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13 [Instant Relief] Home Remedies For Back Pain

13 [Instant Relief] Home Remedies For Back Pain


Waist Pain is a serious subject in physical problems, because of that you feel very painful in doing many tasks. If the problem is serious, then it is important to treat it seriously, otherwise this pain may prove to be fatal for you. Before taking the remedy you should know what is the ultimate reason for back pain.
13 [Instant Relief] Home Remedies For Back Pain
Pain due to some type of injury or exercise is understandable, but if for some reason you are experiencing frequent pain in your waist, then know the reason for it and get treatment immediately.

  1. Your sleep position or position in sleep may sometimes cause a back pain. If you think the reason for back pain is your sleeping position, then be alert for it.
  2. What you sleep on, this is also very important. If you sleep on a thick soft mattress, which is quite spongy, it can cause your back pain. Try that the mattress is a bit rigid, which is cooperative for the back and waist.
  3. Taking excessive stress is also one of the reasons for back pain. Actually, taking excessive stress affects your brain as well as the nervous system and can cause pain in the spinal cord.
  4. Excessive accumulation of fat often causes pain in your muscles, which persists continuously. For this, it is necessary to reduce the fat deposits ie obesity. [25 magical weight loss tips]
  5. Being weak of bones is also a major cause of back pain. It is extremely important for some bones to be strong and to include the right diet in daily routine. Calcium intake is essential for bones.

What to do

  1. Walk regularly
  2. Do not sit over stool or chair for longer periods of time.
  3. Do not steal from physical labour. Muscle strength is confirmed by labour.
  4. Push and keep heavy stuff instead of holding it.
  5. Always kneel down and sit down.
  6. Contain body weight.

Home remedies to avoid back pain

There are following Home Remedies for back pain

  1. Heat every 3-4 buds of garlic in a mustard oil or coconut oil every morning, after cooling, massage the waist with this oil. Put a towel in hot water, add squeezed salt and squeeze it. After this lie down on the belly. Take the steam from the towel instead of the pain. This is an absolute remedy to provide relief from back pain.Add two-three spoonful of salt to it and mix it well. Make this salt bundle in a thick cotton fabric. Even compressing this hose on the waist gives relief from pain.
  2. Heat the garlic with three-four kaliyas (until the garlic buds become black) in the mustard or coconut oil every morning. Massage the waist with this oil on cooling
  3. Squeeze the hot water and add a towel and squeeze it. After this lie down on the belly. Take the steam from the towel instead of the pain. This is an absolute remedy to provide relief from back pain.
  4. Avoid soft padded seats. The patients of waist pain should sleep slightly by lying on the bed.
  5. Yoga also benefits in back pain. Bhujjasana, Shalbhasan, Halasan, Uthanapadasan, respiration etc. are some such yogaas that bring great benefits in the back pain. Yoga of Waist Pain should be done only in the care of Yoga Guru.
  6. The seat should be strict at the time of driving the car, keep the pusher seating right and tighten the seat belt while driving the car.
  7. Do not sit back while doing work in the office. Lay your back on the chair in such a way that it is always straightforward. To keep the neck straight, in the chair can be applied by turning the thick towel backwards.
  8. Add two-three spoonful of salt to it and mix it well. Make this salt bundle in a thick cotton fabric. Even compressing this hose on the waist gives relief from pain.
  9. Bake celery on low flame on the pan. Swallow slowly while chewing and swallowing Its regular intake provides benefits in lower back pain.
  10. Do not work in the same position for a long time. Wake up every forty minutes in your chair and walk a little while.
  11. Bones are weak even with low calcium intake, so eat calcium content.
  12. Exercise should also be done for waist pain. Walking, swimming or bicycling are safe exercises. While swimming, weight reduces, it is also beneficial for the waist. While biking, the waist should be kept straight. By exercising muscles will gain strength and weight will not increase.
  13. When lifting heavy weight in the waist pain or lifting any thing from the ground, do not bend the waist, but bend the knees first and bend down and when the object goes down to the object, lift it and stand straightening the knee.
By adopting all these measures, you can also get some relief from the back pain.

For instant relief apply following tricks

Comfrey Compress

Talking about the combination of camphire, Doctor says that this drug works very fast. This method is an ancient treatment method in which a stitched bag is planted directly on a portion of the plants or medicines, which is needed for treatment.

While doing this treatment, you should take a muslin cloth and put it on the layer of the complimentary notice. The drug gets 5-20% of the medication in the form of cream, polytri and lip. This element is made by mixing with dried or fresh leaves. Due to its therapeutic strength, the caffeine can be wounded, cut and injured on muscles or ligaments.

Supine Stretch

According to Doctors, there is more pressure on the spinal cord compared to sitting at the time of sitting. They say that a normal person is sitting 50-60 hours a week, which is a major reason for back pain. They say that there is pain due to excessive pressure on the spinal cord. Due to continuous sitting, blood circulation in the disc decreases between the vertebrae. IIt seems to be painful. This reduces the water in the disk in the end and there is a clutter in it. And when the person turns on due to this closeness, then there is a risk of injury to his spinal cord.

To avoid waist pain and to make the spinal cord more flexible, doctors recommend stretching. They say that stretching regularly helps keep the spinal cord flexibility necessary. If your spinal cord works properly then your life is also healthy. Therefore, we must take every necessary step to protect the spinal cord from any type of problem.

Devil's Claw

Doctor says that it is extremely helpful in removing lower back pain. It is found in the form of supplements and is used to reduce inflammation. The ligaments of the pelvic area are usually broken down, due to which there may be pain in the lower back. Doctor  says that until the pain is removed, the devil clove can be taken up to 100 mg of the day.

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