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20 ways to get rid of Migraine

20 [quick] ways to get rid of  Migraine 


What is migraine [migraine meaning]

Migraine is a typical type of headache. People with migraines regularly get headacheOften this pain is in the back of the ear and the eye or in the back side of the head. Well this pain may occur in any part of the head. This reduces the eyesight in some people.

Health Expert says that it is a genetic disease, which can be caused by eating, changing environment, increasing stress or sometimes too much sleep. It can start at any time as early as infancy, adolescence or adult. Occasionally there may be complaints of vomiting, dizziness etc. If the treatment is not there, this pain can last for 4-5 hours.

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Health Experts also believe that migraine has made its prey about 20 percent of the women. There is hardly any person in our country who is not infected. Nevertheless, people do not take migraine seriously, nor do they offer proper treatment. Women are more likely to have this problem than men and very few women treat it. Most people treat it as a common illness and eat painkillers and remain without proper treatment

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Migraine causes

On the basis of several research there are following causes of migraine
  1. High blood pressure [1]
  2. Taking more stress [2]
  3. Sleep is not complete [3]
  4. Due to climate change [4]
  5. Excessive use of painkillers [5]

Symptoms of migraine

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  1. Loss of appetite
  2. Sweating more
  3. Weakness
  4. Blurred vision
  5. Acute pain in the whole or half of the head
  6. Flurry of light
  7. Vomiting

How to avoid migraine ?

  1. According to Health Expert yoga, acupressure and regular exercise etc. helps to reduce migraine.
  2. To avoid migraine you should avoid the cause of headaches, like listening to songs in high voices, staying stressed etc.
  3. The least power painkiller drugs should be used.
  4. Balanced routines should follow.
  5. Take timely and proper sleep.
  6. Exercise regularly
  7. Should not be hungry for too long.
  8. Avoid too fast and stunning lights.

Migraine home remedies

Desi ghee

To get rid of migraine acne, add 2-2 drops of pure country ghee daily to the nose. This will give you relief from its pain.


Eat the empty stomach apple every morning. This is a very effective way to get rid of migraine.

Clove powder

If there is more pain in the head then mix cloves powder and salt together and drink with milk. By doing this headache will disappear quickly.

Lemon peel

Dip the lemon peel into the sun and make a paste. Applying this pest to the forehead will help you get rid of migraines.

Spinach and carrot juice

Drink spinach and carrot juice to get rid of migraine's pain. This will make your pain disappear in minutes.


Rubbish the slices of cucumber on the head or sniff it. This will give you relief from Migraine's pain.


Mix 1 teaspoon ginger juice and honey and drink it. Besides, to remove the pain of migraine, you can also place a piece of ginger in the mouth. Seven of any kind of ginger provides relief in migraine.

Black Pepper and Mint Tea

Even if a very strong migraine attack has occurred, consuming black pepper and mint tea is also very beneficial. If you want, you can also take some mint leaves of black tea.

Increase magnesium in your food

Increase the dosage of magnesium. Magnesium can effectively combat various migraine activates because it regulates blood sugar and blood pressure levels. Include a 500 mg magnesium dough in your diet.

Bath with lukewarm water

There is great relief on taking a shower with lukewarm water on pain. This causes headaches to be immediately removed.

Ice message

 you can take a glass of ice after a severe pain. It relieves Keep ice packs or aloe vera packs at home and keep them on your eyes when they are in pain. The ice can also be cracked by placing it in a handkerchief.

Head massage

As soon as there is heaviness in the head, you should immediately massage the head of the mustard oil and lukewarm. Take home gourd and massage it with light hands. It provides relief in pain and vomit etc. also gets rid of the problem.

Cloves and salt paste

This is an effective treatment for headache. For this, you have to make cloves powder and salt paste. Then mix this paste in milk and drink it. Hygroscopic properties are found in the salt, so that it absorbs all matter matter present in the head.

Drink garlic juice

Grind garlic and extract its juice. You have to remove at least one spoon juice. Then drink this juice. Actually garlic works as a pancake, which relieves headache. migraine wiki

Drink spice tea

Drinking spice tea stimulates the brain. While making this, do not forget to add ginger, cloves and cardamom to it.


Kapoor has medical properties like anti-bacterial, anti-functional, which removes many problems related to skin. Mixing camphor with ghee, massage with head light on the head gives relief in the pain caused by migraine.

Lemon peel

Lemon is considered to be very effective in health and beauty, grind lemon peels and prepare the paste. Put this coating on the forehead. Pain will be relieved immediately. If all these trips do not relieve pain, contact the doctor.


There is considerable fiber in closed cabbage, it is very effective for migraine with stomach. Grinding the leaves of closed cabbage can get rid of migraine by applying on neck and shoulders.

Carrot and cucumber juice

You will eat carrots and cucumbers in the salad, but you can get rid of the problem of migraine from them. Remove carrot and cucumber juice. Put them on the shoulder and neck, it will give you comfort.

Grape juice

There are many dietary fibers, vitamins A and C and essential carbohydrates in grapes, which relieve migraine pain. For this blend some grapefruit grains with water and drink twice a day if you have pain.

Drink to give quick relief from migraine-

This drink will help you get relief from migraine quickly and you can easily prepare it at home. Know the materials needed to make a drink -

1 lemon juice

2 two teaspoons sea salt
3 cups of cold water

If you are having migraine problems for normal reasons, then drink lemon juice and sea salt in the water. This can relieve you from pain. But if your pain is not decreasing, then definitely show a later doctor, because it can also be due to electrolyte imbalance.


Q. what causes cluster headaches 
A. causes are as -

  1. High blood pressure [1]
  2. Taking more stress [2]
  3. Sleep is not complete [3]
  4. Due to climate change [4]
  5. Excessive use of painkillers [5]
Q. Migraine relief pressure points
A. For this, the first point of hand is near the wrist and the second point on the raised part of the finger and the third point on the raised part near the elbow, on the fourth point the little part of the hair line on the head. Give pressure on these points for up to 2 minutes, this will get comfort from the headache.

Q. 5 tips for instant migraine relief
A. Read article

Q. Migraine causes food
A. Read headache causes food

Q. what causes a migraine?
A. There are several things which causes it. read article 

Q. what to do for migraine headaches?
A. Avoid headache causing situations giving in the article

Q. migraine warning signs
A Read article for signs

Q. how long does a migraine hangover last?
A. It can last upto 4 to 72 hrs

Q. what can migraines lead to?
A. It can lead upto -
  1. Depression
  2. Anxiety
  3. Stroke
  4. Epilepsy
  5. Heart disease
  6. Asthma
  7. Obesity
  8. Restless legs syndrome
  9. Bell's palsy
  10. Digestive issues

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