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Hepatitis C can be cancerous but you can prevent it

Hepatitis C can be cancerous but you can prevent it 

Hepatitis C can be cancerous but you can prevent it 

Hepatitis C is a disease linked to the liver that is caused by infection with hepatitis C virus. This infection can damage your liver. Although it is extremely difficult to identify the symptoms after the initial infection, but it is extremely important to know about it.

Its infection is often asymptomatic, but once it happens, long-term infection can rapidly lead to loss of liver (fibrosis) and more damages (cirrhosis), 

Hepatitis C virus spreads through blood or in contact with blood. After the initial infection, in most people, if any, there are few symptoms, 

Although 85% of the sufferers leave the virus in the liver. Permanent infections such as medicines, penguinterrons, and ribavirin can be cured with standard care treatments. More than one hundred percent have been completely cured. Those who have cirrhosis or liver cancer need liver transplants and only after the transplant the virus goes completely.

India is at number four in the list of 11 countries, where around 50 percent of the world's chronic hepatitis patients are The main reason for not identifying the disease is the lack of regular check-up and diagnosis. About 40 million people are currently suffering from hepatitis B virus worldwide and this is the main reason for liver failures and cancer.

270-300 million people worldwide are infected with hepatitis C. Hepatitis C is completely human disease. It can not be obtained from any other animal nor can it be given to them.

Chimpanzees can be infected with this virus in the laboratory but they do not get the disease, which has made the experiment more difficult. There is no vaccine available for hepatitis C. The presence of hepatitis C (originally referred to as "non-A-non-B-Hepatitis") was accepted in the 1970s and finally proved in 1989. It is one of the five viruses of Hepatitis: A, B, C, D and E.

According to statistics, there are around 3.5 million people across the country who do not know that they have hepatitis C germs. In one study it has been confirmed that hepatitis is considered to be a major cause of liver disorders. If this treatment is not done on time, then this disease can take the form of liver cancer.

Health experts say that science has made a lot of progress in the last few years, due to which the treatment of hepatitis C has been made possible. It can be treated in approximately 90% of people during 8 to 12 weeks of this disease. However, many misconceptions about this disease are also prevalent, due to which sometimes the treatment can not be started. It is also believed that the cause of Hepatitis is Jaundice.

Hepatitis or joint disease does not spread due to dirty drinking water. Rather, when the germs reach the liver by blood, it occurs. But timely treatment can be found on this disease. At the same time, some people believe that drinking alcohol causes Hepatitis-C. It is true that alcohol increases the symptoms of this disease, but this is not the main reason.


  1. Lack of appetite or extremely low appetite.
  2. Feeling tired even when normal
  3. Feeling of pain on the side of the liver in the stomach
  4. Being jaundiced can also be a symptom of it.
  5. Light fever and itching

Early Symptoms of Hepatitis C

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), up to 80 percent of those with intense hepatitis C won't encounter indications. 

Now and again, individuals will encounter side effects not long in the wake of being tainted. These side effects can be mellow or serious and include: 
  1. Fever 
  2. Feeling tired 
  3. Poor craving 

On the off chance that you create hepatitis C indications not long after contamination, you may likewise have these manifestations: 
  1. Queasiness or spewing 
  2. Stomach torment 
  3. Joint or muscle torment 
  4. Variations from the norm in pee or solid discharges 
  5. Yellowing of eyes or skin 

Early indications ordinarily happen around six or seven weeks after introduction to the hepatitis C infection. 

Delayed symptoms of Hepatitis C

A few people may create hepatitis C indications inside about fourteen days of contamination. Others may encounter a more drawn out postponement before seeing side effects. 

It could take from a half year to 10 years or more before somebody with the infection winds up mindful of any side effects. This is on the grounds that it can take a very long time for the infection to prompt liver harm.

Hepatitis C symptoms male

As indicated by studies, men have reliably bring down freedom rates than ladies. Freedom rate is the body's capacity to dispose of the infection so it's never again discernible. Less men can clear the infection than ladies are. The purpose behind this distinction, be that as it may, is misty to researchers. Conceivable components include: 

  1. The age at which a man is contaminated with hepatitis C 
  2. Regardless of whether he has different diseases, for example, HIV 
  3. The course of contamination, for example, a blood transfusion, sexual contact, or medication use

Hepatitis C early symptoms female

Numerous ladies don't have side effects until the point when the ailment is in a later stage. Ladies who have indications of the ailment in the soonest stage may forget about side effects or ascribe them to different elements, for example, pallor, sorrow, or menopause. 

Early side effects of hepatitis C in ladies can include:
  1. Weakness 
  2. Stomach distress 
  3. Muscle and joint torment 
  4. Poor craving

Some hepatitis C diseases are intense and the contamination clears or enhances its own without treatment inside a couple of months. Intense contaminations are progressively normal in ladies. 

Hepatitis C can likewise be incessant, which means the contamination doesn't clear without anyone else, yet rather advances and harms the liver. Manifestations of ceaseless hepatitis and liver harm include: 

  1. wounding or dying 
  2. irritated skin 
  3. liquid maintenance in the stomach 
  4. swollen legs 
  5. unexplained weight reduction 
  6. creepy crawly veins 
  7. perplexity 

The manifestations of constant hepatitis C happen in the two people, yet the illness can advance slower in ladies. Be that as it may, a few ladies encounter quick movement of the sickness and liver harm after menopause. 

Having these manifestations doesn't mean you have hepatitis C.

Reasons of hepatitis C 

Hepatitis C is mainly in the condition of weakening of the liver. The reasons for the weakness of the liver and the causes of it are bad -

  1. Eating excessive oil spices is harmful for the liver. Spicy and chilli spicy dishes, consuming cuisine made from gram flour and maida, and even more use of vegetable ghee are harmful.
  2. Such high food which requires liver to work harder to digest or is not capable, produces pressure on the liver that is harmful. In this situation, food can rot in the stomach, whose germs cause disease.
  3. Smoking, consuming any type of intoxication or eating meat can prove to be extremely harmful for the liver. This can cause swelling on the liver.
  4. Many times the use of medicines is also responsible for liver problems. Excessive intake of medicines such as paracetopol, antibiotic, or beta-gonadine can also spoil the liver.

Who may be infect from hepatitis C?

If in any way the blood of the infected patient with hepatitis C virus can be found in your bloodstream, you may also have hepatitis C. Then this virus can harm your liver by infecting it. To keep you healthy, liver is a very important organ.

Hepatitis C - Prevention

However, no vaccine or vaccine has been done to prevent hepatitis C. But such people who become infected with this infection, within the first 6 months of the transition, you get rid of yourself and get rid of it. But in most people this infection persists until chronic.

But this is not a cure disease. It can be treated under which the patient's body can be removed from the virus and then this disease can be relieved. Once the body gets rid of the virus, then there is no apprehension that the patient is infected with other people. However, no person can be infected with hepatitis C again.

How is hepatitis C different than Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B?

Hepatitis A is usually spread through the consumption of water and food contaminated with stool-urine. There is no treatment for hepatitis A. But infection usually gets itself removed and the body is immune to this virus. Hepatitis B is usually spread by contact with the blood of the infected person, blood or semen, or healthy person of vaginal discharge. For example, during the unprotected sex, the child may get this virus from one person to another and at the time of delivery.

In some people, this infection can remain permanently (chronic). However treatment can be done by reducing the effect of this virus. But it can not be completely eliminated.

Treatment of hepatitis C

Anti-Viral drugs

Treatment of hepatitis C is possible. Treatment can last from 6 months to 1 year. These days, at least two medicines, Peg-Interferon and Ribavirin are used. However this treatment may have many side effects. But patient life can be saved from this one-year treatment.

Black carrot and green tea

Black carrot also has many advantages. The black carrot rich in vitamins helps in reducing blood loss and improves blood circulation. Even in hepatitis, eating carrots in the form of a salad has many benefits. Green tea is found in rich amounts of antioxidant properties. This helps in the cleaning of the liver, and the liver works well. Add green tea to your routine for the treatment and treatment of hepatitis.


Amla is rich with vitamin C which benefits the liver in every way. Antioxidants found in this help help to remove toxin from our body, and the liver is the place where the toxin is found in the highest amount of our body. Using amla to increase immunity and digestion power will be strong. In this case, cut the raw gooseberry in small pieces and eat it in a salad, or you can grind it and mix it in curd and make Raita too. Apart from this, you can also eat juice and chutney.

Mulethi. Powder and honey

Monsheet powder is being done in Ayurveda for the treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases in the past. Mithali Powder brings great advantage to our liver. Eat a day by mixing two teaspoons of honey in one big spoon of moth powder. This is also extremely beneficial in the treatment of hepatitis. Along with this, the root of Lycoris can be boiled in water and its tea can also be made.


Garlic helps to clean the toxins from the body. Garlic has a large amount of selenium, which helps keep liver healthy and cleanses the blood. In such a way chew one or two buds of empty stomach garlic in the morning. Also, use garlic as a spice in making food.


Turmeric is rich in anti-oxidants. Turmeric antiviral action prevents Hepatitis C virus from growing. The easiest and best way to use turmeric is to eat it with the spices while eating it or drink a pinch of turmeric in the milk and drink it everyday. This will save you from liver related diseases.

Hepatitis C can be cancerous

In the first month, researchers from Montreal University have described the treatment of hepatitis C as very effective in the overall destruction of the disease. Research found that if treatment is found within one month, the immunity capacity of the patient to fight the infection increases substantially. According to Dr. Nagla Shokri and Dr. Julie Bruno, leading researcher, early onset of hepatitis C, many anti-viral mediators begin to form in the body. These are helpful in strengthening the immune system. With the start of early treatment of patients suffering from hepatitis C virus (HCV), their recovery rate has been more than 90 percent. It is worth mentioning that HCV comes in the body through infected blood. It is treated by a single anti-viral drug Pegylated Interferon alpha. In one third of patients, this disease is cured soon, but in many patients, hepatitis C becomes the cause of cirrhosis and liver cancer. In such cases, if the treatment starts early, the disease will not be able to increase to such extent.

25% of liver cancer and 27% of cirrhosis are due to Hepatitis C. This infection is the biggest cause of liver infection, as well as swelling in the stomach nerves and the nipple.

Hepatitis C facts

The most widely recognized hepatitis C strain in the United States is genotype 1. 

The hepatitis C infection is various and comprises of six fundamental sorts: genotypes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Around 75 percent of hepatitis C cases in the United States are genotype 1, and 10 to 20 percent of individuals with hepatitis C have either genotype 2 or 3, as indicated by the American Liver Foundation (ALF). 

In the event that you have hepatitis C, realizing which viral genotype you have can enable your specialist to locate the correct treatment choice for you. 

Hepatitis C influences a great many Americans — some of them unconsciously. 

An expected 3.5 million individuals in the United States may have ceaseless hepatitis C, and a large number of them are ignorant that they have been tainted, as indicated by the CDC. 

Most by far of individuals who contract the infection — around 7 or 8 out of each 10 individuals, as per the CDC — don't encounter any side effects of a disease. What's more, the individuals who do, says Dr. Graham, may feel just queasiness and weariness — side effects that don't really incite specialists to test you for hepatitis C, she includes. 

Normally, individuals discover that they have hepatitis C after the consequences of a standard blood test demonstrate raised dimensions of liver compounds — by which time, the liver may as of now be harmed. Everybody with hoisted liver catalysts needs their blood tried for the nearness of the hepatitis C infection

A few people don't realize they have hepatitis C until the point when they have liver harm. 

At times, when you have hepatitis C manifestations, dangerous harm has just happened, Graham says. Of each 100 individuals with an interminable hepatitis C disease, 5 to in excess of 20 will in the long run create cirrhosis, a scarring of the liver that meddles with its capacity to battle contaminations and help process sustenance, as indicated by a recent report in the diary Liver International. 

Manifestations of liver harm and end-organize hepatitis C infection incorporate jaundice, extraordinary exhaustion, weight reduction, shortcoming, seriously irritated skin, perplexity, and a development of stomach liquid. 

A liver transplant isn't a solution for hepatitis C. 

Unsalvageable harm from hepatitis C is the main source of liver transplantation in the United States. Be that as it may, even after the unhealthy liver is expelled, regardless you require prescription to dispense with the infection from the body. drug can fix hepatitis C after a liver transplant. 

All children of post war America should be tried for hepatitis C. 

Individuals conceived somewhere in the range of 1945 and 1965 are multiple times bound to have hepatitis C than different grown-ups, as per the CDC. A significant number of them were tainted amid the 1960s to 1980s from defiled blood, or blood items like those used to treat hemophilia, before far reaching screening for the infection started. 

There is no hepatitis C antibody. 

Since there are a wide range of sorts of hepatitis C, it has been hard to build up an antibody that can viably forestall them all, Graham says. Avoiding high-hazard practices, such as sharing needles or some other medication gear, is as yet the most ideal approach to abstain from getting contaminated

Hepatitis C is spread by contact with contaminated blood. 

On the off chance that you got a blood transfusion or organ transplant before 1992, when routine testing of the blood supply for all intents and purposes killed the infection, you are at higher danger of hepatitis C, as are social insurance specialists who have been incidentally stayed with a sullied needle, as indicated by the CDC. (Infants destined to contaminated moms are likewise among those in danger.) 

Today, new contaminations are ordinarily caused by sharing needles for medication use or getting tattoos or piercings utilizing unsterile hardware, says Graham. Transmission amid sex is conceivable, yet chance is low. 

Individuals with hepatitis C can help shield others from getting the infection. 

Individuals with hepatitis C are exhorted not to share individual things that could have "even modest measures of blood on them," This incorporates toothbrushes, razors, and scissors, which ought to be kept in a different unit with the goal that no one incidentally utilizes them. 

On the off chance that you or a friend or family member has hepatitis C, tidy up any spilled blood immediately with an answer of dye and water. Cover rankles or cuts with gauzes, and deliberately discard anything with blood on it, similar to wraps or tampons, the ALF prompts. 

Hepatitis C can be restored. 

For a considerable length of time, interferon infusions and ribavirin pills were the backbones of treatment, and they were just 40 to 50 percent successful at controlling hepatitis C. More regrettable, the treatment accompanied genuine reactions: sadness, suicide hazard, outrageous weariness, and influenza like indications. Be that as it may, now medications can fix hepatitis C in 95 percent or a greater amount of individuals. 

Individuals who are restored of the infection will most likely still need checkups. 

Individuals who have created cirrhosis from hepatitis C should be observed for liver malignant growth inconclusively, Graham says. Specialists for the most part suggest getting a stomach ultrasound at regular intervals to spot early indications of malignant growth, as per rules from the American Association for the Study of Liver Disease. (Individuals with milder liver scarring can as a rule return to routine therapeutic consideration in the wake of freeing the assortment of hepatitis C.) 

Despite whether you have hepatitis C or not, maintaining a strategic distance from liquor and getting more fit can likewise help secure your liver wellbeing over the long haul. (Drinking excessively can prompt liver issues, regardless of whether you don't have a hepatitis C disease.) Hanouneh exhorts his patients with hepatitis C to maintain a strategic distance from liquor by and large. "It's a second hit on the liver," he says, and expands your odds of cirrhosis and liver disappointment.

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