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Regular Intake Of This Vitamin Can Prevent Cancer

Regular Intake Of This Vitamin Can Prevent Cancer

vitamin b17 and cancer

Even if you are not sure about this, but after reading this complete information, you will also say that cancer is not only a disease, but a means to earn money in the medical world.

In the last few years, cancer was promoted as a rapidly growing disease, for which treatment is given for chemotherapy, surgery or other measures, which are equally dangerous for patients as well as being expensive. But if we say that there is no such disease like cancer? Yes, it is absolutely true that uncontrolled growth of cells has been given the name of cancer in the health world, and it is also made very well. But a book "World Without Cancer", which points to every aspect of cancer prevention and has been translated into many languages in the world, claims that cancer is not a disease but in the body, There is a shortage of vitamin B17.

You must know this fact that there is no disease called cancer, but it is nothing more than a deficiency of vitamin B17 in the body. This reduction has been established as a business in the field of medicine by giving the name of cancer, which benefits the patient and the doctors more. Since cancer is merely a lack of vitamins in the body, it can be reduced by avoiding it and avoiding it.

This is the kind of issue that many people had died before years of scurvy, but later it was discovered that it was not a disease but vitamin C deficiency or inadequacy. There is something similar to cancer. The lack of vitamin B17 has been given the name of cancer, but there is no need to fear it or lose mental balance. Rather you have to understand its position and accordingly, its alternative measures will have to be adopted.

To meet this shortage, almonds are the best source of vitamin B17 along with fruit stones, apricots, apples, peaches, pears, beans, sprouted pulses and cereals, lentils. Apart from these, barley, oats, brown rice, paddy, pumpkin, jowar, sprouts, wheat, jowar, kittu, oats, millets, cashews, lubricated dried fruits, among bamboo, strawberries, blueberry, blackberry, cotton, and linseed. Etc. Vitamin B17 is a good source. By including them in your daily diet, you can avoid serious health problems caused by cancer, i.e. the lack of this vitamin.

Vitamin B17 was discovered from the seeds of apricot. It is necessary to get nourished to avoid a deadly disease like cancer.

Vitamin b17

Vitamin B17, or Amygdalin, or Laetrile, is related to glycoside group, that is, sinoogenic glucosides, which was first separated from almonds and apricot seeds in 1830, used for the first time in 1845 in the treatment of cancer in Russia. Used to be used for the first time in the United States in the beginning of the 20th century.

Although Vitamin B17 is known by other names like Amygdalin or Citrate, there is a difference between these two names. Amygdalin is a chemical formula with partial formula C20H27NO11, which is found naturally in some nucleus of some fruits, such as almonds, apricots, and semi-finished exits from litreli amygdalin.

The amigladen complex in the body is broken into several compounds, eventually producing two compounds, benzaldehyde and hydroaconic acid. In the fight against cancer, the estimated amigdalene effect is attributed to hydrogen cyanide compounds. It is worth noting that the amigdadine compound is not poisonous in itself, but some products that are decomposed and analyzed in the body are toxic.

Although amygdaline is usually called vitamin B17, it is not actually a vitamin, but it is used in many countries of the world to treat cancer, although it is licensed as a cancer drug by the Food and Drug Administration. Not given.

Sources of Vitamin B17

  1. Amigdalen Rosaceous is found in the seeds of plants, such as almonds, peaches, apricots, peaches, plums, and cherries. It is also found in lentils, beans, cashews, brown rice, and parsley (in Moroccan: in Ilan).

  2. Those who want to adopt a better diet to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease, they can include almonds in their diet. Considering the amount of calories and fat they have to choose the right almonds from almonds. Almond Vitamin B17 is a good source. Alava cashew nut is a treasure of Vitamin B17, blood pressure in its control also remains in control.

  3. Regular consumption of berry-like raspberries, strawberries cranberry etc. will not allow the cancer to pass. Even if it is a disease, it can be cured due to the wonderful properties. Apart from antioxidants called endoscience, these are also sources of Vitamin B17. To avoid cancer, you should eat a lot of berries.

  4. Vitamin B17 is found in abundance in 3-cardiac, Eucalyptus leaves. Vitamins are also found to be largely in spinach leaves. The use of anti-oxidants in Melanoma sufferers can prove to be an effective way of treatment.

  5. Apricot is considered the main source of vitamin B17. It has also been proved in research that vitamin B-17 found in the seeds of Apricot seed is completely safe for normal cells and which is beneficial in cancer prevention. In addition to apricot, vitamin B17 is also found in apple peas, pears, cherries, and even apple seeds. These vitamins are also available in abundance in the seeds of linseed seed squash, millet seeds, and grain seeds.

Medicinal forms of vitamin B17

There are many forms of medication for vitamin B17, in the form of pills, or intravenous, or muscle, or anal, and may be in the form of lotions, and the treatment program is usually treated with the patient's nerves Weeks for two to three weeks, and then Vitamin B17 tablets were given as maintenance therapy, with the observation that side effects are more serious when taking vitamin B17 from mouth than injection

Side Effects of Vitamin B17

The side effects of vitamin B17 are similar to the symptoms of cyanide poisoning. The following are the most important:-

  1. Headache
  2. Rotor
  3. nausea and vomiting.
  4. Blue; Blue discoloration due to hypoxia.
  5. Top drooping eyelids
  6. Liver damage
  7. low blood pressure.
  8. Difficulty walking due to nerve damage.
  9. fever.
  10. Unrest and mental illusion
  11. Coma
  12. Death can be due to eating 50 grams (liters).

Vitamin B17 and Cancer

According to pre-clinical trials organized by the National Cancer Institute, if given in the Aegidinin complex, individually, or in addition to the enzymes that stimulate hydrogen cyanide, but if its side effects have been observed to increase, There is no effect. To be amygdaline hydrogen cyanide with the catalyst, although there is no clinical study compared to the effect of amygdalin on cancer patients.
Vitamin B-17 is an unauthorized drug by the Food and Drug Administration. Regardless of its unequal quality in terms of its purity and its components, the neighboring state of Mexico is the most important provider of Vitamin B-17. On product related bacteria and components.

Planetary Mechanism of Action Vitamin B17

Most hypotheses that support the use of vitamin B-17 show the effectiveness of vitamin B-17 in the resistance of cancer in hydrogen cyanide (English: hydrocyanic acid), because in some estimates hydrogen cyanide Based on its ability to explain its effectiveness, and other hypotheses, the effect of Vitamin B17's effectiveness Imagine trying to support. In the treatment of cancer

Some hypotheses explain the relationship between vitamin B17 and cancer that cancer is caused by vitamin deficiency and Vitamin B17 is one of the vitamins lost in the body, but there is no evidence that there is a lack of evidence The animal works in the form of vitamins in the animal or human body, the body needs it.

Other hypotheses explain the relationship between vitamin B17 and cancer. The fact is that a certain ratio of certain enzymes in cancer cells makes vitamin B-17 toxic, and some evidence suggests that these enzymes are different between healthy cells and cancer cells.

Warning about Vitamin B17

There are many sites promoting vitamin B17 as a successful treatment for cancer, although a recognized medical organization does not support this assumption. Therefore, this information should be used in adoption or support.

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