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home remedies to treat every pain

Home remedies to treat every pain


Pain definition

Pain is a general sense in the nervous system that begins with alerting you to any potential injury and care for you. Typically severe pain is caused by sudden illness, fire, or tissue injuries. 
Pain is an unpleasant experience. Its experience is sometimes caused by an injury, stumbling, hitting someone, salt or iodine in a wound. [1] According to the Pain definition given by the International Pain Research Association, "An unpleasant sensory and emotional experience is real or potential Is related to tissue-loss; or can be described in reference to such a loss - pain is called "[2]

Classifications of pain

There are following classifications of Pain which is according to the causes of pain or according to symptoms. The fundamental classification of pain is based on the periods of pain;

  1. Acute pen (short term and severe pain)
  2. Chronic Pain (Chronic Pain)

Short term and severe pain

The symptoms of short-term pain are as follows:

  1. Its period is short.
  2. The diagnosis and prediction of its disease can be predicted.
  3. Painkillers are often used for medicine.
  4. Usually, after treatment the pain is cured.

Chronic pain

👉Chronic pain can remain continuously or may be repeated. (Can last for months or years).
👉It is often caused by a chronic illness and may be one of the symptoms of that disease.
👉It can not be predicted and often the identity of the disease is not ensured.
👉In practice, many methods are commonly used in conjunction.
👉Often, after the recovery of the disease or the treatment is complete, there may be another pain.

Examples of chronic pains

  1. Pain in the lower part of the waist
  2. Arthritis pain
  3. Fibromyalgia
  4. Migraine
  5. Cancer pains
  6. Neuropathic pain (trigeminal neuralgia, diabetic neuropathy, phantom limb pen, post herpetic neuralgia).

Difference between acute pain and chronic pain

The biggest difference in the acute pain and the chronic pain is that the acute pain is protective and after completion of the disease it becomes completely freed, while the chronic pain often does not go away even after the end of the disease and it usually has no benefit . In addition, the Chronic Pain affects the quality of a person's life to a great extent.

Home remedies for pain

While working, we engage in intestines that forget about paying attention to their health. Then they sit next to the pain of different organs of the body. Due to the pain of pain in every part of the body, we may also have bad habit of changing living and eating habits. In this case, people use a variety of pen-killers but they also get addicted to it.

If you are also often troubled by the pain of different organs of the body, then today we will tell you some home remedies, which will prove to be effective in relieving every pain.

Waist Pain

Complaint of waist pain is more in women than men. In the morning, after adding 3-4 buds of garlic in a mustard oil or coconut oil, heat it. Massage the waist with this oil on cooling. 
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Joint pain

Joint pain is not only great but also very young people. If you too often get bothered by joint pain then cook 10 grams of garlic in 100 grams of water and 100 grams milk. Drinking this  will remove the pain of joint.
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Heel pain

Adolescence begins to suffer from long-lasting feet. To remove the pain of heel, add rock salt in hot water and dip the legs for 15-20 minutes. Then massage your heels with oil.


Headache can be due to any reason. Try to avoid medicines and try a domestic prescription. Mix lemon juice in ginger juice and drink it 1-2 times a day. This will avoid headaches.
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Neck pain

Keeping the neck in a single position consistently complains of pain. In such a way, it becomes difficult to turn neck. In this way massage the neck by adding clove oil to the mustard oil.

Stomach pain

Complaint of abdominal pain often keeps people In such a situation, it becomes difficult to eat and drink. If you are also troubled with stomach pain, put 1 small piece of ginger in the mouth and suck the juice. This will improve the stomach pain immediately.
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