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48 Health Benefits of Amla [ Gooseberry ]

48 Health Benefits of Amla [ Gooseberry ] 


Amla [Gooseberry]

Gooseberry in hindi is Amla, which is a fruit tree. It is a prominent plant from about 20 feet to 25 feet long. It is also found in Europe and Africa other than Asia. Amla plants are abundant in the Himalayan region and in the provincial India. Its flowers are like bell. Its fruits are generally smaller, but the processed plant produces little big fruit. Its fruits are green, smooth. Today we will discuss all about gooseberry ( amla ) in the topic " 48 Health Benefits of Amla [ Gooseberry ]  "

gooseberry in telugu -  ఉన్నత జాతి పండు రకము - Unnata jāti paṇḍu rakamu
gooseberry in tamilநெல்லிக்காய் – Nellikkāy
gooseberry in Malayalamനെല്ലിക്ക – nellikka
gooseberry in Marathi - हिरव्या भाज्या - Hiravyā bhājyā
gooseberry in kannada - ಗೂಸ್ಬೆರ್ರಿ - Gūsberri
gooseberry in urduکروندا
gooseberry in French - groseille à maquereau
In Sanskrit it is Amrita,  Amlki, Pancrsa etc. 
In English 'Aablik Mairibaln or Indian gooseberry
In Latin it's "Filanths Aabelika' (Phyllanthus emblica). 

This tree is located in forests and gardens all over India . Its height ranges from 2000 to 25000 feet, It's bark is in ash color, leaves are tamarind.

Gooseberry nutrition ( amla nutrition )

Amla is considered to be the best source of Vitamin C. 100 gm is found in Amla with 445 mg vitamin C. Amla contains anti-bacterial, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory properties.

100 gm of Amla juice contains 921 mg of  Vitamin C in juice And 720 mg Vitamin C in pulp. With this Protein 0.5, fat 0.1, mineral content 0.7, carbohydrate 14.1, calcium 0.05, phosphorus 0.02, percent, iron 1.2 mg, nicotinic acid 0.2 mg are available. Apart from this, ingredients like galic acid, tannic acid, sugar (glucose), albumin, woodwork etc. are also found.

Nature of Amla

Amla is a fruit with cold drizzle. It has many health benefits. Due to cold in Tasir, it is used in the treatment of skin diseases. Along with that, it is also very beneficial for the digestive system.

How to use Amla [Dosage of Amla]

Amla is used in many ways. You can take advantage of its properties by using Amla's juice, pickle, anvil marmalade , oil, raw fruits, dry leaves and amla powder etc.
Amla powder - If you want to hold Amla for a long time then keep it in a form of powder. Since amla powder is a bit bitter, you can drink a mixture of amla powder with ginger powder, honey and lemon juice or you can also mix amla powder in the glass of juice for breakfast. You can sprinkle some amla powder on fruit like banana, apple or papaya and take advantage of amla's properties.

First of all, dry the amla in the sun, then grind it or you can buy it from any shop.

Dosage - Amla powders can consume up to 5-10 grams.

Amla juice - Amla juice is made from raw gooseberry, it is beneficial for health. It also contains antioxidants and vitamin C.

Dosage - you have to take 10-12 milliliters only. Excess intake of it can be harmful.

Amla marmalade- Amla marmalade can be taken in 15-20 grams (1-2 pieces) of dose.

Generally a healthy person can eat 2-3 medium sized avocars per day, the best way to eat it is to eat it in an empty stomach early in the morning.

Gooseberry benefits

Gooseberry (Amla) has following health benefits

1-For irritation in urine

👉 Mix two teaspoons of honey in half cup of gooseberry juice and drink it.

👉 Take 50 grams of green amla juice, 25 grams of sugar or honey and mix it. Drink it in the morning and evening. This helps in urine irritation. This also removes premature ejaculation.

2-For Clean Respiratory System

The respiratory system plays an important role in breathing and dropping. But respiratory diseases such as colds, coughs, asthma, bronchitis and tuberculosis cause serious problems in breathing. Amla is skilled in removing these difficulties. It should be consumed with honey or black pepper. Vitamin C is abundant in Amla and is considered beneficial for reducing respiratory troubles. This is used as an herbal medication for the treatment of cold and cough . By consuming an Amla increases immune system which helps reduce flu and throat infections. It helps in dealing with chronic cough, TB and chest problems. It is also considered beneficial to reduce the symptoms of asthma.

3-For Stuttering

Give the baby 1 fresh Amla to chew daily for a few days. This cleanses the tongue, cleanses the sound, stutter, and drawers away.

4-Amla for Digestion Power

Strengthened digestive power plays an important role in healthy body. Amla is widely used in the medicinal world to improve and strengthen the digestive system. It also relieves gastro-intestinal disorders. This strong digestion is stimulating and laxative and helps not only improve digestion but also in the cleaning of colon. Regardless of the constipation and diarrhoea, or severe piles or haemorrhoids, the ovaries are very effective in all. Amla is found in high quantities of fibre and water as well as there are anti-inflammatory properties. Fibre is essential for secretion of gastric and digestive juices and helps in increasing the digestive tract. Because of which Amla is very beneficial to keep the whole digestion process healthy.

📎A teaspoon of amla powder ( Amla Powder ) at bedtime or morning digestive process to take on an empty stomach is always right. This remedy also removes old constipation. Amla relaxes a lot in stomach ulcers, digestive and gastric problems.

5-Reduces hair loss 

Vitamin C deficiency is a main cause of hair loss and vitamin C is abundant in amla. Because of which it reduces hair loss.
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6-Amla For Urinary System

👉 Amla is good in anti-oxidant and is rich in vitamin C. It protects the bladder and kidney from harmful substances and keeps the urinary system healthy.

👉 Start your day by drinking the amla juice containing honey and make your Urine system healthy.

👉 By consuming it, the amount and frequency of urine improves. It helps to free unwanted toxins, salts and uric acid from your body. Thus, the amla leaves the body free of toxic substances and keeps it healthy.

7-For eyes

👉 Eyes are a precious gift of God to humans. Healthy eyes  have an elegant role to live each moment of life and to keep them awake. Amla improves eyesight and provides relief from irritation and itching in the eyes. Amla juice is also a strong treatment of conjunctivitis.
📖According to the studies, carotene found in it improves vision. Regular use of it as an eyeliner can improve eye health. It provides relief from the problem of cataracts and by reducing intraocular stress and many problems of the eyes such as water coming from the eyes,reducing itching in eyes. Antioxidants present in it protect the eyes retina from autistic stress. It also reduces the risk of cataracts. Drink amla juice and honey are beneficial for eyes.

📌The fluid that comes out from the holes in the amla engaged on the tree. Swelling of the shukla part of the eye fades away after applying it on the outer part of the eye.

📎Grind about 6 grams of gooseberry and soak it in cold water. After 2-3 hours, squeeze the spleen and soak them and soak it in another water. Squeeze them after 2-3 hours and throw them away. Thus 3-4 times the water should be put in the eye. This eliminates the blossom of eyes.

8-Increasing Immunity

By eating this, our body's immunity increases, so that we keep away from the beels. Not only this, Amla pulls out of toxin that is poisonous substances present in the body. By eating Amla, it provides relief from cold, ulcer and stomach infection.

9-Amla For nurtured nerves

👉 Nerves play an important role in transmitting messages to the brain and the anvil plays an important role in keeping these nerves healthy. It is a good nutrition for nerves and helps keep them calm. Amla can also helps in Paralysis. Potassium is abundant in Amla , due to which it improves circulation by strengthening the nervous system .

👉 There are also bio-flavonoids which help in maintaining the permeability of capillaries of cells. So that nutrients can be easily accessible through the blood vessels throughout the body. Thus, the Amla is beneficial in keeping the nervous system and nerves healthy.

10-For stress

Amla is very beneficial to remove stress. Tiredness and stress throughout the day is removed by eating Amla.
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11-Prevents early white hair problems

Antioxidants present in the Amla enrich pigmentation of hair. Applying the skin in the form of powder or paste, the skin of the head gets nourished and prevents hair from being white before time.

📌Keep 30 grams of dried amla, 10 grams of barley, 50 grams of mango kernels and 10 grams of iron powder, soak them in a pan overnight. By applying it regularly on hair, the hair white in the younger age becomes dark in a few days.

12-Amla for the healthy and strong bones

Amla is also skilled in strengthening the bones. Calcium is found in good amounts and it is also full of anti-arthritic drug properties. Bones are strengthened by drinking Amla juice every day and liberation is obtained from joint pain. Because of its high calcium properties, it is not only good to strengthen bones, but this reduces osteoclasts . Osteoclasts are the cells responsible for weakening bones.
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13-The blood flow remains smooth

The use of amla is beneficial for smooth blood flow in the body. It is also beneficial in keeping blood clean.

14-For diabetes

Chromium is found in amla, which is beneficial in sugar. Awala strengthens insulin hormones and regulates the amount of sugar in the blood. Chromium reduces the effect of the beta blocker, which is good for the heart and makes the heart healthy. Awala helps in making good cholesterol by eliminating bad cholesterol. Sugar patients benefit greatly by taking the juice of amla juice together with honey.
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15- For Anti-Aging

Regular intake of Amla takes away old age. Those who eat it every day, the wrinkles are removed from faces and you remain young.

16-For Insomnia

Amla can help in Insomnia. The difficulty of not sleeping is common, for that you start eating Amla.

17-Extracted poisonous substances from the body

Amla is such a fruit, which also contains water content. This means eating away the troubles in urine are removed. And through urine all the toxic elements of the body are removed. The urine dwarf gets unnecessary salt, acid, water from the body. It also reduces the weight as it is 4% fat in the body. Eating Amla does not have all these problems and there is no problem with urine infection and kidney.

18-For Stones

Consuming Amla juice with ground radish for approximately one month gives the benefit in reducing stomach stones.
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19-Bloody diarrhea

If there is more blood with diarrhea, add 10 grams of honey and 5 grams of ginger in 10 to 20 grams of gooseberry and drink it with 100 gram goat milk  three times a day.

19-For sexual power

It contains vitamin C which helps in boosting sex power. Therefore, drinking Amla juice makes sex life even better. If you want to improve your sex life, definitely do not use amla juice.

20-Amla for skin shining

Due to cold in nature, Amla is very beneficial in skin problems. Amla powder is beneficial in acne. To correct the skin of oily and acne, make a face pack by mixing gourd powder, rose water and lemon juice and use it to clean the face. Amla have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties which protect the skin from various types of diseases. Amla contains a high amount of vitamin C, which is why it increases the digestive power by removing the toxic substances from the body. Due to which the skin gets fully nourished from the food and it remains healthy. By taking the juice of an Amla, your skin gets bright because it contains antioxidants which purify the blood and protect the skin from many diseases.
👉 Mix the powder with olive oil and apply it on the face.
👉 Leave it for 10 minutes and then wash it.
👉 This face pack will help to remove dust and dirt from your face and it will act as a natural cleanser. The flashing and healthy skin is the most important determinant of external beauty. Amla  cleanses the skin, helps remove stains, acne, damaged cells and wrinkles.
👉 Drink two teaspoons of amla juice daily or apply amla juice on the skin.
👉 Amla is rich in vitamin c, antioxidant, anti-ageing and anti-bacterial properties and is therefore useful in improving color and providing young skin.

21- For Leprosy

Make ample powder in the shavings of amla and neem leaves. Licking it every morning to 2 to 6 grams or 10 grams, there is a quick gains in the severely lethal leprosy.

22-Mouth ulcers

👉 Make a decoction of leaves of amla and keep it in the mouth for a while and mouthing of garlic and rinse are healed.
👉 Make a powder of Amla 25 grams, fennel 10 grams, white cardamom 5 grams and sugar candy. Take 2 pinch of powders daily in the morning and evening and mouth ulcers are eliminated.

23- For Itching

Burn the amla kernels and consume it with coconut oil, it is beneficial to apply it on any kind of wet or dry itching.

24-Helps in hair growth

Fatty acid in Amla helpes in the growth of hair. The staff helps their growth by strengthening the hair's roots. The nutrients present in it reach the hair follicles and make them tall, soft and dense, as well as maintain their shine.
Massage your head with amla oil to get healthy and tall hair.

📌Wash your hair with a decoction of amla, reetha and chikakai can make your hair soft, dense and taller. 

25-For Weakness

If you feel weakness. If you are tired of doing some work, then try eating a raw amla ointment for a month. You will be surprised by the benefits of this. Actually in amla vitamin c are found to be high, due to which the energy grows in our body and gradually weakness is removed.

26-For menstrual pain

Amla can give you relief from menstruation pain. Both Minerals and Vitamins present in Amla helps to get rid of pain. Some minerals and vitamins present in Amla are collectively useful in the treatment of menstrual cramps.

27-For Obesity

Amla juice improves metabolic activity and reduces excess fat. The anvil contains the ability to increase the absorption of proteins. Due to which it increases the rate of metabolic activity in your body and the more metabolic activity, the faster your body burns calories. Thus, it is beneficial for weight loss and also enhances your body's energy.

28-Joint pain

Amla contains anti-inflammatory substances, which provide relief in other types of pain with joint pain. If you have pain in your body or you are complaining about it, believe it, amla will get rid of any kind of pain.

29-For infection

Due to its antibacterial and astringent properties, amla protect against infection of the body and improve the body's immune response. Vitamin C present in amla increases the number of white blood cells in the body.


Mixing Amla juice with 10-20 grams and 2-3 grams of peeper powder with 2 teaspoons of honey twice a day is beneficial in the hiccup.


👉 Mixing 10-20 ml juice of 5-10 grams of sugarcane in the hiccups and vomiting, gives relief. It can be given two to three times a day.
👉 Vomiting (vomiting) is stopped by mixing one spoon honey and 10 grams of white sandalwood powder in 20 gram juice of Amla.

📌Mix equal quantity of amla and sandalwood powder. Lick 1 spoon of this mixture daily 3 times a day wiyh honey will give you relief.

32-For Strong Teeth

The food is called the body fuel, but without the healthy and strong teeth, we are unable to take food. So if you want to make the teeth healthy and strong, then eat amla everyday. Amla is a powerful antimicrobial agent. Therefore, it can reduce the problem of various types of pathogens and bacteria.
📖 A research says that amla has a quality to reduce the growth the bacteria called Streptococcus One study found that anaal Streptococcus is capable of preventing the growth of bacteria called mutton. Streptococcus is the reason for dental worms worms.
So for strong teeth eat amla regularly.

33-Amla for safe immune system

👉 The immune system fights against harmful infections and plays a key role in keeping the body free of disease.
👉 Due to being rich with Vitamin C, Amla naturally strengthens the immune system and provides enough capacity to fight against diseases.

📌Mix equal amount of amla juice in half cup of hot water and drink it daily. 

👉 Due to being the best source of vitamin C, the intestine plays an important role in strengthening the immune system. It has antibacterial and unstable ( Astringent causing) properties. It prevents infections by improving the immune response of the body of common ailments such as colds, flu and cough.

34-Hemorrhoids [Piles]

Grind Amla and paste that peel in a clay pot. Then fill the buttermilk in that vessel, feeding that buttermilk to the patient give benefits in piles.

If there is heavy bleeding from the wart, then 3 to 8 grams of Amla powder should be consumed twice a day with the cream of curd.

35-Protects from ulcers

Due to the bactericidal properties of the amla, it is a good way to prevent ulcers. In addition, the reason behind mouth ulcers is the deficiency of vitamin C and amla is rich in vitamin C. Therefore, it is beneficial to provide relief from ulcer.

36- Keeps your skin cool in summer

Amla contains three times more quantity of vitamin c than orange. Vitamin C improves tannin levels in the body  which prevents heat. It keeps your skin cool in the summer.

37-Reduces the risk of cancer

Amla contains anti-oxidant properties. At the same time there is also anti-cancer properties. According to a research, Amla prevents the development of cancer cells. It is used to prevent cancer.

38-For pregnancy

Amla contains many types of nutrients due to which it is beneficial for both mother and child in many ways. However, once you are pregnant, consult a doctor before taking any thing

39-For Jaundice

For the prevention of liver weakness and jaundice, gooseberry (amla) should be taken in the morning and evening by making chutney with honey.

40-Benefits of Amla for the Blissful Heart

👉 Amla heart is also a strong way of keeping health. It removes diabetes and makes your life sweet. It keeps blood pressure in control and protects against heart disease and heart attack 
👉Gooseberry is considered beneficial to the heart because it contains antioxidant, iron, Anthropocene, flavonoids, potassium etc. High cholesterol is the main cause of heart disease. By reducing the build up of bad cholesterol, the diarrhea reduces the obstruction in the artery by reducing good cholesterol or HDL and thus reducing the problems associated with the heart.
📖 According to studies, the orange may prevent the walls of blood vessels from growing thickness. Thus by stopping the first sign of heart disease, it reduces the risk of heart disease. Vitamins and mineral proteins present in the Gooseberry helps in synthesis and help in reducing excess fat by increasing the metabolism in the body . High blood pressure can also be reduced by regular eating of the diet. Vitamin C contained in it is beneficial in many ways for the body.

41-Amla's medicinal properties for infertility

👉 Gooseberry helps increase the fertility of both men and women.
👉 It helps women conceive.
👉It enhances the ovulation process in women, improves the quality of sperms in men and helps in healthy insemination.
👉 It is also very useful during the beautiful phase of pregnancy. 

📌 Mix sweetness of honey in 2-3 cups and eat them.

42-Diuretic Activity

Amla is also a little diuretic, which increases the frequency and amount of urine. Diuretic substance is essential to keep our kidney healthy, urinary infection and infections in the uterus.

43-Reduces dandruff

Antibacterial properties of Gooseberry reduces the problems of eczema and dandruff.

44-Amla for Anti-aging

👉Aging is a natural process and no one can stop it, but the Gooseberry can slow down the speed of this reaction. Bathing with an Gooseberry in bath water helps in maintaining youth. This formula was widely used in the Vedic period.
👉 One reason for aging is also the damage caused by free radicals. 
👉Gooseberry is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Which plays an important role in reviving the texture of the skin and making it new and shiny. Vitamin C removes toxins from the body and reduces skin diseases and pigmentation. Antioxidant prevents damage to the skin from free radicals. Antioxidants reduce the symptoms of aging as well as reduce wrinkles. Thus, the Gooseberry is beneficial for anti-aging.

45-For stronger mind

Amla is a rich source of vitamins and minerals which are important for the health of the brain. Iron excess amount of iron provides oxygen to the brain and improves memory as well. Antioxidants found in the amla are beneficial for keeping the brain healthy. Amla is an effective brain tonic and helps improve memory and improve concentration. Eat its raw fruit to nourish your brain.

45-For Nosebleed

Grinding Jamun, Mango and Amla and using this mixture on the head stops blood flow in the nostril.

46-For Pure Blood

By drinking Gooseberry juice, the blood cleanses and the blood related disorders stay away. Since the Gooseberry is full of antioxidants. It also increases haemoglobin and red blood cells, as it acts as a blood purifier. Due to being rich in iron, an Gooseberry can also prevent anaemia by increasing iron level in blood .

47-For Amla strong nails

It is also helpful to make healthy and strong nails. The Gooseberry perfected by various vitamins and minerals, helps keep the nails strong and beautiful. Drink amla juice daily and say goodbye to delicate and brittle nails.

48-For the strong liver

Liver not only is the largest gland in the human body, but it is also very important. If the human body, it may not work properly if jaundice like (jaundice) and hepatitis (hepatitis) liver disorder occupying us. They can also end life. But Amla proved very effective in their treatment.
📖 According to the study, consuming regular Gooseberry can keep the liver healthy. Along with this, the use of Gooseberry can also reduce the side effects of liver due to heavy drinking.

Side effects of Amla ( Gooseberry)

So see how you are beneficial with Gooseberry  from head to toe nails and all parts and systems. Although Gooseberry is a natural medicinal fruit, but it can also have some side effects. But the good thing is that its side effects are rare and usually happens when consumed in excess quantity.

  1. Due to the soft tendency of amla, it can have a bad effect on cold and cough trigger. To eliminate this side effect, use it with black pepper or honey.
  2. Those who are taking anti-diabetic, anti-hypertension, and heart-related medicines should consult their doctor before taking amla intake.
  3. If you do not drink it with water then it can cause constipation.
  4. There is abundant Vitamin C in it. Taking it in small amounts is helpful in reducing stomach toxins, but taking excessive amalgamation can lead to acidity, which can increase other other problems such as burning irritation.
  5. Gooseberry can interfere with diabetes medication.
  6. Some people may have problems with bleeding due to overdose, especially after any surgery. That is why at least 2 weeks before the surgeries should be stopped for any scheduled surgery.
  7. Due to diuretic properties of amla, it can cause excessive loss of water in the body. So that dehydration and sometimes weight loss can occur.
  8. Its conduct can prove harmful to blood pressure. Therefore, heart patients should do this with the advice of the doctor.
  9. Gooseberry can also reduce the skin moisture. That is why it is also important to drink more quantity of water with amla food. If it is consumed in excess,
  10. It can also cause irritation of urine.
  11. In this, high fibre is found, due to which diarrhoea can occur. That is why it is important to consume water along with its intake.
  12. If you already have a low blood sugar level problem then you should avoid this fruit.
  13. By eating more amounts, pregnant women can have an effect on the digestive power.
  14. If it is consumed for a long time or in excessive quantities, then it can give birth to stones.

Therefore, take these side effects and precautions in mind before eating Amla and heart patients should consume it only on doctor's advice.

💁 Generally a healthy person can eat 2-3 medium sized amla a day and if you are consuming its juice, then one spoon juice is consumed properly, but this dose depends mainly on the state of health. . The best way to eat Amla is to eat it in an empty stomach early in the morning. For effective results, do not drink tea, coffee or milk for about 45 minutes after eating an amla. Amla is sour in nature and consumption of milk products can be harmful.

How to make Amla murabba [ Amla Marmalade ]

For amla or gooseberry murabba we need following ingriedients

  • 1 kg Amla
  • 2 tsp chemical lime
  • 1 ½ kg of sugar
  • 6 cups of water
  • 1 table spoon lemon juice
How to make
1. Hole from the fork in Amla. Slice a lemon into the water and soak the amla in it for the whole night.
2. Wash well. Once again washed.
3. Wash thoroughly with water in the way.
4. Squeeze and squeeze the remaining lemon juice.
5. Boil water and add amla in it.
6. Cook until they become soft.
7. Remove the water and put them aside.
8. Now mix sugar, lemon juice and six cups of water. Prepare it as a syrup.
9. Be careful, your mixer is like leaving a wire.
10. Put amla in it, let it boil and let it cook for 4 to 5 minutes on a low flame.
11. After cooling, fill it in the tight bins.

12. You can also add cardamom or your favorite flavor to it.


Q- Can we eat Amla in empty stomach?
A- Vitamin C is rich in Amla. Therefor it is highly acidic. so if you are suffering from acidity then avoided it empty stomach.

Q- Can we eat Amla in night?
A-Because of its acidic nature it can increase acidity if consumed at night.

Q- How can I eat Amla?

A- You can eat Amla in following ways

1-Eat plain chopped amla with salt

2- Dry it in sun mix salt and lemon juice as per taste

3- Cut amla vertically i to peices (like apple) but do not seperate these peices. fill them with turmeric and salt. Then cook them

4- make amla juice

5- make amla pickles

6-Make amla chutney

7-You can also make amla sabji (vegetable curry)

Q- Can I eat raw Amla?
A- yes

Q- How many Amla should be eaten in a day?
A- 2 or 3 amla a day

Q- Can I drink milk after eating Amla?
A- No, Sour fruits can effect digestion

Q- Can we apply Amla juice directly on hair?
A- Yes, apply the mixture of amla and lemon juice on scalp for 20 to 30 min then wash it with warm water.

Q- what does a gooseberry taste like?
A- It taste like sour grapes.

Disclaimer: has made possible a possible attempt to give information in every way. Its moral responsibility is not The information given in is for the enlightenment of the readers. Therefore, we request you to consult your doctor before using any remedy. Our purpose is to make you aware. Your doctor knows your health better, so there is no alternative to it.

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