then make both of them chopped. And then drink this chopped with a spoonful of warm hot water or whey for a few days regularly. It will benefit you.
  11. Make rosemats, beans, pulses and peas as part of your daily diet.
  12. Drink fresh juices and vegetables soup regularly.
  13. Eat bananas every morning.
  14. Do not drink alcohol, and tea was too low for coffee.
  15. Eat lemon, saaves, orange, and yogurt etc.
  16. Exercise every day.
  17. Blossom the dates in the night. And eat bloated dates in the morning.
  18. It plays an important role in keeping the stomach fine.

Yogasan for piles

Sirsasana (Headstand) or Sarvangasana (Shoulderstand) for piles
There are many benefits of Shirshasan  which is called the king of Asana. Relief from Piles or Hemorrhoids is just one of them. Because it is a difficult posture, if you do not know this, you can do Sarangansan instead of two headers. Even if you know how to make headings you can also do Sarangshan. Both will be beneficial in this stage. 
Both of these currencies help to treat hemorrhoids for some reasons. It reduces the flow of blood around the lower abdomen because the body is in an inert condition. In addition, it strengthens your stomach muscles, which provides relief from constipation.

Pavan Muktasan is beneficial for hemorrhoids
Pavan Muktasan, especially in the lymph and blood veins, helps in returning to the stagnant blood due to which the problems of hemorrhoids are less. This seat decreases the constipation by positively affecting pancreas and abdominal organs. And as we mentioned above, constipation is the main cause of hemorrhoids. Pavan Muktasan also helps in strengthening your back muscles. If you are facing problems of mensuration, neck and back, then do not do this posture.

Westtonnas is an important part of any asana practice. This posture pulls the spinal cord, hamstrings, and shoulders in the shoulders. It also increases the flow of breath and stimulates the liver and kidneys. Because you bend too much in this seat, it pulls you in the muscles of your hip and relaxes from the constipation. Apart from this, Weststhanasan makes us stressless and teaches us to breathe properly.

Halasana (Plough Pose) for piles
Halasan is largely the seat of the category of Sarsasan and Saranganas. It helps in preventing common disorders such as indigestion , constipation and acid reflux. . The stretch that gets in this seat makes you flexible and strengthens your spine and back muscles too.

Matsyasana (Fish Pose) 
Matsyasana can help in hemorrhoids because it activates the abdominal organs and reduces the swelling of skin around the anus region. Apart from this, it strengthens the veins associated with the rectum including the rectum. When this posture is practiced regularly, you will be able to get rid of the pain and pain caused by hemorrhoids.

History of Hemorrhoids

"And in the hemorrhoids similarly you can bind them with needle thick and woolen thread and do not remove them until they fall and leave one always; When the patient is cured, give him the benefit of the helibob. " The description of hemorrhoids is probably also in the Bible . Celsus (25 BC-14 AD) has described binding and evacuation procedures and discussed potential complications. Gallon has advocated the severance of the connections of veins by arteries and has claimed that it reduces the pain and prevents the extension of the gangrene. The Sushruta Samhita (4th - 5th century AD) uses words like Hippocrates, but has special emphasis on the cleaning of the wounds. In the 13th century, European surgeons such as Lanfrank of Milan , Guy de Chauliac , Henry de Mandeville and John of Adrianprogressed significantly and developed surgical techniques. The first known description of this suffering comes on the Egyptian Papyrus 1700 BC , which states: "... they should be given a prescription, one ointment for best protection; Acacia leaves are made by grinding, grinding and grinding. Put on a strip of fine cloth and apply it on the anus, it gives him instant relief . "  460 BC, the Hippocrat fund describes the treatment of modern rubber band binding:

The first usage of the word "Hemoroid" in English was in 1398, which was derived from the old French language "amaroids", Latin"Hamorida-IA",  which is Greek "αἱμορροΐς" ( haemorocyes ), "discharge of blood for responsive, "which is made up of" αἷμα "(to Hama )," blood "+" Ῥόος "( Ross )," section, is composed of flow ",  that" ῥέω "( Reo ), "Burning, Making Flow"

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