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18 [unique] benefits of warm water with 10 side effects

18 [unique] benefits of warm water with 10 side effects


When we get cold we drink less water but everyone knows that drinking water is essential for the body. Drinking less water can cause fatigue and dehydration. It may not be good to drink hot water, but the benefits of drinking hot water will surely force you to drink it, it is very important for the body to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water. But if the habit of drinking hot water twice a day, then the body can be saved from diseases

But instead of cold water, the benefits of drinking warm water are high. And there is more benefits in cold weather, many research has revealed that after drinking warm water the elements of the body are released inside the body. At the same time many diseases of cough and stomach get cured. Apart from what else the benefits of drinking warm water are, we tell you.

Benefits of Drinking warm water

There are following health benefits of drinking warm water.

1-Drinking warm water for skin glow

If you are suffering from skin diseases and want the soft and shiny skin. Then you should start drinking hot water every morning.

2-For acne and pimples

The main reasons for Acne on the face are stress, hormonal imbalance, poor self care and unhealthy eating habits. But a glass of hot water in the morning and before bed can give you relief from acne burst. Also read 62 [Tested] Home Remedies For Pimple Marks

3-For premature ageing

Due to our hectic lifestyle we look older than our current age but regular intake of a glass of hot water three times a day can flush out the toxins from our body and repair skin cells.warm water flush out the toxins and kills the bacteria.The daily dosage of three glass warm water mange the skin tightness and done skin toning which make your face beautiful and youthful. Read also 100 % Magical way to treat acne [home remedies]

4-As a natural detoxifier

Warm water keep our body hydrated and warm which is necessary to eliminate infections. Generally toxins escape from our body through regular sweating, bowl movement and urination. but some how when it is stored and not flushed out our skin tells us as a symptoms like acne. Consumption of two glass of warm water daily helps in cleansing of our system. Read 13 [Must Read] Side Effects of Honey

5-As a skin moisturiser

Daily routine of drinking warm water can moist your skin. you can also add honey or lime. When you drink enough of warm water day by day, it helps the internal system with circulation. Warm water maintains the moisture of upper side of skin. This happens when the cells are decongested and the assimilation of supplements from warm water bolsters the skin. Read Turmeric : 42 benefits with 15 side effects

6-Relaxation in the problem of nose and throat

If there is problem in the nose and throat then there is a lot of trouble in breathing and eating something. Cough are also big problems. To avoid all these diseases and get relief, drink hot water. Also read How To Avoid And Treat Sinus

7-For weight loss

If you want to lose weight, start drinking hot water. This will keep you fit without exercise. Just wake up every morning and drink empty stomach hot water. Hot water reduces excess fat by the body and your body starts getting slim. Also read 25 magical weight loss tips

8-For Acidity

Drink hot water and get rid of acidity. Actually the acidity is due to stomach upset. If you drink 1 glass of hot water every morning, then your stomach will be fine and you will not have to face a problem like acidity. Read also 30 "Proven" Home Remedies For Acidity [YOGA Treatment]

9- For Cough and cold

To get relief from cough and cold drink lukewarm water. It helps in reducing the inflammation in the throat and flush the infection out of the body, which give you relief from cold and cough. Read also Home Remedies For Cold

10-Increasing blood pressure

Hot water is extremely beneficial for blood circulation. Which give us the protection from all type of diseases. Drinking hot water strengthens the digestive system. Read Did You Know That Green Tea Can Be Dangerous?

11-Keep the stomach clean

One advantage of hot water is that it keeps the stomach clean so that the digestive system is well maintained. It gives relief in constipation and stomachache. Also read 49 [Easy] Home Remedies For Loose Motion

12-Soar throats

The weather is changing in these days, so many people are facing the problem of sore throat. If you are also troubled by this problem, start drinking hot water from today. Hot water eliminates the throat dryness. Also read Did you know that Green tea can be dangerous?

13-Relax in Period

During periods, women often have stomachache problems. Because during this there is a stretch in stomach muscles which causes the pain. In this drinking 1 glass of lukewarm water provides relief from pain. Read also Menstruation [Periods] : Things You Should Know

14-Increase hunger

People who have problem of not feeling hungry should drink a glass of pepper, salt and lemon juice mixture in hot water. This increases hunger. Read Also 1 Onion Can Make You Fit [45 Things About Onion You Should Know]

15-For Soft and shiny hair

Two to three glass of warm water daily give fresh energy to hair roots and follicles which make your hair strong and shiny.Check this also Regular Intake Of This Vitamin Can Prevent Cancer

16-For hair growth

"There is around twenty five percent of water in every hair strand," say specialists. Presently what might happen when that 20% is lost or ransacked. You would encounter dry, harsh, dead hair, limp hair or harmed hair. Hair fall and hair-loss would pursue and you would be concerned.

Appropriate utilisation and admission of warm water is the way to  solid hair. When you have warm water, it would be an incredible source and a lift for the hair cells on your scalp. The warm water content advances normal exercises of the hair, and quickens the development of solid hair as well. Read Also How To Stop Hair Falling In 3 Days? [Hair Mask + Magical Drink]

17-For dandruff

As we know warm water moisturise and nourish the skin so it has a very good effect on scalp. So daily consumption of of warm water helps in preventing the dandruff

18-For Pain

One of the principle reasons why we experience the pain is a direct result of the absence of water and liquids in the body. Arthritis as well as different agonies, for example, cerebral pains and menstrual issues also can be kept away from when you have lack of hydration issues influencing the body.
             With a glass of warm water alcoholic consistently, there is a quieting impact on the body. This loosens up the stomach muscles and the reason for fits and issues are conveyed down to an extremely vast degree. Research and concentrates from different associations have appeared there is an abnormal state of course in the body when water is tanked as a warm liquid. Read also home remedies to treat every pain

Side effects of Drinking hot water

There are following Side effects of drinking hot water claimed -

1-Sleep becomes disturbed

If you sleep after drinking warm water at night, your sleep becomes disturbs. Those who have sleep problems, Avoid drinking hot water.

2-The amount of water unbalances

When you do not feel thirsty after drinking hot water, then the amount of water in the body starts to become unbalanced. Drinking too much water also causes swelling in the brain cells. Which is harmful to you.

3-Kidney can be a damaged

Drink more hot water can cause kidney damage. Kidney capillaries are very thin. But the hot water spreads these capillaries so that the kidney do not work properly. Those with kidney problems should not drink hot water too.

4-Dilute the electrolyte

When the body contains excessive amount of water, the electrolyte present in the blood is diluted. Water is used to balance blood and cells. But due to the electrolyte's dilute, swelling in the cells comes. Due to which problems like headache start to occur.

5-Causes blisters in the mouth 

Excessive hot water can cause blisters in the mouth. In addition, internal parts of the body are dehydrated. So that they can get rinkles on them.

6-Blood pressure increases

If you are drinking hot water on a regular basis, your blood pressure will also increase. This makes heart beat more frequent. Those who have blood pressure should not drink hot water

7-Damage of  inner lining

When you take hot water, it can cause ulcers in the mouth. It can also damage the lining of your inner organs. Most of the digestive system is affected because its layer is very sensitive. It affects the temperature of the water more than the temperature of the body

8-Shortness of breath

Drinking hot water can cause breathing. Patients with asthma should not drink hot water either.


Drinking excessive alcohol can lead to hyponatremia. In this the amount of sodium in the body decreases due to which the brain is affected. At the same time, the ability to thinking and understanding decreases and there is a complaint of headache.

10-By pass surgery

In some cases, doctors advised to drink less water to the surgery patients.

Read Also 14 (Unknown) Benefits Of Lemon Water

Warm Water Therapy

Warm water that is hot water therapy is basically three types 
The first warm water drinking therapy
Second warm water wash therapy
The third steam therapy. 

Warm water drink therapy

In this therapy, the patient is given 8-10 times only to drink lukewarm water throughout the day. Water is always said to drink only in the glass of steel, brass or ceramic. By drinking lukewarm water, the toxins present in the body get out. This therapy eliminates the problem of mucus, gas, acidity and excess fat collected in the body.

How to give this therapy

👉Patients of Arthritis get raw turmeric paste in a little warm water. Drink this water in the empty stomach in the morning and drink an hour before dinner in the evening. This will remove the clutter inside the joints.
👉The thyroid sufferers soak over one spoonful of coriander in a glass of water at night. Boil the empty stomach water in the morning until it remains half. Drink it when it's lukewarm.
👉The hyper-acidity patient is asked to drink at least 6 glasses of hot water throughout the day. Lukewarm water gets accumulated in the stomach and gives solution to acidity and relaxes from acidity within 30 to 45 minutes.
👉Obese should drink at least 10-12 glasses of hot water a day. In it, lime, raw turmeric paste, amla juice, pure honey can also be added. If the patient is diabetic then do not give him honey. Give water to kidney patients a little bit.
👉Patients suffering from skin problems are given lime in the lukewarm water and given to drink and neem leaves are said to take bath in the bath water.
👉Vomiting, sour dirt, do not look hungry, if the intestines are swollen, then the victim is warmed with warm water.

Warm Water Wash Therapy

In  this, the patient is referred to a bath in warm water or cleaning the affected area with warm water.

Cleaning Bath Therapy

Enema is done with the lukewarm water of neem. Mixing neem leaves and a little camphor are cleaned out of the vaginal passage with hot antifungal water.

Sponge bath therapy

Benefits of joints or lungs with lukewarm water in Athrites. If you like, take a bath in lukewarm water or soak the towel in water and sponge the body. This will also make the massage and the closeness of the joints will be gradually cured.

Hard Foot Bath Therapy

Those who feel cold in their feet or burns or swell, give them hard foot baths. The patient is placed on the stool and lukewarm water is given in the tub, in which he drowned by the feet. Keep a wet towel on the head so that there is no bad effect. Warm water pulls the blood like a magnet, improves blood circulation and reduces the trouble of the feet.

Spinal Bath Therapy

If a patient has a headache, dizziness or nervousness, then he is given a warm spinal bath. After soaking the towels in lukewarm water, squeeze a bit and spread it on the ground. The patient is asked to lie on the back of the towel. The heat or heat of water affects the spine, which provides relief in nervous system related or neurological disorders. These problems include headache, depression, epilepsy, migraine etc.

Internal Steam Therapy

This therapy is given to the patients of asthma, sinus, throat, thyroid patients. Warm water steam is given from the steamboat, boiler or spool from the mouth and nose. The patients take a towel or sheet wrapping on the head and take the steam. In water, steam is given by putting 4-5 drops of eucalyptus or ovary leaves or eucalyptus oil. The patient is given a glass of water before taking steam, so that he does not panic.

Warm water with asafetida [heeng]

A special place in Indian food for asafoetida. In the food,  asafoetida is used to bring a quick smell, which also increases the taste of food. Mostly it is used in making lentils, sambar, kadhi and other spicy vegetarian dishes.

It is found in very small quantities in India. Mainly it is found in mountainous areas such as Iran, Afghanistan, Balochistan.

Asafoetida is beneficial for our health. By consuming it many problems can be solved.

🌿According to Ayurveda it is believed that if it is consumed with hot water it can get rid of many problems. Know how to consume it with water, you can get rid of every problem.

  1. There are plenty of anti-inflammatory properties available. Which keeps your digi- cation fine. Due to which there is no problem like acidity.
  2. If you have been infections in urine, then take it. This will clear your kidneys and bladder.
  3. If the bones keep strong, then make daily use of asafoetida.
  4. There are plenty of antibacterial properties. That is what prevents the problem of asthma.
  5.  Asafoetida contains beta-carotene which benefits the eyes.
  6. Asafoetida contains antioxidants, it protects the body from anemia and keeps the teeth strong. Along with cancer also prevents cancer.

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