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26 benefits of Curry leaves + side effects of curry leaves + how to make [Curry oil , curry leaves tea, curry leaves face pack, natural cleanser]

26 benefits of Curry leaves + side effects of curry leaves + how to make [Curry oil, curry leaves tea, curry leaves face pack, natural cleanser]


Curry leaf  also called sweet neem Meetha Neem, is added in the fruity to taste and flavor in the vegetable,  pulses etc. The curry leaf does not only give the aroma and flavor, there are also a lot of health benefits of Curry Leaves.

Its fresh leaves have a different smell. This fragrance can not be found in the refrigerator or in the outside, so freshly broken leaves should be used only. Its chutney is also made.

It is said sweet neem and it is like neem leaves. But there is no point in it with the Neem tree. Both of these are quite different types of species.

The flowers of Curry leaves are small and fragrant in white colour. It contains little black fruits. They are not used in food.
Today in this article we talk about 26 benefits of Curry leaves + side effects of curry leaves + how to make [Curry oil , curry leaves tea, curry leaves face pack, natural cleanser]

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Nutrients of curry leaf - Kadhi patta nutrients

Some people put the curry leaves out of the vegetable while it should be eaten . Curry leaves are very nutritious. Curry leaves  contain proteins , magnesium ,  calcium , phosphorus, iron, copper etc.
Curry leaves contains many types of vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin A , Vitamin B  , Vitamin E. Not only this, it is also the source  of amino acids,  niacin, flavonoids and many types of antioxidants etc. 

Benefits of curry leaves

There are following health benefits of Curry leaves

Reduces the risk of anaemia

If there is a lack of blood in your body then you use curry leaves in the food. Iron is abundant in curry leaves, which is a major nutrient for the body and can help you increase your blood

Curry leaves contain plenty of iron and folic acid. Where iron is a major nutrient for the body, folic acid is helpful in its absorption. Because of this, it is effective in protecting against anaemia.

Take a date (khajoor) with two curry leaves empty stomach every morning. This will keep iron level high in the body and the likelihood of anaemia will be less.

Curry Leaves for Diarrhea

Because of the cargo joints present in curry leaves, it has antibacterial and reducing inflammatory properties. The hard leaf removes the bile related to the stomach and corrects the diarrhea. To consume it, grind the curry leaves and take it juice. To take two to three times a day, you will get relief in your diarrhea soon.
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Benefits of curry leaves in heart-related problems

Use of curry leaves helps reduce cholesterol levels, which reduces chances of heart diseases, if you regularly use curry leaves in your diet, you are not allowing your cholesterol level to grow Protects you from heart related illnesses Stiff leaves contain antioxidant properties that prevent cholesterol from oxidizing, Does not increase the amount of bad cholesterol and thus helps us to overcome the problems associated with heart
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Benefits of curry leaves if you are injured

if you have any kind of injury or wounds on a skin, jealousy is very beneficial. It is beneficial for the antioxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal skin present in it. For this, you have to make a paste using water and apply it to the affected place.

Benefits of curry leaves for the growth of hair

Curry leaves can also be used as a natural tonic for hair, it is an excellent tonic that works to promote the growth of the hair by providing essential nutrients from the inside, using it to grow hair faster 

You can boil curry leaves in water and use it on your hair, or you can apply strict leaf masks like hair masks on your hair.

Benefits of curry leaves for lever

If your lever has weakened due to bad food and alcohol, then you can make your lever strong by using curry leaves. Use of curry leaves is particularly beneficial for people with lever weakness because the vitamins in curry leaves C and vitamin A are found which is beneficial for liver

Heat the homemade ghee and add one cup curry leaf juice to it. After this add some sugar and ground black pepper. Now boil this mixture with low temperature and boil it and drink it coolly and drink.

Keeps digestion correct

Curry leaves contain an element called terminant which keeps problems like constipation away. It also provides relief in other stomach problems. This antioxidant also works like bacterial, due to which it is considered beneficial in stomach problems.

Benefits of curry leaves for weight loss

If you are looking for ways to reduce weight, then you can use curry leaves to reduce your weight. The amount of fiber present in the curry leaf helps in extracting extra fat and toxic substances stored in our body. You can also include curry leaves with other ways to lose weight, because the hard leaf reduces your cholesterol so it will help you lose weight

Benefits of curry leaf for skin infections

Anti oxidants, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of curry leaves make it useful for skin. If there is an infection in the skin, it is very beneficial in curry leaf to remove it.

For centuries, both sweet neem and simple neem are being used to enhance the facial glow. You can make a face pack by using a sweet neem face on the face. Applying the face neem made face pack on the face, all of the face Problems such as face stiffness, wrinkles and acne can be removed

To make its face pack, first dry the sweet neem and grind it and make powder. In this powder you get rose water coconut oil and some quantity of sandalwood and multani clay. Now face pack made from this mixture on your face Put it aside for 20 minutes and then wash your face with cold water.

The problem of acne on face is common nowadays. Curry leaves can also be used to get rid of it. For this, grind curry leaves and turmeric powder thoroughly and make paste. Now place it above the whites and let it dry. Wash it with a clean water after some time.

wrinkles on face is a major problem due to the lifestyle and stress of today's life. 
To remove this, grind curry leaves and multani clays thoroughly and make paste and mix a little rose water in it. Now place this paste on your face well. Keep in mind that the paste does not seem to have eyes. Wash it with clean water when it dries well. This will remove the wrinkles of your face, as well as the white color and glow on the face. 

Benefits of curry leaves in controlling blood sugar

If you want to control diabetes , then you should use curry leaves because fiber found in curry leaves reduces blood sugar levels by increasing insulin, therefore people with diabetes should include hard leaf in their diet.

Fiber present in curry leaf reduces blood sugar level by affecting insulin. At the same time, it also keeps digestion correct, which reduces the risk of obesity.

Benefits of curry leaves for white Hair

If you use curry leaves in your food then you will be able to prevent your hair from being white prematurely. Kadhi leaves prevent hair from being white and protects against hair loss.

Benefits of curry leaves for piles

The curry leaves are cold, so it is used in the treatment of piles. Grind the hard leaves with water. Then drinking it by filtering it, the problems of hemorrhoids, diarrhea, diarrhea, stomach disorders and digestive problems are okay.

Strengthen hair roots

The use of excessive chemicals and pollution leads to hair loss. All the nutrition ingredients are found in curry leaves, which keep hair healthy. Grind curry leaves and make a paste, then put it directly in the roots of hair or you can eat curry leaves, if you do not have any problems with its bitter taste. This will make your hair black, long and thicker, the roots of the hair will also be strong.

For congestion in chest and nose

It is packed with vitamins C, A and compounds such as Camferol which is a very powerful anti-inflammatory, disinfectant and antioxidive agent. If you are suffering from a wet cough, sinusitis, or chaos, curry leaves can help to release mucous congestion.

Other benefits of curry leaves

  1. Heat curry leaves until they become black in coconut oil. Applying this oil into the hair roots will make the hair soft and shiny.
  2. If you are worn out, then after drinking a quarter cup of curry leaves, half a lemon juice and a pinch of sugar, the mind will get well.
  3. The root of curry leaves also has medicinal properties. It is beneficial for kidney patients.
  4. Curry leaf sharpens the eyes and reduces the chances of cataract.
  5. You can use it to make hair dark, dark and strong. For this boil the hard leaves in coconut oil and apply that oil to the hair and massage it well.
  6. Simultaneously, if you wish, boil the curry leaves in your hair oil. Applying this hair tonic will remove any problems that you have with your hair.
  7. Curry leaf juice reduces the bad effect of chemotherapy.
  8. Curry leaf will prove to be very helpful for you in the event of coughing, coughing or lungs. For this, grind hard leaves or drink it with honey.
  9. Curry leaves have very good effect on kidney and liver. If you want to keep these two special parts of the body healthy then eat curry leaves regularly. Curry Leaf protects her from many inputs and keeps her ability to work.
  10. In vomiting and indigestion it is beneficial to take curry leaves with lemon juice and sugar.
  11. When stomach disturbs, mixing curry leaves in grinding buttermilk gives relief when you take an empty stomach.
  12. Curry leaves are also used in burning and wound.


Take a bunch of curry leaves and wash it with clean water and dry it in the sun's sun until it becomes dry and dry. Then grind it as a powder, boil it in 200 ml of coconut oil or by adding about 4 to 5 teaspoon hard leaves in olive oil. After 2 minutes, close the flame and keep the oil for cooling. Filter the oil and fill it in an air tight vial.


Take half a cup of curry leaves with a curd and apply that mixture on your hair, and wash it after few minutes. We should also eat curry leaves with our daily diet, it is very useful.


Boil curry leaves in water. Now squeeze a lemon into it and mix sugar. Drink it for a week. This will save your hair from being long, thick, and white. Not only this, it is also beneficial for your digestive system.


Take curry leaves and grind it and paste it. Now add little curd in it and apply it on your hair. Leave this mixture for 20-25 minutes in the hair, then wash the hair with shampoo. This will make your hair black and dense.

Natural cleanser of basil and curry leaves

There are anti-oxidants in both hard leaves and basil. Those who protect your skin from infection and acne. It also helps to reduce pigmentation and wrinkles with your skin soft and soft. Apart from this, there are anti-inflammatory and morphurizing properties, which can be applied to the skin to enhance the skin.

How to make natural cleanser

  1. Wash the leaves with 5-6 basil leaves and the same link with water and keep them in a bowl, grind them in a mixie.
  2. Now boil half cup of milk and cool it. 
  3. Put the leaves paste in it and mix it well and keep it for blind hours.
  4. After getting it well, filter it, now your facial cleanser is fully prepared. 
  5. Put it on your whole face and neck.

How to clean

  1. Apply this natural cleanser to the face from the throat. Massage the face with it for about 5 minutes.
  2. Now clean the face with soft cloth or cotton.
  3. Curry leaves come in shine on face
  4. Ingridants present in curry leaves are beneficial for your skin, so your skin is soft and shine is also on the skin .

Make a pack of curry leaves and apply it on the face 

  1. Making a face pack of curry leaves will help you 
  2. To apply it on your face you must first dry the curry leaves in the sun. 
  3. Make powder of dried leaves. 
  4. Add some multani clay and rose water to it on your face; it will disappear in your face, even the age ranges will disappear. 
  5. Before installing the face pack, add 1-2 drops of coconut oil in the paste and it will shine even further.

Curry leaves side effects

Curry leaves may cause allergic reactions in some people. It is not advisable to consume curry leaves if you are asthmatic or are allergic to plant parts such as pollen. (Read more: Asthma symptoms) Topical application of curry leaves may be harmful for the hair in the long term. So, it is advisable to avoid using curry leaves along with hair oil very often. It is advisable not to eat the small pods coming from the curry leaves. Though more research has to be done in this area, curry pods are believed to be poisonous.

About Curry Leaf Tree

Curry leaf tree (Murray Koenigi, (Murraya koenigii; ); Other names: Bergera koenigii, Chalcas koenigii) A tree of Rutaceae family found in tropical and sub-tropical regions , Which is basically India 's indigenous. Often used in leftover recipes, its leaves are called "Kadhi Patta". Some people also call it "sweet neem leaves". Its Tamil name means 'those leaves used in lemon recipes'. In Kannada , it comes out in semantics - "black neem", because bitter blemishes are closely related to neem leaves in its leaves. But neem tree of this curry leafThere is no relation to the tree. In fact, it is very different from curry leaves, sharp leaves or basil leaves, which are fragrant leaves found in the Mediterranean.

This tree is small, whose height is 2-4 meters and its stem is 40 cm in diameter. Happens till. Its leaves are sharp, every twig has 11-21 leafy arcs and each arch is 2-4 cm. Long and 1-2 cm Is wide. These leaves are very lukewarm. Its flowers are small, white and fragrant. Its small, bright black colored fruits can be eaten, but their seeds are poisonous.

This species has been named botanist Johann Coning.

this leaf is also suitable for cooking dishes like Kadhi or Curry.

Chutney is also prepared by grinding its leaves.

The use of its leaves is very important, like the leaves of South India and the west-coast states and the dishes of Sri Lanka , especially in leek recipes, like very sharp leaves. It is generally roasted with chopped onion in the beginning of the recipe. It is also used in making Thornan, Vada, Rasam and Kadhi. Its fresh leaves are neither fresh nor fresh in the fridge for longer days. Well, these leaves also get dry, but the smell is not equal to them.

The leaves of Murraya koenigii are also used in the form of herbs in Ayurvedic medicine. Her medicinal properties include anti-diabetic, [2]antioxidant, [3] antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective, anti-hypercholesterolemic ) And so on. Kadhi leaf is also very beneficial for long and healthy hair. [ Add quote ]

Although most of the curry leaves are used in lemon recipes, but other than these, it is used in many other dishes with spices.

Curry Leaves in other languages

botanicalChalcas koenigii
Arabicورق الكاري
وَرَق الْكَارِي
Waraq al-kari
Assameseনৰসিংহ পাত
Noroximh pat, Noroxingho pat
BulgarianЛиста от къри
Lista ot kuri
BurmesePindosin, Pyim daw thein, Kyaung-thwe
咖哩葉 [ga lēi yihp]
Ga lei yihp
调料九里香 [diào liào jiǔ lǐ xiāng]
Diao liao jiu li xiang
CzechKarí lístky
DanishKarry blad
Dhivehiހިކަނދި ގަސްހިކަނދިފަތް
Hikan'dhi gas, Hikan'dhifat
EnglishCurry leaves
FrenchFeuilles de Cari, Feuilles de Curry, Caloupilé (Réunion), Carripoulé (Ile Maurice)
GalicianFollas de Curry
Gujaratiમીઠો લીમડો
Mitho limado
Hebrewעלי קרי
עֱלֵי קָרִי
Aley kari, Ali qari
Hindiकरीपत्तामीथ णीममीथ नीम पत्ता
Karipatta, Mitha nim, Mitha neem patta
HungarianCurry levelek
IndonesianDaun kari, Salam koja
ItalianFogli di Cari
Kare-rifu, Nanyōzanshō, Nanyo-zansho
Kannadaಕರಿ ಬೇವುಕರಿಬೇವು ಸೊಪ್ಪು
Karibevu, Karibevu soppu
Korean커리커리 리프
Keori, Kori, Keori ripu
LaoKhi be, Dok kibi
LithuanianKvapioji murėja, Karis
MalayDaun kari pla, Karupillam, Garupillai, Karwa pale, Kerupulai
Kariveppila, Kariveppu, Veppila
Manipuri (Meitei-Lon)করি পতা
ꯛꯔꯤ ꯄꯇꯥ
Kari pata
Kadhilimb, Karhilimb
Nepaliअसारेदेसी नीममचिमेरमेचिया साग
Asare; possibly also Desi Nim, Machimer, Mechiya sag
Oriyaମେରିସିଙ୍ଗା ପତ୍ର
Merisinga potro
PortugueseFolhas de Caril
Karipata, Karipatta, Bowala
RussianЛистья карри
Listya karri
SanskritGirinimba, Suravi
SlovakKarí list
SpanishHoja, Hojas de Curry
SwahiliBizari, Mchuzi
Kariveppilai, Karuveppilai
Karepeku, Karivepaku
Hom khaek, Som, Samat, Bai kari
Urduکری پتہکریاپات
Kari patah, Kariapat


Q- how many curry leaves can I eat in a day ?
A- eat 10 to 15 raw curry leaves empty stomatch with warm water in the morning


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