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49 [Easy] Home Remedies For Loose Motion

49 [Easy] Home Remedies For Loose Motion


Loose motion or diarrhoea weakens the body. This reduces water in the body, causing the essential minerals of the body to get out of the body. For this reason the person felt weakness.
Complaints of diarrhoea can be due to several reasons such as eating stale food, being allergic to any food, having some kind of stress, contaminated water or eating food, drinking alcohol more often or sometimes even with some medicines.
Let us tell you how you can get rid of the problem of loose motion with the help of home remedies in this article "49 [easy] home remedies for loose motion"

Causes of Loose Motion (diarrhoea)

  1. Bacteria and viruses
  2. Excessive intake of alcohol
  3. Food Poisoning - Due to contaminated food, there is a disturbance in the digestive system that causes diarrhea or diarrhea. Therefore it is said that the hands should be washed well before the meal.
  4. Diabetes and hypertension
  5. Stress and Anxiety-When a person suffers from stress and anxiety , it forces the body and hormones, which affects the digestive system and causes problems of diarrhea. This is the reason why many students often get diarrhea during exam times.
  6. Abdominal surgery
  7. Bacterial Infection-Bacterial infection and many types of viruses such as rotavirus, astrovirus, norovirus are also the main cause of diarrhea.
  8. Indigestion food
  9. Stomach and bowel disease
  10. Lactose Intolerance-Inability to digest dairy products such as milk, paneer, butter, is a sign of lactose intolerance. Eating large amounts of milk or dairy products can cause diarrhea
  11. Medicines containing medicines such as antibiotics, antacids and cancer medicines etc.

Symptoms of loose motions

  1. Stool like water
  2. Nausea
  3. Cold with fever
  4. Thirsty
  5. Bathroom feeling
  6. Weakness
  7. Frequent defecation
  8. Occasionally bleeding in poisoning
  9. Abdominal cramps and pain
  10. Stomach swelling
  11. Going to the toilet three or four times a day
  12. Feeling stomach disturbances
  13. Occasional fever etc.

What can happen due to diarrhoea?

The main cause of problem of diarrhoea is the accumulation of excess fluid in the intestines. However, this happens due to frequent absence of the intestines by the intestines, or because of rapid excretion of the intestines.

Sometimes the problem of diarrhoea can be infection by infected bacteria or toxin etc. Occasionally diarrhoea may start due to any kind of stress or any kind of fear. Such diarrhoea is called chronic or chronic diarrhoea.

Other causes of diarrhoea or loose motions include some antibiotics, stomach disorders, food infections, allergies, alcohol consumption, more dessert food



Drink more and more water. You can also take juice juice and vegetables juice. It would be better if salt was found in water. If you want you can take lemonade, salt-sugar solution or coconut water. Carrot juice is also very beneficial at such times.

2-Tea leaf

you may not believe, but it is true that drinking a teaspoon tea leaf in the loose motions immediately provides relief. If you have to give a small child, then mix one teaspoon tea leaf in water and drink that water.

3-Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is known to prevent diarrhoea, it also provides relief from stomach pain and removes intestinal stretch. You can drink two cups Chamomile tea for home remedies to prevent diarrhoea. Boil one spoon chamomile flowers and mint leaves, keep it for ten to fifteen minutes, and when it cools down, drink it twice or thrice a day.

Its antispasmodic nature, with high amounts of tannins present in Chamomile, provides relief very quickly from diarrhoea symptoms.


Put 5 grams of fennel in boiling water and after cooling it, after cooling it, squeeze it and mix it with 1 teaspoon of water or 2 teaspoons of milk, feeding the child three times a day, twist, indigestion, Stomach inflorescence, diarrhoea etc. relieves the problem.

5-Red Lentil Soup

Your baby will refuse to eat anything when he is suffering from diarrhoea. However, he needs to maintain his energy level, and this is where red lentils can help. This super food is packed with proteins and energy, which makes it healthy and easily digestible. Take a cup of lentils and boil it in water and allow it to cool. In some time the lentils will settle down. Separate the water from it and give it to your baby. Add a pinch of salt to enhance its taste.

 6-Gourd juice

If you want to avoid water shortage, you should drink gourd juice. Add black pepper and salt and make it a little tasty.

7-Coconut Water

Due to frequent diarrhoea, your body may lack water. But using coconut water, you can treat dehydration. This is one of the major side effects of diarrhoea. Consumption of coconut water completes the lack of nutrients lost in your body and fluid. For this you need to drink 1-2 glasses of coconut water regularly. It is helpful in reducing the symptoms of diarrhoea as well as giving energy to your body.


You can make the solution of lemonade ORS with the help of lemon at home. You will clean your stomach after drinking lemon in a glass of water and drinking a little and sugar mixed in it. And loose motions will be relieved.


You use mint to get freshness and coolness. But peppermint can also provide relief from diarrhoea. For this, you can use honey and lemon juice with mint. Because peppermint helps to calm your intestines, which helps reduce the symptoms of indigestion. Honey and lemon juice helps in reducing inflammation and protects the body from the microbes of antioxidant diarrhoea present in them.

For this you need 1 teaspoon juice of fresh mint, 1 teaspoon juice of lemon , 1 teaspoon honey and 1 cup of hot water . You combine all these ingredients well and consume it with warm water immediately. You should take this mixture twice a day during diarrhoea.

10-Raw papaya

Smash raw papaya well and add three to four cups of water. After boiling this water for about ten minutes, drink this water three to four times a day. This will give you relief from loose motions, you will also get relief from stomach jar.


Gourd is considered as a good medicine for digestion. Take a gourd and peel it and
cut it finely. Remove the juice in the mixer. Filter this juice and drink it twice or thrice a day. Dosage or loose motions, it gets relief from this soon

12-Lemon Juice

Anti-inflammatory properties are found in lemon juice. This makes the stomach easily clean. It is a very ancient recipe to relieve the problem of diarrhoea.
After adding one teaspoon of salt and some sugar in a lemon juice, drink it after mixing well. After making this solution in one hour and drinking it gives relief in loose motions very quickly. Take this recipe as you take it lightly. This will get you rid of this problem quickly.


Homemade buttermilk is effective in fighting germs and bacteria. It soothes the digestive system quickly and is tasty too. Add salt and black pepper to it and let your baby drink it. It is recommended for kids who are above 8 months old.


Apples are full of pectin which helps in firming up your child’s bowel movement. Wash an apple, boil it in water and make a puree so that it will be soft and easily digestible. This will not only keep loose motions at bay but will provide your baby with much-needed energy.



Ginger has been used to strengthen digestion, therefore ginger use proves to be a good alternative to home remedies to prevent diarrhoea. A spoonful of dried ginger powder is mixed with some cumin powder and cinnamon powder. Mix it and take it three times a day. Apart from this, you can also use ginger tea to repair diarrhoea. Drinking ginger tea is about to get up in the stomach, cold and stomach pain relief, which is due to diarrhoea. You can mix ginger juice with equal quantity of lemon juice and add some quantity of black pepper to it and get rid of diarrhoea by consuming it two to three times a day.
half teaspoon ginger powder with buttermilk. By taking this mixture twice a day,
relief from diarrhoea and the problem related to the stomach ends.

16-Dry Ginger Powder

Ginger powder or auspicious enhances digestive power and relieves stomachache. For treatment, mix half teaspoons of nuts in a cup buttermilk and drink at least three to four times a day.


sapadana strengthens the digestive power of the stomach. By soaping the soap in three to four hours water, drinking this water five times a day gives relief in lose motion.

18-Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple cider vinegar has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties protect the digestive tract from infection and inflammation. Due to the presence of Pectin, it helps in improving digestion and stopping loose stool. To treat diarrhoea, two small spoons of apple cider vinegar, 1 glass of hot water and honey are needed. You can combine all these and consume it. To get good results, take this mixture twice a day.

19-Carrot Juice

Your baby will need to replenish his lost energy when he has loose motions. Carrots are a great source of energy during such times. Carrot juice or puree can be served a couple of times during the day. If your baby is above 1 year, carrot juice should suit him just fine.

20-Bell's syrup

Many properties are found in the vine, and it is also considered good in stopping diarrhoea. Take out the ankle of the vine and separate seeds from it and make juice. This juice will help the children to reduce diarrhea.

21-Puffed Rice

Soak a bowl of puffed rice in a glass of water for about 15-20 minutes. Strain the rice and give the water to your baby twice a day to provide quick relief from loose motions. Unpolished white rice contains a high level of starch and is easy to digest. It can be boiled in water, strained and fed to your baby to provide relief from diarrhoea. This is an effective home remedy for loose motions for newborn babies, especially in India, where puffed rice is commonly found.


Mint leaves, also known as pudina, contain a lot of anti-bacterial properties. They help in regulating digestion and hence are highly recommended for curing loose motions in kids as well as adults. A bunch of mint leaves will give you a spoonful of mint juice. Add a teaspoon of honey and squeeze a few drops of lemon juice too. Stir the mixture properly before administering it to your baby. You can give this juice to your baby 2-3 times a day. Do not use this for infants below 2 years of age.

23-Orange peel tea

You can use orange peel tea to repair diarrhea because the ability to correct digestion is found in the orange peel. First of all, take orange and wash it well and remove the top of it. When half a minute, put the orange peel in boiling water and boil it for a while and after waiting for some time , mix honey or sugar in it, it helps in stopping the diarrhea after consuming the tea made from it two to three times a day.

24-Sahajan leaves

To get relief from diarrhea, you can take a teaspoon of juice juice with half a teaspoon of honey. Sahajanand has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, which work to remove stomach infection. There is a precise indigenous remedy for seizure diarrhea

25-Bottle Guard Juice

Gourd juice, if the body does not lack water, it is beneficial to give gourd juice to a person suffering from loose motions.
For treatment, peel a fresh gourd, wash and cut into small pieces and grind it into a mixer. After that filter it, remove the juice in a vessel. Black pepper and black salt can be added to make gourd juice to taste.


Fenugreek is antibacterial in nature, so make a powder of one or two spoons by adding it to a glass of water and loosening motion after drinking it.
Due to the smoothness of fenugreek seeds, they are considered as a useful natural medicine for diarrhea. Eating of fenugreek seeds will increase your stool and thus provide relief from diarrhea and severity. To use fenugreek seeds you can eat it directly by mixing one teaspoon of fenugreek seed with curd.

Apart from this, you can take two teaspoons of curd and roasted cumin seeds with fenugreek seeds for two to three times a day. This will give you relief in diarrhea soon. Use of fenugreek seeds is not suitable for young children, Avoid feeding seeds.

27-Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice is very beneficial in diarrhea; With this, you dry the pomegranate peel and grind it and the child can drink in the water after diarrhea.


This powerful home remedy is known to cure recurring bouts of loose motions in infants. It is known as jaiphal in India. You can make a paste by mixing nutmeg powder and water and give it to your child'


Honey also acts as a drug in this problem. Whenever there is a problem of loose motion,
eat at least two to three spoons of pure honey throughout the day. A spoonful of honey
mixed with half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder also provides relief from diarrhoea.

30-Cumin seeds

if you are having frequent diarrhea, then chew a spoonful of cumin seeds. Generally, these spices found in all households are beneficial in diarrhea. The stools stop quickly after drinking cumin and drinking water.
As Ayurveda medicine, cumin is used to overcome various types of problems. Especially it is beneficial for problems related to stomach. Natural antiseptic properties in cumin help to destroy the bacteria attacking your immune system. Along with this, cumin helps in digestion and helps in the recovery of intestinal swelling. For diarrhea mix 1 teaspoon cumin seeds in 1 glass water and heat it. After boiling well, cool this mixture and eat it at least 4 times a day. Especially after each meal.

31-Drumstick Leaves

If you are suffering from diarrhea, you can use drumstick leaves to treat it. But it is believed that this treatment should be used for people over 22 years of age. Sahajan leaves are very nutritious, as well as antioxidant and antimicrobial properties are also good amounts which help in relieving diarrhea. To treat diarrhea you need to drink 1 teaspoon juice of juice and a mixture of some honey. Apart from this, you can also add dry leaves of Sahajan to your diet.

But you need to be careful while using them. Sahajan leaves should be consumed in very small amounts. Using it in more quantities can further increase your problem.

32-Mustard seeds

mustard seed contains antibacterial properties, hence
it is considered as a panacea in the problem of diarrhea and loose motions. Soak one fourth spoon seeds of mustard for one hour in one cup of water. After one hour, filter this water and drink it. Repeat this recipe two tothree timesa day. It gets relief very quickly.
Keep mustard seeds for a few hours in the water and drink this water. This is an effective way to stop loose motion.


Milk is regarded as a wholesome diet. But it is difficult to digest it. So avoid milk intake at the time of loose motions.


Loose motions can be removed only by eating one banana as it contains starch, it helps to prevent stool. You can take bananas with curd. Lactic acid is produced from curd, which kills bad bacteria and fights with infection. High amount of potassium contained in it is also beneficial for the body.

35-Baked Bananas

Take children to banana on diarrhea, because potassium is found in abundance in bananas which help reduce electrolytes.

36-Food rich with starch

Starch helps digest food. Therefore, it is advisable to eat starchy food at the time of the loose motions. For this, you can eat rice, boiled potatoes or carrots.


Chewing pomegranate also prevents loose motions. If you do not like seeds you can also drink pomegranate juice.


The amount of starch in the potato is high, so potatoes can be used for domestic remedies to prevent diarrhea. You can boil the potatoes directly by eating it and you can get relief from abdominal pain and abdominal cramps. Apart from this, you can prepare a good meal by boiling potatoes and rice together and eat it in diarrhea, which will help you to recover quickly diarrhea.

Whenever you are suffering from diarrhea, avoid eating fried rice and fried spicy foods, because in this situation your condition may worsen even worse.


You can drink carrots or carrot juice to control diarrhea. Pectin is found in it, which works to prevent the motion of the mouse. Besides, you can also eat guava.


Noush and ginger powder strengthens our digestion power. Mixing half a teaspoon of nuts in one cup buttermilk mixes both stomachache and loose motions.

41-Arrowroot Powder

Arrowroot is basically another form of powdered starch and is a good supplement to tackle loose motions in children. Due to its allergen-free properties, it is helpful in soothing your little ones’ tummy. It also works wonders to rehydrate the body. Make a runny porridge by adding arrowroot powder to water or curd and feed it to your baby.


Curd is very beneficial in loose motions. Bacteria present in the curd play an important role in balancing. By which the stomach gets better quickly. It also keeps the stomach cold.
Eating with yogurt is an effective way of helping to recover from diarrhea. Bacteria found in diarrhea go into your intestine and form a layer that provides protection and help you to get rid of the toxic substances inside your body. Are.

So when you have diarrhea you do not eat other dairy products except yogurt (yogurt drink) are long illness related to your stomach and digestive tract which are not included diarrhea then you yogurt because it You can make your health worse, but you must use curd as it treats the health of your stomach.


You can also specialize in strawberries. It contains fiber, which normalizes the stool, causing the louis motion to close.


Blueberries contain anti-bacterial and anti-viral elements , which work to kill stomach pathogens. Its antioxidant properties bring lot of relief to the louis motion. As a remedy to prevent diarrhea, you can consume blueberries


Whenever there are friends, the most recommended white rice is made because white rice is a soft food and is full of star which is easy to digest, so white rice can be eaten to fix diarrhea. But you have to take care that rice does not have to be eaten with any spices. If you want to fix diarrhea quickly, add a small quantity of curd or buttermilk with rice to it. This will give you benefits soon.


sago can help in preventing loose motion by promoting digestive power along with stomach ache. For treatment, soak sago in water for three to four hours. After this, drink this water four to five times a day.


You can use cinnamon powder to avoid problems during diarrhea. Cinnamon contains anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. These qualities help in removing stomach problems and treating diarrhea. To use cinnamon during diarrhea, you need ½ teaspoon cinnamon powder, 1 teaspoon honey and 1 glass of hot water. Mix cinnamon powder and honey in hot water and take this mixture. You can consume it regularly for a few days regularly 2 times a day. It helps to relieve you from diarrhea.

48-Moong dal khichdi

Make a thin slurry by mixing moong dal and one part of rice for this khichdi. This will help the child fill the stomach and keep the stomach cool.

49-Pudina and honey


  1. One spoon mint juice
  2. One teaspoon lemon juice
  3. One teaspoon honey
  4. One cup hot water

How to use

Mix honey with lemon and mint juice.
Now mix this mixture in a cup of hot water.
Then drink it slowly.
Repeat this process twice a day.

Peppermint acts as a domestic drug for diarrhoea. Together with lemon and honey, it becomes even more effective. Mint acts by relaxing the stomach and giving relief to the intestines. Antibacterial and anti-inflammation properties present in the honey and lemon, work to fight the microbes that infect the stomach. You can take this measure to get rid of diarrhoea.

Methods of prevention

  1. Wash hands well before eating
  2. Keep drinking water in a clean place
  3. Do not eat dairy products such as milk, butter, paneer at all during diarrhea.
  4. Avoid eating spicy and fried foods during diarrhea.
  5. Consume enough nutritious and fluid in the diarrhea.
  6. Keep the toilets clean

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