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Turmeric : 42 benefits with 15 side effects [A Full Story]

Turmeric : 42 benefits with 15 side effects 

[A Full Story]


Turmeric is Indian flora. It is a plant growing up to 5-6 feet of ginger species. Turmeric is found in the roots. It is recognised in Ayurveda since ancient times as a miraculous liquid. In medicine texts, it has been given to Haridra, Kurkuma Launga, Varvarnini, Gauri, Krimigna Yoshitpriya, Hattvilasani, Herald, Kumkum, Terminal, besides Turmeric. Turmeric is said to be an important medicine in Ayurveda. It is an important place in the Indian kitchen and it is considered very auspicious. In marriage , turmeric rasam has its own special significance. Today we talk about " Turmeric : 42 benefits with 15 side effects "

Latin name: Curcuma longa
English name: Turmeric
Family name: Jinjibar Such

Table of contents

  1. Benefits of Turmeric
  2. The right way to eat turmeric
  3. Side effects of Turmeric
  4. Dosage of Turmeric
  5. Do not come under the influence of
  6. How to Make Turmeric Milk At Home
  7. Method of making turmeric pudding: Haldi Ka Halwa
  8. Method of making turmeric oil: Haldi Ka Tel.
  9. Haldi Ka Harira

Benefits of Turmeric

1-Turmeric For cancer

Cur cumin present in turmeric prevents the development of cancer in the body. According to a study, cur cumin casts cancer and helps to increase the effect of chemotherapy . Turmeric is mixed with black pepper and becomes even more effective. According to studies conducted on many animals, cur cumin, which is included in turmeric can reduce the development of cancer cells and prevent the development of tumours .

Turmeric is helpful in preventing prostate cancer as well as preventing the development of existing prostate cancer . Medicinal properties present in turmeric are able to destroy cancer cells. Many researchers have found that the active ingredient in turmeric is one of the best preservatives for tumour.

2-Turmeric reduces the pain of periods

Turmeric milk reduces the pain of periods. It is also given for quick recovery of women after delivery. Another advantage of this is that breast milk is also effective after delivery.

3-Turmeric for face

The turmeric ritual in marriage also happens because the face of the face is increased, if the face is glossy, then add one spoon of turmeric and honey in the gram flour and apply it on the face 10 minutes Wash the face afterwards. The brightness of the face will increase and you will feel refreshed.
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4-Turmeric and milk for headache

Nowadays, headache has become a common problem and many people are also prey on migraine-like diseases. There is pain in one part of the head and sometimes this pain can also occur in the entire head. This pain can last from one hour to all day and 72 hours. In this way, people become accustomed to taking medicines, which also have negative effects. Therefore, it is important that sometimes home remedies are also addressed. Turmeric and milk are the best home remedies. Drinking hot turmeric and milk gives relief from headache. According to a study, taking omega-3 fatty acids with curcumin reduces migraine pain. Apart from this, turmeric also provides relief from sinus discomfort. Therefore, now whenever you have trouble with headache, take the medicine before taking the medicine, take turmeric and milk.
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5-When you do not sleep

If you are not sleeping for any reason, then you have the best home recipe, turmeric milk. Just after the meal at night  , drink half a kilo of turmeric milk , and see how amazing.
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6-Turmeric for excessive urination 

Drinking one teaspoon turmeric powder twice a day with a glass of water can be used to get rid of urinary problems in diabetes.

7-Turmeric For  Liver Protection

Turmeric is a type of natural liver detoxifier. Liver reduces the production of enzymes by reducing blood, and turmeric increases the production of these important enzymes. These important enzymes reduce their quantity by breaking the toxic substances in the body. It is believed that turmeric also helps in improving blood circulation. All these factors help maintain the health of the liver.

8-Turmeric For Stains and Scars

Turmeric is very beneficial to remove stains, stains and zest. To remove the scars or jhaina facial scars and wipes on face, grind turmeric and black sesame seeds in equal proportions and apply them on the face by making a paste.
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9-Turmeric For Dandruff's treatment

Combining turmeric and olive oil, experimenting with dandruff gets rid of and roots are strong. Just before shampoo, mix them in equal amount and put them in the hair and leave for 20 minutes.
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10-Turmeric Remove the problem of teeth

If you are suffering from any type of dental problem, massage the gums and teeth with the help of a finger to the turmeric in the night and then keep it like this. Go and rinse in the morning, turmeric removes your teeth, swelling, insects etc. If you do this regularly, then you will never have any teeth problems.

11-Turmeric For Dry cough

Coughing gets better after mixing with 1/2 teaspoon honey in 1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder twice a day.
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12-Turmeric for wound

Turmeric is a natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent and it is used as the prevention of infection . If your skin is burnt or cut, then you can apply turmeric powder to the affected area for its treatment. Turmeric helps repair damaged skin and it can be used to treat psoriasis and other swelling skin disorders. According to the European Journal of Pharmacology in 2014, a study on mice has shown that turmeric can help reduce the pain in the body due to diabetes. It is better than other medicines because it has no side effects. There are powerful effects that reduce inflammation and it is also a very good antioxidant.

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13-Turmeric For Hysteria Visits

If the patient gets relief from the smelling of turmeric smoke at the time of fall.

14-Benefits of Drinking Turmeric Milk for Immunity

Turmeric contains a substance called Lipporalisachcharide, which enhances the body's immune system. Its antibacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal agents also help in strengthening the immune system. A strong immune system reduces chances of cold, flu and cough risk. If you are suffering from cold, cough or flu, you can drink a teaspoon turmeric powder in a glass of hot milk and drink it once a day. This will make you feel better soon.
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Mixing turmeric powder, salt and mustard oil, after cleansing of the teeth in the teeth, cleansing the pyoric cure after cleaning the funeral (tooth cleaning).

16-Turmeric for Viral infections

Turmeric milk is the best remedy for viral infections caused by variations and other causes, which protects you from infection.

17-Avoiding wrinkles

Turmeric has properties to prevent melanin and wrinkles. It also cures looseness in the skin due to UV exposure.

18-Remove unwanted hair from the face

Turmeric can get rid of unwanted hair from the face soon. Just put a turmeric paste on your face every night, slowly, the roots of the hair begin to weaken and like the colour of your face, it removes the hair in a few days.

19-Blisters in the mouth

If you put 1/4 teaspoon turmeric in a glass of water, after 3 times a day, the bark gets cured quickly.

20-In stone disease

Adding a little jaggery and half teaspoon turmeric to a patient suffering from asthma, and giving it in a glass of buttermilk, gives daily benefit in stone disease.

21-Turmeric for better digestion

Several major components in turmeric stimulate the gallbladder to produce bile, which improve digestion and reduce the symptoms of bloating and gas . Apart from this, turmeric is useful for the treatment of most of the intestinal diseases including ulcerative colitis. However it is important to keep in mind that people suffering from any type of gall bladder disease should not take turmeric as a diet supplement because it can spoil the condition. When suffering from digestion problems, it is best to consume turmeric in raw form.

22-Turmeric for cancer

The raw turmeric has the properties of fighting cancer. It also helps prevent cancer cells from prostate cancer, especially in males, as well as eliminate them. It also protects the tumor from exposure to harmful radiation.


Combining turmeric powder in the aloe vera gel, the wart gets dry after putting on piles warts.

24-Increasing age pauses

Increasing age prevents the fight against free radicals , which do not look like wrinkles, lines, etc. in the face. Drinking turmeric water significantly reduces the effect of all these.

25-For Acne

Mixing turmeric powder on acne with rose water, the acne fixes quickly

26-Dry diseases in children

Due to the dryness of the disease, the child goes dry day and night. Therefore, to avoid this disease, keep the turmeric lumps in the water of lime for 8 consecutive days and after removing it, then again make small tablets by roaming in fresh lime water. After this, feeding the baby twice a day with milk in the morning and evening will strengthen the bones of the children and the dry disease will be cured.

27-Turmeric For cholesterol

It has been proved in research that using turmeric as a food can reduce serum cholesterol levels. It is a known fact that more cholesterol can cause other serious health problems. Therefore maintaining proper level of cholesterol can prevent many cardiovascular diseases. Rich turmeric in carcumin and vitamin B6 also makes your cardiovascular health good. Vitamin B6 prevents homocysteine ​​from occurring, which can damage cell cells. It can cause some kind of heart disease , which is not good for our health. Eat turmeric and make the heart healthy.

28-Turmeric on the dry skin

Most beauty products can take care of just one type of skin but turmeric is the best option for both your dry and oily skin. For dry skin add olive oil, rose water and turmeric to the white part of the egg. This will make your skin glowing .

29-Swelling in the breasts 

Mixing turmeric powder in the aloe vera gel, it provides relief.

30-Turmeric To keep the brain fresh

If the mind is to calm and freshen up, drink turmeric water in the morning and drink it, you will feel refreshed throughout your day and will be able to do your work better.

31-Inaccuracies of blood 

Drinking a spoonful of amla powder and 1/2 spoon turmeric powder with one cup of water, the impurities of the blood are removed .

32-Turmeric for weight loss

Turmeric powder can be very helpful in maintaining body weight. An ingredient in turmeric helps to increase the flow of bile which plays an important role in breaking the fat from the diet. Those who want to lose weight or want to treat obesity and other related diseases, they can consume one spoon of turmeric powder with each meal.

33- Turmeric In fever

When the cold comes to the fever, drink a baby with a spoonful of turmeric powder and a pinch of pepper in a glass of hot milk. With this the fever is removed soon.

34-For Glowing Skin

Add 1/2 cup of groundnut, 4 spoons of pure turmeric powder, half lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of raw milk, by applying the rubbing, the skin becomes shiny and unblemished.

35-Turmeric like night cream

Turmeric works like a night cream on your skin . Mix it in milk or yogurt before sleeping in the night and put it on the face. By doing this, you will get a glowing skin by the morning, your face will get enhanced. It is only to do this once in a week or else the yellowing will come on the face.

36-Turmeric for Diabetes

Turmeric can be used to reduce insulin levels in the treatment of diabetes . It controls the level of glucose and increases the effect of medicines used in the treatment of diabetes. According to a scientific review, curcumin can reduce blood glucose levels, which helps prevent diabetes. Kercumin present in turmeric can also help in treating liver disorders associated with diabetes. Turmeric can prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes . However, if the turmeric intake is done with more potent medicines, it can produce a condition called hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). So be sure to consult your doctor before taking turmeric capsules.

37-To strengthen the digestive system

Mix turmeric with milk and drink it, the liver works properly and digestive system is strong.

38-Turmeric for arthritis

The excellent anti-inflammatory properties contained in turmeric are the best diet for both treatment of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis . Apart from this, turmeric antioxidant properties destroy free radicals in the body that can damage the body. It has been found that people suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis, who consume turmeric on a regular basis, they get relief from mild joint pain and swelling as well. According to the Arthritis Foundation, the most common cause of disability in the United States is osteoarthritis, which affects approximately 30.8 million Americans. A research done in 2016 found that consuming curcumin for 4 weeks can help relieve osteoarthritis pain.

39-Turmeric for oily skin

Applying turmeric for skin care is a recipe for grandma's mother. If you have a skin oily then also know how to apply turmeric to your skin. Mix turmeric and orange juice in sandalwood paste and apply it on your oily skin, it reduces oil from your skin. It is very important for skin to be healthy and glowing, that you are aware of its skin care tips according to your skin.

40-Turmeric for hair

To remove the problem of hair loss, apply the juice of beetroot in raw turmeric juice to the hair and the hair loss is stopped by applying it in the hair.

41-Turmeric For edged ankles

The problem of tornado is going on very much, mostly in winter due to this many people are upset. Then mix turmeric in coconut oil and make a thick coating and apply it on torn edges. This will give you much relief and your edges will also get better.

42-Turmeric For Alzheimer's Disease

Turmeric contains another important component other than the curcumin, called tamarone. One research has found that this compound can help repair brain cells. It can also help prevent neuro degenerative diseases such as stroke and Alzheimer's disease . Another study has shown that curcumin can also help in improving memory in Alzheimer's disease.

Inflammation of the brain is one of the major causes of cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer's disease. The turmeric supports the overall brain health while helping to remove the formation of the plaque in the brain and to improve the flow of oxygen. It can slow down or even stop the progression of Alzheimer's disease.

Mix turmeric with milk and make a paste. Applying this paste on the face reveals the color of the skin and your face will appear feeding.

The right way to eat turmeric

👉 Boil 1 cup of milk with 1 spoon turmeric powder and 1 teaspoon ginger powder and eat it.
👉 Mix 1 spoon of powder in your soup and enjoy it.
👉 Mix 2 spoons turmeric powder, 1 large spoon of honey , lemon juice and black pepper in 2 cups water, and boil this mixture well.
👉 This drink is quite tasty and also beneficial to the body. The use of turmeric in any type of vegetable makes the vegetable even more tasty.

Side effects of Turmeric

  1. Although turmeric provides many health benefits, but high doses of turmeric or prolonged use may cause some side effects, so let's know about the side effects of turmeric , which are as follows:
  2. Due to the spicy nature, long-term consumption of turmeric can spoil your stomach.
  3. If you are already suffering from anemia problem avoid intake of turmeric.
  4. Turmeric is very hot, so that is why it is used as medicine in winter cold. But if your heating is hot then it should be used with caution. Especially in the summer season.
  5. Turmeric is also known as uterine stimulant, which can stimulate the flow of menstrual periods. Pregnant women and lactating mothers should treat turmeric to protect their infants from any type of harm or restrict their intake.
  6. People who are allergic to yellow things should not eat turmeric. Because of this, many people engage in stomach disorders. They may also have to face skin problems.
  7. Sugar patients should use turmeric very carefully. Its consumption in excessive quantity greatly reduces blood sugar.
  8. Since turmeric is known to slow down blood clot, it can cause bleeding. If you are taking antioxidants and anti palate medicines, then turmeric intake can have a negative effect on your health.
  9. Turmeric reduces the levels of testosterone as well as reduces the number of sperms. So use it in very limited quantities.
  10. One study has shown that turmeric can have an effect on chemotherapy , so avoid the use of turmeric during chemotherapy treatment.
  11. People who have problems with gallbladder stone. They should avoiding turmeric and turmeric milk.
  12. One study has shown that people who take high dose of turmeric, increase the chances of diarrhea and nausea and vomiting . So to avoid diarrhea, reduce the dose of turmeric and if you are suffering from diarrhea or nausea, then it should be consumed.
  13. In addition to acidity or gas problems, even if there is ulcer in the stomach, turmeric also causes damage to the milk. Such people should not take turmeric milk.
  14. Turmeric should not be used by people suffering from bile or gall blockage.
  15. If you have to undergo some type of surgery then stop the use of turmeric 2 weeks before it can freeze blood clots. And even after surgery, its use can cause blood clotting problems in the body.

Dosage of Turmeric

👉Antioxidant turmeric contains a powerful element known as curcumin, whose excessive consumption can be harmful to the body. Only 500 to 1,000 milligrams of curcumin are considered to be appropriate in one day.
👉Fresh turmeric with lumps contains 200 milligrams of curcumin, although it depends on the quality of turmeric. You absorb turmeric in a lot of form throughout the day, in which the amount can vary.
👉Spices or smoothing, you can eat turmeric in any form but in the appropriate amount. 500 mg volume is considered to be appropriate in the day.

💁Do not come under the influence of👈

Turmeric, many products are available in the market nowadays but they are also misleading. For example, the Healthy Turmeric Bar contains 20 grams of sugar, preservatives and a little turmeric which is not healthy at all for you. When buying any product, definitely check the amount of curcumin in it.

How to Make Turmeric Milk At Home

It is difficult to count the benefits of drinking turmeric milk, because it is a treasure of virtues. It has antiseptic, antibacterial and many properties that are beneficial for both health and skin. It is important that you also know the correct method of making turmeric-milk. You might be thinking that putting a pinch of turmeric in a cup or a glass of hot milk will make turmeric and milk, but it is not so. We are telling you the correct way to make it in this article. Making turmeric and milk is very easy. Below we are sharing the easy way of making turmeric-milk with you.

👉One spoon turmeric powder
👉A glass of milk
👉Honey (according to taste)

💁 How to make and eat↴
👉First put a turmeric powder in a saucepan.
👉Add milk to it and boil it for 10 to 15 minutes.
👉When milk is normal, you can add honey in it.
👉Then filter this turmeric-milk and put it in a glass.
👉Drink more of this turmeric-milk for more profit.

Method of making turmeric pudding: Haldi Ka Halwa


  1. Pure turmeric powder of just 2 kg.
  2. 2 liters of milk cow. Sugar 
  3. 1 kg Gawa's pure ghee
  4. 150 gms Put the milk in the iron pan, put turmeric powder. 

👉Mix both Dissolve it so that the milk does not fall down. Lost will be ready. Now add ghee to it. Keep it moving on a low flame. Shake it (brown) until brown.

👉Make sugar syrup of Acacia separately. Now add this syrup to the halwa above, keep stirring till it leaves ghee.

Drink boiled/cold milk with one cup/15 grams of pudding. Take it every morning for two weeks. Dry or wet itching on the body will be cured

Method of making turmeric oil: Haldi Ka Tel.

Mix Mustard oil 250 gms with 50 grams grinded Turmeric in water Mix all these ingredients in an iron pan, cook it. Leave the juice almost without water, then take off and cool down. Filter it properly and separate the oil and then seal the oil.
Applying this oil on every kind of itch is beneficial.

Haldi Ka Harira


  1. Turmeric powder is finely filtered -20 grams 
  2. Old jaggery - 40 grams 
  3. Ghee Desi-50 gms 
  4. Bran-15 gms. 

👉Soak this bran in water and squeeze it out and prepare a cup. 
👉Make them all cooked. Cook it till thick paste will come.
👉Take it every morning for one month. Do not drink water on it. 

It helps in Cleansing the body from inside. Dirty blood will come out. Burning of the pelvic bladder and inner wounds will be all right.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- I have to undergo surgery, so when should I stop drinking turmeric and milk?
A- To avoid any kind of problem, you should stop the use of turmeric-milk two weeks before surgery.

Q- If I am suffering from gallbladder stones, can I eat turmeric milk?
A- If you are consuming it in balanced amounts, then it is okay, but if you consume more amounts, then the problem can be serious.

Q- Can I get turmeric on blood diluted?
A- No, you should not eat it. It is not appropriate to take turmeric or turmeric-milk on blood diluted, because it can worsen the situation.

Q- What is the turmeric in other languages?
A- Turmeric in Hindi-Haldi 
Turmeric in Arabic - Halib Alkarakum 
Turmeric in Africa - Borrie Melk
Turmeric in french - Safran des Indes
Turmeric in Tamil - மஞ்சள் [ Mañcaḷ ]
Turmeric in Telugu - పసుపు  [ Pasupu ]
Turmeric in Kannada - ಅರಿಶಿನ [ Ariśina ]

Q- Turmeric scientific name
A-  Turmeric is a member of the Curcuma botanical group, which is part of the ginger family of herbs, the Zingiberaceae. Its botanical name is Curcuma longa.

Q- How to use turmeric ?
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Q- Turmeric Dosage 
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Q- Turmeric pronunciation 
A-  təːmərɪk

Q- Turmeric definition
A- A bright yellow aromatic powder obtained from the rhizome of a plant of the ginger family, used for flavouring and colouring in Asian cooking and formerly as a fabric dye.

Q- How to take turmeric
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Q- Calories in turmeric root

A- 29 calories. 0.91 grams (g) of protein. 0.31 g of fat. 6.31 g of carbohydrates.

Q- what are the side effects of turmeric?
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Q- How long does it take for turmeric to work ?
A- It depends upon the problems in which we are we are using Turmeric and it is also depend upon our body system.

Q- Drinking turmeric water

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Q- Curcumin meaning
A- a bright yellow phenolic compound that is the main constituent of turmeric powder, used as a food colouring and flavouring and as a dietary supplement.

Q- Turmeric substitute
A- The most common substitute is curry powder

Q- Benefits of turmeric tea
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