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100 benefits of mint leaves + side effects of mint leaves [How to Make Peppermint Tea]

100 benefits of mint leaves + side effects of mint leaves [How to Make Peppermint Tea]


Peppermint / Mint

Mint, which is known in India as peppermint , is a medicinal herb which has many benefits, it can improve digestive system and provide relief in weight loss, nausea, depression, fatigue and headache etc. Helps in Apart from this, the health benefits of mint leaves are many, such as asthma, memory loss and skin care. In today's article " 100 benefits of mint leaves + side effects of mint leaves [How to Make Peppermint Tea] " you will know about the advantages of mint leaves and the side effects of mint leaves and the method of making mint tea.

Mentha is a scientific name for peppermint, it is also used to remove the stench of mouth and breath. Peppermint has been scientifically confirmed to have more than 24 breeds and more than 100 species. This herb has been used for its medicinal properties hundreds of years ago. The market is full of many products such as toothpastes, chewing gums, breath fresheners, candies and inhalers, in which mint is present as the basic element.

There is a perennial , aromatic herbaceous related to the mint mantha dynasty . Its various species are found in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia, as well as many hybrids of it.

English - Mint (Japanese Mint)

Scientific name: Mentha Arvancees

Useful Part: Leaves'

Do you know?A fresh research published on the subject of mint has shown that there are some enzymes in the mint form that can save cancer.Its various species are found in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia.Mint pulses are produced in India, Indonesia and West Africa.Pipermint and peppermint are different species of plants even though they belong to one species. Peppermint is known as Spin Mint's Botanical name.Mint has been said to be a hot water and a rainbow of rain, such a combination of taste, beauty and aroma is found in very little plants. There is a perennial, aromatic herbaceous related to the mint mantha dynasty. Its different species are found in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia, as well as many hybrids of it are also available.

Nutrients in peppermint 

In general, there is a large amount of nutrient reserves in peppermint, which we can not fully utilize.

In mint, nutrients in one-third cup or half an ounce (14 grams) are included in this ratio:

Calories: 6
Fiber: 1 g
Vitamin A: 12% of RDI
Iron: 9% of RDI
Manganese: 8% of RDI
Folate: 4% of RDI

Peppermint is often used in small amounts to make the food tasty. Apart from this, mint has been defined as an appropriate source of antioxidant and vitamin A , using which helps to get rid of eyesight and night vision problems. Antioxidants found in mint helps to protect our body from oxidative stress.

How to use Mint

You can easily add peppermint to green salad, dessert, chicken and even water. Peppermint tea is another popular method you can add to your diet. You can also use peppermint in this way.

  1. Fresh or dry leaves eat: Used to treat bad breath
  2. Use of essential oils : Brain function and cold symptoms can improve.
  3. Applying it on the skin: Breastfeeding is used to reduce nipple pain.
  4. Take capsules with food : help treat IBS and indigestion.

Benefits of Mint Leaves

There are following mint leaves benefits

Benefits of Mint leaves for Weight Loss

Mint also helps you lose weight just like other benefits, peppermint is a type of stimulant that inspires different types of digestive enzymes that absorb the nutrients present in your diet, as well as fat In the form the collected fat is converted to usable energy. Therefore, you included mint in the diet to lose weight so that you will prevent excess fat from freezing. Read more 25 magical weight loss tips
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Benefits of Mint leaves for Pregnant Women

Due to the effects on its stomach, it is a good remedy for pregnant women. It helps in removing nausea related to morning sickness by activating the enzyme needed for digestion. It is a great way to eat some leaves or to smell the thin leaves of mint leaves every morning. However, pregnant women should be careful about its use, it should not be used after childbirth because it is known to affect breastfeeding.
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Benefits of Mint leaves for bad odour

To remove the odour of breath, try to dry the pulp of mint leaves. It not only refreshes your breath, but also relieves many other dental problems. At the same time, gums are also strong with this.

Benefits of Mint Tea for stress

Peppermint Tea is one of the best allies to relieve stress and anxiety. The menthol in the herbs is resting in the muscles and in the nature is antispasmodic, you can get relief from mental stress by consuming mint tea.

Benefits of peppermint in the digestive tract

Mint helps in strengthening the digestive system, so that all the functions of digestion can be done properly, because if your digestive power does not improve then you may have to face many problems in digesting food. Such as indigestion and stomach upset etc.
When your stomach is getting worse, drinking a cup of mint tea can give you relief. The mint fragrance activates the salivary glands in your mouth, as well as inspires the glands that work to get digestive enzymes. , Which facilitates digestion.
The aroma of peppermint activates the salivary glands in your mouth, which begins to make saliva and digestive enzymes in the mouth when exposed to it. Peppermint is used extensively because of these special properties.
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Benefits of mint leaves to prevent cancer

Peppermint helps to avoid cancer, because like nutritious plants, the strength of cancer fighting in mint form is numbered. This health benefit of mint leaves is probably due to various types of enzymes that occur in mint.

Beneficial mint leaves in respiratory diseases 

Mucus accumulation in the lungs in the pulp That is why it cures cough and cures asthma. After drying the mint, filter it with cloth and make fine powder. Take one spoon of this powder twice a day with water.

Benefits of mint to stops memory loss

According to a recent research, mint has been seen increasing the effects of awareness, holding power and cognitive function. According to which experts have come to the conclusion that the person who consumes chewing gum, which contains the main active ingredient, Mint, had higher levels of strength and had greater brain alert than those who did not.
Some studies show that the aroma of peppermint oil can increase memory and alertness, while other studies do not show any effect. More research is needed to understand the effect of mint in the brain function.

Benefits of Mint for menstrual cramps and pain

Since mint leaves clean blood and anti-spasmodic effect on the calm muscles of our body, this is a very good way to remove the pain of menstrual cramps. It also gives relief to nausea associated with the condition. Just make a hot cup or decoction of mint tea and drink plenty of sip several times a day. This will allow you to calm your uterus too.

Mint benefits for liver

We should thank the nutrients present in Mint that when your lever does not slow down your work properly. By which you feel depressed on your face and use of mint in dealing with all these situations is commendable.

Peppermint Tea for Headache

Mint is also helpful in resting with different types of headaches. Especially it is used for the treatment of migraine and stress related headaches . There are some specialized analgesics that are capable of reducing pain. It also improves blood flow and calms stress-stricken masters. The pleasant aroma of mint oil has a positive effect on memory and concentration. To remove headache - Mix three drops of mint oil in Jojoba oil, olive oil or any oil and place on the back and neck of your neck. Massage for 5-10 minutes and enjoy the aroma of its oil because its aroma also has a positive effect on the headache. You can also drink a cup of mint tea.

Benefits of Mint leaves for Pain

Many types of painful balm use peppermint extracts as main ingredients in their products. The reason for this is that when a substance that is extracted from mint in the area is used where there is injury or pain, it immediately gives a cold effect. Another way to reduce this pain is by taking inhale the fumes of mint extract. It calms the nerves and the whole body feels a rest. It indirectly removes pain and nausea associated with headache.

Benefits of Mint leaves for Dehydration

To avoid dehydration, it is very beneficial for mineral water deficiency. In dehydration, mint, mint and lemon juice mixed with equal amounts are beneficial. If vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, then the juice of half a cup of mint juice should be given to the patient at every two hours.

Mint oil is beneficial in muscle pain

Molecules contain anti-inflammatory properties which are helpful in relieving the pain in the muscles. Increased blood flow in the mint muscles reduces pain. Methol is one of the essential elements of pulp, which is capable of cooling the swelling of the muscles. To get rid of the pain in the muscles - Olive oil or almond oil mixed with mint oil, massage the affected area comfortably. You can also apply peppermint ointment on the affected muscle

Benefits of Mint Leaf for Teeth and Oral Health

Mint can help you to take care of your teeth, why do you think that toothpaste is mint? This is because one of the health benefits of peppermint leaves is that they are good for cleaning tooth. Firstly, mint refreshes your breath, which is its specialty. Mint also protects against germs, mint stops the development of bacteria in the mouth and cleans teeth and tongue

Use Piper Mint to Promote Hair Growth 

Peppermint is very beneficial for the development of your hair. It promotes hair growth and strongly opposes Russian. This is the head skin pH. Keeps the level in balance too. To increase hair growth - Add some drops of mint oil to olive oil, coconut oil or any other oil of your choice. Massage your hair and head with this mixture and wash your hair with shampoo after at least 45 minutes. Repeat this process once or twice every week.

Mint leaves Boosts immunity

Nutrients such as Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin C, D, E and Vitamin B complex are found in its leaves. All these compounds simultaneously improve the body's immune system, so that the body is kept safe from infection and swelling.

Benefits of Mint for cough and cold
A very strong odour of mint which allows breathing to breathe comfortably to open the nasal pathways and airways. This helps in the removal of phlegm, when you are suffering from cough, its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties help in eliminating inflammation with respiratory system. If you are suffering from cough, add the juice of mint leaves in hot water and breathe the steam through the mouth and bap to steam from your nose. In this way, the mint passes through both throats and noses, thereby providing relief in both areas.

Medicinal uses of mint leaves

  1. It is good to use in salad. If its leaves are chewed daily, then diseases like dental disease, pyria, blood flow from the gums, etc. are removed.
  2. Mint is a disinfectant. If mint oil is sprayed around the house, flies, mosquitoes, ant germs etc. run away.
  3. Mint juice of mint is very beneficial in tuberculosis, asthma and various types of breathing diseases.
  4. If there is a complaint of hiccup, it is relieved by sucking its leaves or taking its juice with honey.
  5. Grind mint leaves and lick them three times a day, mixing it with honey, provides relief from diarrhea.
  6. Taking fresh juice of mint juice with honey, fever is removed and pneumonia disorders are also destroyed.
  7. If suddenly a sudden pain occurs in the stomach, then take ginger and mint juice and add salt and salt.
  8. After the onset of niacosis, adding onion and mint juice to the nose is very beneficial to the patients of hemorrhoid.
  9. Mix two pinch of salt in mint tea and get relief in coughing.
  10. Mixing mint, onion juice, lemon juice mixed with equal amounts in the hay is beneficial! If you have diarrhea, cholera, then drink half a cup of juice every hour for the patient.
  11. Mix lemon juice, mint and black salt in the water and drink relief in malaria fever.
  12. To remove the stutter, grind black pepper in mint leaves and take one spoon in the morning.
  13. Grinding the leaves of mint leaves is beneficial, by taking a steam, taking steam, acne, face joints and scars.
  14. Fill the water in a tub and put some drops of mint oil in it and if the feet are kept in it, then fatigue is relieved.

  15. Boil 4-5 leaves of mint in a glass of water! Keep it in the fridge when cooled. Rinse with this water removes the stench of the mouth.
  16. Drinking tea made of mint leaves will remove all skin problems and stomach problems. It cleans the stomach and removes the pimple from the skin.
  17. The fresh juice of mint leaves gives equal amounts of lime and honey with the same amount of relief in every stomach disease.
  18. Boil it like a tea with peppermint juice and black salt and drink relief in cold, cough and fever.
  19. The cheeks are stopped by chewing the leaves or by sipping it.
  20. Applying fresh leaves on the forehead in the headache provides relief in pain.
  21. If the menstrual period does not come on time, mixing the dry leaves of mint leaves with honey in equal quantity gives benefits if they consume two or three times a day regularly.
  22. After any disorders of the stomach, drink one-pound mud of mint juice in a cup of water and drink it.
  23. After more heat or humid weather, it is useful to drink a teaspoon dried pudding leaves and toast powder of half a cup of cardamom in a glass of water.
  24. Using dry pudding leaves, drying the powder made as a mangan, removes the odor of the mouth and the gums are strong.
  25. Mix one teaspoon mint juice, two teaspoon vinegar and one spoonful of carrot juice together and drink and remove respiratory disorders.
  26. Mixing mint juice with salt water, eliminates the heaviness of the throat and the sound is clear.
  27. Applying pulse juice every night to sleep on the face, the nail, acne and skin strain is removed.

Uses of Mint Leaves in Home remedies

  1. Mixing mint juice, onion juice and lemon juice in equal quantity, it provides relief. If vomiting, diarrhea, cholera, then drink half a cup of mint juice every two hours.
  2. Put mint juice in the intestine.
  3. When indigestion, drinking mint juice is mixed with water and it benefits.
  4. In the juice of 3 grams mint juice, add cumin, asafoetida, black pepper, some salt and take hot water and get relief by drinking it.
  5. Due to the supply of mint juice at the time of delivery, delivery is easily done.
  6. By applying peppermint on the place of bite of scorpion or barrow, it pulls the toxin and also calms the pain.
  7. Boiling and boiling in 10 grams of mint powder and twenty grams of jaggery in two hundred grams of water, it is cured of repeated bumps.
  8. Boil the mint in water and add some sugar and drink it like hot hot tea, remove fever and remove the weakness due to fever.
  9. Take it in coriander, fennel and cumin seeds and soak it and grind it. Then filter with 100 grams of water. Adding mint extract in it helps in suppressing vomiting.
  10. Grind mint leaves and lick it three times a day with honey mixed with diarrhea.
  11. Applying mint juice on fire is beneficial for heat due to heat.
  12. 20-25 leaves of green mint, 10-15 grams of mishri and fennel and black pepper 2-3 granules, grind them all and squeeze them into cotton, clean cloth. Take one spoon of this juice and put it in a cup of water and stop the hiccup.
  13. Grind fresh green mint and apply it on the face for twenty minutes. Then wash the face with cold water. It removes the heat of the skin.
  14. Grind green peppermint and put two-three drops of lemon juice in it and apply it on the face. Leave it for a while.Afterwards wash the face with cold water. Using acne for a few days will remove the acne and the bristles of the face will bloom.
  15. Pour out the pinch of water and soak it in the soap water and put it on the head. Keep in the head for 15-20 minutes. Wash the head with water afterwards. By doing this experiment two to three times the yoke will fall in the hair.
  16. Frozen fish gets rid of fungus by freshening fresh leaves.

Side effects of mint leaves

  1. Like many herbs, peppermint may have adverse effects on some people
  2. If you have many diseases related to astroesophageal reflux disease, do not use mint in an effort to calm the digestive problem. It can worsen symptoms
  3. It is advisable to consult a doctor before using it to treat any disease.
  4. If peppermint oil is taken in large amounts, it can be harmful.
  5. Do not apply peppermint oil on the face of an infant or a child, because it can stop breathing.
  6. Be careful with peppermint products while having gall stones.

How to Make Peppermint Tea

The best thing about peppermint tea is that you can make it at home here. Here's how you can make mint tea -

  1. Boil at least two cups of water in a pan, take some mint leaves and break them.
  2. Mix the cup on the basis of how strong the leaves should be.
  3. Boil water for a few minutes. Do not filter the water immediately after closing the burner.
  4. Leave a minute to drink mint juice in water.
  5. Now put it in a cup or mug if you want to add some more flavor to your tea, you can add honey in it.
  6. Remember, after making tea, you should add honey, you do not have to warm the honey together
  7. Peppermint tea is a health tonic, so eat it and stay it.

How to Store mint leaves

Wrap the green leaves of peppermint into paper and keep it in the fridge for a few days. When it is completely dry, pack it in a separate compartment. Whenever it can be used to garnish chutney or vegetables.

The origin of mint

The origin of dark green leafy mint is believed by some people, so some believe that Mentha originated in the Mediterranean basin and from there it spreads to other parts of the world by natural and other ways. Pudina plant with about thirty species and five hundred species is being grown today in mint, Brazil, Paraguay, China, Argentina, Japan, Thailand, Angola, and India. But in its various races - the use of pipiment and spimmint is more. In India, mainly in the areas of lowland (Nainital, Badayun, Bilaspur, Rampur, Moradabad and Bareilly) and Ganges Yamuna Doan (Barabanki, And in the areas of Lucknow and in some areas of Punjab (Ludhiana and Jalandhar) it is being cultivated in the areas of North-Western India. Seventy percent of the world's spar mint is grown in the United States alone. A fresh research published on the subject of mint has shown that there are some enzymes in the mint form that can save cancer.

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