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Obesity : Be careful. You can be suffered by this deadly disease

Obesity : Be careful. You can be suffered by this deadly disease


As per Eric J. Jacobs (Senior scientific director) 👇

 "Since the year 2000, cases of pancreas cancer are gradually increasing."
If a person is overweight before the age of fifty, then the risk of his death from pancreas cancer increases significantly. It has been found in a study. Researchers said that cases of pancreas cancer are relatively lower. Nearly 3 percent of all new cases of cancer are of pancreatic cancer. However, this is quite a fatal variety. In the last five years, the survival rate has been only 8.5 percent.

Eric J. Jacobs, Senior Scientific Director of Epidemiology Research at the American Cancer Society, said, "Since the year 2000, cases of pancreas cancer are gradually increasing." He said in a statement, Increasingly, because smoking is now becoming a major cause of pancreas cancer. "The research team examined data related to 963,317 adults in the United States, whose cancer There is no history of cancer. All these people told their weight and length only once at the beginning of the study. At that time some of them were also 30 years old and some were even 70 or 80 years old.

Those who participated in this study later, 8,354 of them died due to pancreatic cancer. In this situation, it was found that those who had BMI more, i.e. those who had increased weight, had higher risk for pancreatic cancer than death. But this increase in cancer risk was seen only in those people whose BMI was measured at the early age.

Jacobs further said, "Even though this study only provided information about deaths of pancreatic cancer, but this cancer is really deadly. What we find in our study shows that we have to motivate children and adults to lose weight to reduce the growing cases of pancreatic cancer. They have to tell about healthy lifestyle and right weight management. This will also help in the prevention of other diseases. '

📖 Researchers calculated the Body Mass Index (BMI) as the weight indicator. 8,354 of those who participated in research were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, but this increase in risk was seen in those whose BMI was estimated at early age. Jacobs said that the outcome of the study indicates that the risk of getting pancreas cancer from excessive weight has increased manifold. 

If someone asks you what to do to lose weight? So the answer will be go for a run in the morning, go to the gym. But we are telling you some ways that you can reduce your weight without doing anything. Yes, that too by eating, drinking, laughing, sleeping and having fun 👇

Less milk is used in weight 

studies, it has been found that metabolism is true for people who drink milk. To lose weight, it is necessary that you drink the milk of that cow which eats grass. There is a special type of acid in the milk of such cows, which increases the speed of burning fat in the body . 

Take a lot of sleep, be thinner, 

this thing is also perfect. When we sleep, the body lives in repair mode. Those who do not take full sleep, their body system becomes disturb. Hormones are also disciplined, which results in obesity. So call off the phone at night, settle in the office work office and watch the serial next morning. Take a lot of sleep and keep body system fit. 

Lose weight with laughing therapy

The old saying that laugh is a drug. Laughs not only affect nerves, but immune system also improves. Not only this, calories from this also burn. Heart beat increases while laughing, blood circulation increases and stomach muscles are tone. If you laugh freely 5 times a day you can lose 4.4 pounds in a year. Take care, lose weight, one gram matters.............


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