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Kidney Stones : What To Do? [14 steps]

Kidney Stones : What To Do? [14 steps]

Kidney Stones : What To Do? [14 steps]

Many people have become patients of Kidney Stone due to daily run and unforeseen lifestyles. There is no problem in stone, but when its pain arises it becomes unmanageable.
Although stones may have other causes of disease, but most of them are due to eating problems. When the salt and other minerals in the body come in contact with each other, then the stones begin to form. It has no fixed size. Many times they are so small that they go out with Urine but many times their size is shocking.
Kidney Stone is of many types, but the stone made of calcium is the most common. People in the 20s and 30s are most likely to be affected by this.

What Is Kidney Stone

After meeting calcium oxalate or other alkaline crystals in urine, gradually the hard substances form in the urethra, which are known as stones.

Kidney Stone Reasons

The symptoms of kidney stones are not always visible. If the stone is small then it can get out of the urine by itself without pain, although, due to large stones, it can block the flow of urine, which can cause many types of painful symptoms, which can also be very common.

But many people are likely having the problem of kidney stone due to the following reasons:

  1. Habit of drinking less water
  2. Hereditary calculus
  3. Frequent urinary tract infection
  4. Obstruction of the urethra
  5. To consume more vitamins 'C' or calcium-containing drugs
  6. Prolonged
  7. Hyperparathyroidism

Symptoms of kidney stone

Normally, appendicitis is seen in at 30 to 40 years of age and more than three to four times in men.
Many times the diagnosis of stones becomes unintentional. These patients do not see any symptoms of stone becoming. It is called "Salient Stone".
There are following symptoms-

  1. There is constant pain in the back and stomach.
  2. Vomiting
  3. Burning in urine
  4. Blood in the urine
  5. Repeated infection of urine
  6. Sudden abnormal urination
  7. The main reason for having red piss with stomachache is stone.

Specific symptoms of stone pain

  1. The calculus of stone is based on the location, shape, type, and length-width of the stone.
  2. The pain in the stomach suddenly starts. During this pain, the stars start appearing in the day ie the pain is very intolerable.
  3. The pain of kidney stone starts from the waist and comes forward to the pelvis.
  4. The pain of bladder stones occurs in the place of pelvic and urine.
  5. The pain increases when it starts moving or walking on the road in a rugged way.
  6. This pain usually lasts for hours. Gradually decreases itself in the left.
  7. Most patients have to go to the doctor because this pain is very high, and medication or injection is needed to reduce the pain.

What to avoid in kidney stone

Too much protein can be dangerous:- If you know you have a kidney stone then adjust the amount of protein in your diet. Avoid eating too much fish and meat in such a situation.

Avoid too much sodium:- If there is a lot of sodium in your diet then it can prove to be dangerous for you. Junk food, canned food and lots of salt should be made with intake.

Avoiding oxalate intake:- If you are complaining about stones, do not take excessive consumption of such things at a cost that contains the amount of Oxalate . Oxalate is found in sufficient quantity in spinach, whole grains etc. Avoid eating them.

Excessive consumption of Vitamin C:- Stone is also made from excessive intake of vitamin C. Regular use of Vitamin C reduces the risk of becoming a stone.

Avoid these vegetables:- Along with these nutrients, there are some vegetables which can be grown due to seed stone. Tomato cultivation, eggplant seeds, raw rice, urad and gram more intake increases the problem of stone.

Cold-drinks should be avoided:- On the one hand, when the problems of stone are advised to drink more and more water, then in such a situation, try to avoid cold drink. The phosphoric acid contained in it enhances the risk of stone.

What to eat during Kidney Stone

  1. Take fluid (especially water) in excess quantity.
  2. Eat lemon juice.
  3. Eat a diet rich in fibre.
  4. Eat whole grains bread
  5. Eat porridge.
  6. Take pasta.
  7. Eat biscuits.

Prevention of kidney stone

Drink lots of water

  1. Water and fluid should be taken daily in 3 litres or more than 12 to 14 glasses of water.
  2. This is the most important way to prevent stones from becoming formed.
  3. To stop the formation of stones, the total amount of daily water is more important than the quality of drinking water.
  4. How much water has been poured in order to prevent stones from being formed, it is also important. Drink more water than two litres per day, so much water should be drunk.
  5. If urine emerges like water all day, then it means that the water has been taken in sufficient quantity. Pigletous urine indicates that the water is taken in small quantities.
  6. Apart from water, other beverages like coconut water, barley water, syrup, diluted whey, non-salted soda, lemon etc. should be consumed much.
  7. During a particular time of day the urine becomes less and the pig (thick) becomes. At this time, due to the high amount of alkali in urine, the process of forming stones becomes very early, which is very important to stop. Without stopping to become stones, forget it.
  8. During three hours after meals
  9. Immediately after working hard
  10. It is very important to get two glasses or more water in the middle of the night before and after midnight.

Diet control

  1. Keeping in mind the type of calculus, keeping all vigilance and abstinence in food helps in preventing stones from forming.
  2. Eat less salt in the food and should not eat more saltied coughs like saline, papad, pickle. This is a very important suggestion for preventing the formation of stones. Unfortunately most patients are unaware of this suggestion.
  3. The use of lemonade, coconut water, coconut juice, granulation juice, carrots, curries, tomatoes without seeds, bananas, barley, oats, almonds etc. help in preventing stones from becoming formed. Therefore, it is advisable to take more quantity.
  4. Vitamin 'C' should not be taken in much quantity (4 grams or more).
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