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1 Onion can make you fit [45 things about onion you should know]

1 Onion can make you fit [45 things about onion you should know]


For minor illnesses, we have been using household remedies for many years. And it is surprising that these home remedies are equally effective in keeping our health better. Onion's home remedies are similar. The use of onion is effective everywhere, whether it is cold, fever or heat in the summer. 
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Benefits of Onion

  1. On cold, roasting onion with garlic is an old home remedy, and believe that it is very effective. When Europe was in the grip of plagues decades ago, European people used onion to treat it.
  2. Onion is used to avoid cold fever and other diseases. In North America, onion was used to avoid cold-related diseases. According to this, keeping a chopped onion in the room is effective in protecting against many diseases.
  3. At the young age of many people, hair becomes white. Your puberty starts getting worse due to hair fall in youth. By putting onion juice in the hair every night, the hair gets white from sleep and the white hair starts to become dark again.
  4. Onion contains plenty of sulfur, which is also responsible for the onion juice. Sulfur is helpful in extracting harmful substances from the body. It keeps your liver healthy and also protects against colon, breast and prostate cancer.
  5. Vitamins present on the onion and many nutrients increase the capacity of our body's immune system. Regular consumption of onions increases our ability to fight diseases of our body, so use raw onions as a salad in the form of food.
  6. Onions, an antioxidant called quercetin is found, which helps to reduce blood thickness and make it liquid. Apart from this, it also reduces cholesterol levels present in the blood. It also helps fight asthma.
  7. Increasing cholesterol due to poor lifestyle has become a common thing. Cholesterol is actually a form of fat that accumulates like clots in our arteries. This affects blood circulation and increases the chances of the patient getting heart attack. If cholesterol is not controlled during the time, it can take the form of a life-threatening illness.
  8. To control cholesterol, mixing honey with one spoon of onion juice daily can be very beneficial. Cut the onion with the spoon and mix it with salt and black pepper and keep it in cholesterol control.
  9. Onion use is quite popular and effective to avoid fever. For this, the onion is cut in half, wrapped in a clean cloth and placed on the neck or head. It absorbs the onions from the fever, due to the heat generated from the fever.
  10. It strengthens bones as well as strengthens your disease resistance. Especially for women, it helps in reducing bone related problems during menopause.
  11. If the cold sore often occurs in the cold days, onion juice can be very helpful. For this, you need to drink jaggery or honey mixed with onion juice.
  12. If there is a lot of pain in the joints due to cold, massage by mixing onion juice with mustard oil will benefit. Snoring onion is the best treatment when blood is taken from the nose.
  13. Are troubled by mental stress and depression, but onions are helpful for you. The folate element found in it, mentally makes you feel lightweight and also keeps your mood better.
  14. It is also an example of using onions to avoid Lu during the summer. During the summer, people often leave a small onion in the pocket while leaving the house. From this, the onion absorbs heat inside you and you survive Lu fever.
  15. Mixing onion juice with honey and putting it in baldness, the hair starts to grow again
  16. With the mixture of black pepper powder and salt in the juice of onions, the hair fallen from the head starts to grow again
  17. If there are children or older, often there is pain in the ear, then it is better to go to a doctor if you use onion juice. Yes, by pouring two chopped onion juice in the ear, the pain of the ear gets relieved.
  18. Onion contains phosphoric acid which acts as a blood purifier for our blood. Grind the onion and apply it on the soles of your feet, so that phosphoric acid enters your arteries and removes impurities from the blood.
  19. Applying onion juice with coconut oil will be beneficial. Like onion juice, the use of coconut oil increases hair too quickly. Mix onion juice in light hot coconut oil and apply it on the hair roots. This will increase the hair faster as well as hair shine.
  20. Using honey for hair health is very beneficial. Mix two to four teaspoons of honey in half a cup of onion juice and tune it well. Put this paste in the hair roots. This will increase the hair growth and it will also provide the necessary nutrients.
  21. Mixing onion juice with olive oil is also good for hair growth. Mix onion juice with olive oil well and apply it on the roots and ends of hair. This will make you see the difference in a few days.
  22. Mixing onion juice with beer is also very beneficial. First wash the hair with a good beer shampoo and then massage the onion juice in the hair. This remedy will help the hair grow. There will also be shine in hair.
  23. These are all common problems due to decay of teeth or staining of mouth. By consuming raw onions daily, all the mouth diseases are eliminated. If there is worm in the teeth or pain in the gums, apply onion juice and start eating raw onion with food.
  24. Due to poor food, kidney stones become a problem. People who are suffering from clonal problem should use onion because onion juice has the ability to fight stone pain. By consuming an empty stomach, onion juice daily, the pain of the stone gets relieved and the stone gets out of the way through the urine.
  25. If you want, you can use onion juice instead of mixing it in it. Take out the juice of onion and massage it in the hair. After a few months of massage, leave the onion juice to dry. When it is dry, wash the hair with a good shampoo.
  26. By mixing two teaspoons of honey on the white onion juice, it removes weakness and increases fertility.
  27. Mix 5-6 white onion juice in 100 grams of celery. Take one teaspoon powder with ghee and sugar daily. By doing so you will gradually gain the advantage.
  28. Mix one teaspoon of onion juice, one teaspoon ginger juice and take it in the evening in the evening. This will reduce the problem of weakness, lethargy and fatigue.
  29. Cut the onions finely and lightly fry them in ghee. Take away empty stomach with honey this morning and remove the weakness.
  30. Patients suffering from sugar have the ability to become insulin. By taking onion, insulin is started in the cells of the pancreas, so the patients of the sugar must be consumed on the basis of their sugar level, so their glucose levels will always be under control. 
  31. Boil 100 grams of onions in 1 liter of water. When water remains in a glass, add 2 spoons honey and drink it.
  32. In today's time many people are troubled by the pain of arthritis and people eat thousands of medicines, but the cheapest treatment of arthritis is present in your home. Mix onion juice in mustard oil and massage it in a painful place. Massage will relieve you of massage for one month.
  33. Eating onions also helps fight serious diseases such as cancer. Raw onion prevents cancer spreading cells from growing and does not allow new cells to be formed and also eliminates the existing cancer cells. Patients of breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer etc. should increase the intake of onions in the food.
  34. The memory of people consuming onion on a daily basis is usually faster. Use your children to eat onions only since childhood. Many children do not like to eat raw onion but everyone should eat onion after seeing its benefits.
  35. Women have to face many problems during menstruation. There are no such problems of women consuming onion. Onion should be consumed before the start of the monthly cycle.
  36. Adding a little lemon juice to raw onion juice, putting on the face, removes the black spots of the face. If you have wrinkles on the face at an early age, it is beneficial to apply onion juice to the skin.
  37. If there are dark circles under the eyes or if you see the eyes blurred, then take out the juice of onion and put it in the eyes like the sunlight. Cataract is also cured by putting onion juice in the eyes.
  38. Biotin present in onions has many positive effects on your health, one of which is experiencing symptoms related to type 2 diabetes. Onion also contains chromium, which helps control blood sugar levels and releases slow, gradual glucose to the muscles and body cells.
  39. Biotin is also important in maintaining healthy skin. Onion juice mixed with honey or olive oil is considered to be the best treatment for the treatment of facial symptoms. Onions are also anti-inflammatory vegetables, so active compounds on the onion can reduce red and swelling, which are usually associated with the state of acne like acne. It also helps to reduce the pain and swelling associated with conditions like gout and arthritis.
  40. Due to the consumption of onion with jaggery and water, the heat condition can also be improved, as it connects iron to the body's mineral content, which is an essential part of the production of new red blood cells.

Side effects of onion 

  1. Although this is not a major problem, many people complain that after eating onions, their mouth gets very messy deodorant, due to which they avoid onion consumption. By the way, if you want, you can use a mouth freshener after the meal so that the stench does not come.
  2. The benefits of onion are many, but they say that everything starts to hurt more than necessary. By consuming more onions, your blood may become thin. Onion contains excess of Vitamin K, due to which your blood becomes thin and the bleeding does not stop immediately after the wound.
  3. Some people also have to face the problem of gas by consuming too much onion. In fact, the amount of fructose (sugar) in onion is high, due to which excessive onions can cause gas.
  4. Fiber is found in large amounts on the onions. This fiber is very beneficial for the body, but excessive consumption can cause stomach upset or may have to face the stomachache problem.
  5. According to the doctor, eating onions increases the milk production in the mother's breasts and it is also beneficial for the mother. But after consuming excessive onion in pregnancy, the woman may have to face problems like burning sensation or sour reflux.

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Neural tube defects

Neural tube defects


Neural tube defects are birth defects of the brain or spinal cord. They are in the first month of pregnancy, often before a woman also knows that she is pregnant. The two most common neural tube defects are Bimerita and anencephaly. In the bimirettes, the fetal spinal column does not completely stop. There is usually nerve damage that causes at least some paralysis of the feet. In anencephaly, the brain and scalp are not the most developed. Children with anencephaly usually are either dead or die shortly after birth. Another type of defect, Chiari malformation, causes brain tissue to expand in the spinal canal. The exact reasons for neural tube defects are not known. You are at greater risk of having a baby with a neural tube defect if you are fat and have poorly controlled diabetes

👉Take some anti seizure medicines
👉Sufficient folic acid is a type of vitamin B that prevents most neural tube defects before and during pregnancy.

Neural tube defects are usually diagnosed by the first laboratory or imaging test, the baby is born. There is no cure for neural tube defects. The disadvantage of nerve damage and function is that present at birth are usually permanent. However, a variety of treatments can sometimes help prevent further damage and with complications.

Symptoms of the nerve tube defect

The following symptoms indicate the neural tube defect:

  1. Ear-ringing
  2. Dizziness
  3. Nausea
  4. Facial pain
  5. Muscle weakness
  6. Impaired reindeer reflex
  7. Difficulty swallowing
  8. Restless leg syndrome
  9. Sleep apnea
  10. Impaired coordination
  11. Gall bladder
  12. Abnormal flakes of hair
  13. Fat collection
  14. Small Dimples or Birthmarks
  15. It is possible that the nerve hose does not show any physical symptoms and is still present in a patient.
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Common causes of neural tube defects

The most common causes of the following nerve hose defects are:

  1. Difficulty concentrating
  2. Fatigue
  3. Muscle weakness
  4. Genetic factors
  5. Environmental risk factor
  6. Lack of folic acid
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Risk Factors of Nerve tube Fault

The possibility of nerve hose defects can increase in the following factors:

  1. Syringomyelia
  2. Family history of neural tube defects
  3. Fallet deficiency
  4. Using anti seizure drugs
  5. Women with diabetes
  6. Obesity

Prevention of nerve tube defect

Yes, it is possible to stop the nerve tube defect can be possible by reducing the following:

  1. Avoid the risk of hazardous chemicals
  2. Get the proper vitamins and nutrients in the diet
  3. Avoid alcohol consumption
  4. Get Folic Acid First In The Early Pregnancy Week
  5. If you are pregnant or planning for pregnancy, then eat a healthy diet

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Presence of nerve tube defect

Degree of Occurrence

The number of cases of neural tube defects seen throughout the world are as follows:

Rare between 10 - 50 cases

General age group

The most common nerve defects occur in the following age group:

Aged between 5-10 years

Laboratory tests and procedures for the diagnosis of nerve tube defects

The following laboratory tests and procedures are used to detect neural tube defects:

  1. Neurological examination: to check what is the response to different stimuli in different parts of the body
  2. Magnetic Resonance Imaging: To Create An Image Of The Brain And Spinal Cord
  3. Cine-MRI: To create an image of spinal cord flow
  4. Maternal Serum Alpha-Phaproprotein (MSAFP) Exam: Examining for Mylominococcus
  5. Blood test: To check the level of hormones
  6. Ultrasound: On screen for spina bifida

Doctor for diagnosing neural tube defects:

Patients should visit the following experts if they have symptoms of nerve hose:

  1. Pediatrician
  2. Neurosurgeon
  3. Nerve
  4. Eye disease
  5. Medical geneticist
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Problems of nerve tube disorders if not treated

Yes, the nerve tube disorders cause complications if it is not treated. 

The list below is of complications and problems that can arise from leaving the nerve defect in the untreated:

  1. Severe Hydrocephalus
  2. Can be fatal
  3. Physical and nervous problems
  4. Meningitis

Procedures for the treatment of nerve hose defects

The following procedures are used to treat neural tube defects:

  1. Surgery: Turn the meninges back into place and open in vertebrae
  2. Prenatal Surgery: Repairing the Backbone of the Child

Self care for neural tube defects

The following can be helpful in the treatment or management of the nerve hose defect due to changes in self-care or lifestyle changes:

  1. Get Folic Acid: Prevent the Impact of Spina Bifida
  2. Plan your pregnancy: Get a health diet to reduce the risk of birth defects

Patient support for the treatment of neural tube defects

The following actions can help patients with neural tube defects:

  1. Educational Intervention: Help Your Children to Learn for Learning Problems
  2. Encourage your children: Encourage children to participate in activities with their colleagues
  3. Support Group: Encourage children to join groups dealing with the same situation

What is the treatment?

Neural related problems or disorders are diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system. The central and peripheral nervous system comprises of the brain, spinal cord, cranial veins, nerve roots, peripheral nerves, autonomic nervous system, neuromuscular junction and muscles. Nervous disorders are usually due to viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic infections affecting the nervous system. Disorders include Alzheimer's disease and other dementia, epilepsy, cerebrovascular diseases such as migraine, stroke and other headache disorders. Other neurological problems include neurological disorders due to Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, neuroinfaction, brain tumor, traumatic disorders of the nervous system and malnutrition.

There are various types of treatment for different types of neurological problems. Medicines can be used verbally orally or intravenously. Surgery including device-based therapy such as deep brain stimulation, tumors, physical therapy and procedures for removing rehabilitation are also treatments that can be used to cure such disorders. Parkinson's Disease, Dysfunction, Movement Disorder Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis and Spasibility.

Sophisticated treatment strategies have been prepared for the treatment of many common sclerosis treatments, along with less common demilinetic disorders such as Neuromailitis Optica. Medicines can be used to reduce the risk of recurrence and to treat severe conditions such as cerebrovascular disease and stroke. Apart from this, there are different treatments for Neurodeaux, Epilepsy, Headache, Vestibular System, Cognitive Disorder and Neuromuscular Tumes. Other important treatments for neurological problems include brain mapping, cyber knife, deep brain stimulation and gamma knif.
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How is the treatment done?

Cognitive disorders are neurological problems that can occur in any person. There is no overlapping cause for cognitive impairment and therefore there is no ideal treatment or similar result for the person seeking the solution. However, medicines can be used to promote neurotransmitter levels so that patient education and memory abilities can be helpful.

Professional therapy is useful for teaching patients strategies so that they may be able to reduce the effect that cognitive impairment occurs on day-to-day activities. Reducing confusion and noise around the affected person will make it easy to reduce confusion and focus on tasks.

Brain tumours are used as brain mapping technique as much as possible when reducing the effect on important areas of the brain, which controls movement, speech and senses. Surgeons use 3-dimensional techniques to accurately target dissection to the smallest degree while operating on the brain. CyberKnife is one of the most advanced forms of radio-surgery that is used to successfully treat small and medium tumors within the brain and spinal cord and in the lungs, digestive tract and other parts of the body. This process cures all areas of tumor and the recovery is very immediate. It takes the help of a moving robot arm.

Gamma Knife is an advanced radiation therapy to treat small to medium brain tumors, abnormal blood vessel structures, epilepsy, trigeminal nerve and other nervous conditions.

Deep brain stimulation is an advanced form of brain surgery that was developed to treat Parkinson's disease. DBS works as a 'pacemaker' for the brain and uses implanted electrodes in the brain so that the electrical impulses in the brain connected to the disorder can be sent to different areas.

Who is eligible for treatment? (When is treated?)

A person diagnosed with a professional medical personnel, who is suffering from a neurological disorder, is eligible for treatment. One person may seek treatment for neurological disorders.
If he has to face some or all of the following physical symptoms: partial or complete paralysis, muscle weakness, complete loss of partial or sensation, difficulty in reading and writing, visits, bad cognitive abilities, vigilance and impaired pain has decreased.
Some physical manifestations that help you to understand whether you are eligible for treatment include: Headache, blurred vision, changes in behavior, restraint in feet and arms, changes in coordination or balance, weakness, shock and Nervousness in speaking

Who is not eligible for treatment?

Any person who has not been diagnosed with a neurological disorder has not been diagnosed by the doctor, he is not eligible for treatment. Neural related problems are complex and there are definite symptoms. Without any symptoms a person is not eligible.

Are there any side effects?

Some side effects of gamma knife surgery include nausea and vomiting, headache, dizziness, hair loss at the place where radiation was directed, softness where the screws or pins were kept and surrounding issues in the brain due to inflammation. It was also harmed.

There is no long-term side effects to treat neurological problems with brain-mapping process. However, in some short-term side-effects, irritability, changes in mood and appetite may be reduced.

Along with any other radiation treatment, side effects may be severe in some patients and may cause some permanent injuries or in some cases even death may occur.

Deep brain stimulation implantation site, headache, infection, can cause temporary pain on the tour and swelling and lead to confusion.
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What are the guidelines after treatment?

Nervous problems are such problems that affect the brain and spinal cord. Thus these problems can not be solved in the same orthodox fashion because our body may suffer other diseases. Whether you take medication or undergo surgery, it takes time to reduce these problems. In this way, it is better to take regular care of the doctor and take necessary precautions. In some cases people will have to take medicines throughout their life and require regular monitoring of their condition.

How long does it take to recover?

Gamma knife surgery has many side effects like headache, insertion and irritation at the point of nausea. These effects usually decrease within a few days. Some people feel tired for a few days but can be removed from adequate rest and balanced diet.

The diseases like 'Parkinsons' are gradually progressive cold cough disorders and the entire treatment is not possible.It is said that a person can die of Parkinson's disease and not from it. Cognitive disorders are also chronic diseases and patients usually have to be on medication and have to go for regular check-ups. It is thus difficult to understand how much time must be taken from the treatment of neural problems.

Are the results of treatment permanent?

Neurological disorders reduce some physical functions because they affect the brain and spinal cord. Permanent solution is almost never possible in such diseases. This is because brain cells and other nerve cells that are affected can not be returned. What are the necessary medicines or other forms of treatment to prevent the spread of these disorders and reduce symptoms?

For example, a person suffering from cognitive illness will never be completely free from its symptoms. Medicines will help him deal with symptoms, but they will not completely eliminate them.

What are the treatment options?

Clinical trials have been successful in providing alternative ways of treating neurological problems like Alzheimer's disease. Clinical trials can include behavioral interventions, exercises and physical therapies with the help of electromagnetic devices, acupuncture and surgery. Many of these clinical trials are based on the harmful effects of harmful proteins called amyloid-beta.This protein is present in the brain, which can interfere with the nervous system present in the nerve cells, which are involved in transmitting electrical or chemical signals to other nerve cells. Thus it can prove to be an effective alternative treatment.

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Home Remedies for Kidney Stones

Home Remedies for Kidney Stones

Home Remedies for Kidney Stones

Nowadays, when any disease can be taken by anybody, then it can not be estimated, but the stone is a disease that is becoming a victim of 1 member in every house. The Indian Medical Association (IMA) says that 13 percent of men and 7 percent of women have problem of kidney stones.
According to the IMA, by increasing the intake of fluid in the entire day reduced the risk of frequent kidney stones and there is no side effects. Research shows that people with kidney stones have a high risk of having chronic kidney disease.

There are following Home Remedies for Kidney Stones

Corn Hair or Corn Silk

You can cure kidney stones from corn hair or corn silk (corn) too. By using it you will get more urine. If this happens, the kidney stone will be released through small particles through urine. Corn hair will help you in pain too. Use Corn Hair to Boil With Water


Boil oregano with the water in the oven and keep taking it  throughout the day. If you have BP, then do not drink this juice. You can use celery as juice or by mixing it in vegetable.


Pomegranates contain antioxidants. This is the reason why it works to strengthen the immune system. Apart from this there are many other nutrients in pomegranate. This is why pomegranate is considered to be very beneficial for health. Pomegranate juice helps protect your body from water scarcity and gives natural relief in kidney stone


Rajma is an excellent source of magnesium, which helps in reducing symptoms associated with kidney stones. Baked rajma boosts the habit of passing urine. It is beneficial to eliminate the stone and to remove it through urine.


Apple vinegar

Apple juice and vinegar contain citric acid, which works to cut kidney stone into small particles. This can eliminate kidney stone from the root. It helps the kidneys to excrete toxic from the body. When taking apple vinegar, take full care of its volume. You can take it with two small spoons of hot water everyday. In many cases this kidney stone completely cures. Please consult your doctor before taking this.

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Roots of Dandelion

The roots of organic dandelion help to clean the kidney and perform kidney function smoothly. Not only this, it also acts as a tonic, which also increases the production of bile in addition to being one of the home remedies for kidney stones. It helps in passing urine and improves digestion. Apart from having vitamin A, B, C, D in the roots of Dandelion, there is also mineral like potassium, iron and zinc. If you want, then take it as juice or tea. If you make it fresh, then add orange peel, ginger and apple juice to it for the test. Drink 3 to 4 cups of the day.

Lemon juice and olive oil

So let us tell you how to repair without surgery Kidney Stone. You may find it a bit weird to hear lemon juice and olive oil, but it will prove to be a very effective home recipe. Combined with lemon and olive oil, you can get rid of this problem by prescribing it. If you want to repair the kidney stone without surgery, then you have to take this mixture everyday. The advantage of this drink will be that the lemon juice will serve the bite and it helps olive oil or olive oil to take it out, without any problem.

Drink plenty of water

Water is very important for us. You must have heard this fact that our body is 70 percent water. So understand how much water can prove to be helpful in removing any disease. Water keeps your body hydrated. Water is also helpful in fixing digestive system The more you drink the urine, the more toxic substance of the body will go out. Any common person should drink at least 7-8 glasses of water a day. And if you have a kidney stone then you drink more water than it will help to get rid of this stone

Kulthi Amrit medicine(Horse Gram)

Kulthi dal or gahhath pulse, work in the form of panacea for the calculus; Combine Kuli Dal / Gahuth well and wash it with lukewarm coconut in the warm water at night, drinking the water of empty stomach kuli in the morning will be immediately useful And after consuming a spoonful of wet spoonful of water, after consuming it with water, stone stone gradually decreases and goes out in 20 to 25 days with urine. Drink cottage water every day daily 4 times a day The healthy person should also take 2 to 3 times of calf dal and cloves in the month. The chances of stone stone stones from Kulthi are equal to number.

Bitter Gourd and Radish Salad / Karela Juice, Mooli Salad

Bitter gourd and radish lettuce prevents the formation of an acidic crystal in the wormwood. Magcium, phosphorus is present in abundance in bitter gourd and radish. Eat bananas after 1 hour of bitter gourd and salad intake. Barella, radish salad, banana kisar are helpful in reducing the stone.

Grain Water / Barley for Kidney Stones

If there is a stomach in the morning, it is possible to drink stones quickly after drinking barley water every morning. Put 200 grams of barley in 3 liters of water and give it to the night. Remove the water by filtering in the morning. And empty stomach in the morning, 15-20 minutes before lunch, drink barley water 10 minutes before bedtime. Barley water intake is beneficial in stone problem. Barley - Many healthy drinks are made from grains. Barley is no less than any medicine.

Hibiscus Powder used for Kidney Stone Treatment

It is not possible to remove stones without any medicines and appraises when the stone cheeks are in bladder. But with the help of Ayurvedic medicines, every kind of stone can be eradicated by reducing the appraisal of stones without roots.
If the stones are on the cheeks bladder, then take coconut flour powder half a teaspoon with warm water every morning with lukewarm water. And take 1 hour before bedtime. Do not drink anything for 4-5 hours after taking a flower. Gudhal's funk is very beneficial while sleeping at night. In just 20-25 days, cheek bladder stones decrease gradually. And stone may be destroyed. Gudhal flower funk for cheek bladder stones is considered a true medicine. Gooseberry, leaves are found in flower powder, Pansani, herb shop. Or you can order online

Kidha / Varun Tree Chaal, Gokharu Kadha

Grind 100 grams of bunting and gram of 100 grams of Varuna with fine griddle and prepare froth in light flame and drink fresh and fresh. The decoction of bunions and Varun bark is helpful in reducing the wormwood.

Stoneware Plant Dentistry / Miracle Pathar Chatta Leaf 

Pathar Chatta leaves are cheaper to bladder Stone is the absolute panacea. take 4-5 soft leaves continuously for 1 month  and mixing basil leaves and 8-10 spoons of juice in 1 liter of water twice a day, Stones will slowly falls out of the urine. Pathartchata leaves  intake is the perfect panacea for rapidly destroying the stone 

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Kidney Stones : What To Do? [14 steps]

Kidney Stones : What To Do? [14 steps]

Kidney Stones : What To Do? [14 steps]

Many people have become patients of Kidney Stone due to daily run and unforeseen lifestyles. There is no problem in stone, but when its pain arises it becomes unmanageable.
Although stones may have other causes of disease, but most of them are due to eating problems. When the salt and other minerals in the body come in contact with each other, then the stones begin to form. It has no fixed size. Many times they are so small that they go out with Urine but many times their size is shocking.
Kidney Stone is of many types, but the stone made of calcium is the most common. People in the 20s and 30s are most likely to be affected by this.

What Is Kidney Stone

After meeting calcium oxalate or other alkaline crystals in urine, gradually the hard substances form in the urethra, which are known as stones.

Kidney Stone Reasons

The symptoms of kidney stones are not always visible. If the stone is small then it can get out of the urine by itself without pain, although, due to large stones, it can block the flow of urine, which can cause many types of painful symptoms, which can also be very common.

But many people are likely having the problem of kidney stone due to the following reasons:

  1. Habit of drinking less water
  2. Hereditary calculus
  3. Frequent urinary tract infection
  4. Obstruction of the urethra
  5. To consume more vitamins 'C' or calcium-containing drugs
  6. Prolonged
  7. Hyperparathyroidism

Symptoms of kidney stone

Normally, appendicitis is seen in at 30 to 40 years of age and more than three to four times in men.
Many times the diagnosis of stones becomes unintentional. These patients do not see any symptoms of stone becoming. It is called "Salient Stone".
There are following symptoms-

  1. There is constant pain in the back and stomach.
  2. Vomiting
  3. Burning in urine
  4. Blood in the urine
  5. Repeated infection of urine
  6. Sudden abnormal urination
  7. The main reason for having red piss with stomachache is stone.

Specific symptoms of stone pain

  1. The calculus of stone is based on the location, shape, type, and length-width of the stone.
  2. The pain in the stomach suddenly starts. During this pain, the stars start appearing in the day ie the pain is very intolerable.
  3. The pain of kidney stone starts from the waist and comes forward to the pelvis.
  4. The pain of bladder stones occurs in the place of pelvic and urine.
  5. The pain increases when it starts moving or walking on the road in a rugged way.
  6. This pain usually lasts for hours. Gradually decreases itself in the left.
  7. Most patients have to go to the doctor because this pain is very high, and medication or injection is needed to reduce the pain.

What to avoid in kidney stone

Too much protein can be dangerous:- If you know you have a kidney stone then adjust the amount of protein in your diet. Avoid eating too much fish and meat in such a situation.

Avoid too much sodium:- If there is a lot of sodium in your diet then it can prove to be dangerous for you. Junk food, canned food and lots of salt should be made with intake.

Avoiding oxalate intake:- If you are complaining about stones, do not take excessive consumption of such things at a cost that contains the amount of Oxalate . Oxalate is found in sufficient quantity in spinach, whole grains etc. Avoid eating them.

Excessive consumption of Vitamin C:- Stone is also made from excessive intake of vitamin C. Regular use of Vitamin C reduces the risk of becoming a stone.

Avoid these vegetables:- Along with these nutrients, there are some vegetables which can be grown due to seed stone. Tomato cultivation, eggplant seeds, raw rice, urad and gram more intake increases the problem of stone.

Cold-drinks should be avoided:- On the one hand, when the problems of stone are advised to drink more and more water, then in such a situation, try to avoid cold drink. The phosphoric acid contained in it enhances the risk of stone.

What to eat during Kidney Stone

  1. Take fluid (especially water) in excess quantity.
  2. Eat lemon juice.
  3. Eat a diet rich in fibre.
  4. Eat whole grains bread
  5. Eat porridge.
  6. Take pasta.
  7. Eat biscuits.

Prevention of kidney stone

Drink lots of water

  1. Water and fluid should be taken daily in 3 litres or more than 12 to 14 glasses of water.
  2. This is the most important way to prevent stones from becoming formed.
  3. To stop the formation of stones, the total amount of daily water is more important than the quality of drinking water.
  4. How much water has been poured in order to prevent stones from being formed, it is also important. Drink more water than two litres per day, so much water should be drunk.
  5. If urine emerges like water all day, then it means that the water has been taken in sufficient quantity. Pigletous urine indicates that the water is taken in small quantities.
  6. Apart from water, other beverages like coconut water, barley water, syrup, diluted whey, non-salted soda, lemon etc. should be consumed much.
  7. During a particular time of day the urine becomes less and the pig (thick) becomes. At this time, due to the high amount of alkali in urine, the process of forming stones becomes very early, which is very important to stop. Without stopping to become stones, forget it.
  8. During three hours after meals
  9. Immediately after working hard
  10. It is very important to get two glasses or more water in the middle of the night before and after midnight.

Diet control

  1. Keeping in mind the type of calculus, keeping all vigilance and abstinence in food helps in preventing stones from forming.
  2. Eat less salt in the food and should not eat more saltied coughs like saline, papad, pickle. This is a very important suggestion for preventing the formation of stones. Unfortunately most patients are unaware of this suggestion.
  3. The use of lemonade, coconut water, coconut juice, granulation juice, carrots, curries, tomatoes without seeds, bananas, barley, oats, almonds etc. help in preventing stones from becoming formed. Therefore, it is advisable to take more quantity.
  4. Vitamin 'C' should not be taken in much quantity (4 grams or more).

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13 [Instant Relief] Home Remedies For Back Pain

13 [Instant Relief] Home Remedies For Back Pain


Waist Pain is a serious subject in physical problems, because of that you feel very painful in doing many tasks. If the problem is serious, then it is important to treat it seriously, otherwise this pain may prove to be fatal for you. Before taking the remedy you should know what is the ultimate reason for back pain.
13 [Instant Relief] Home Remedies For Back Pain
Pain due to some type of injury or exercise is understandable, but if for some reason you are experiencing frequent pain in your waist, then know the reason for it and get treatment immediately.

  1. Your sleep position or position in sleep may sometimes cause a back pain. If you think the reason for back pain is your sleeping position, then be alert for it.
  2. What you sleep on, this is also very important. If you sleep on a thick soft mattress, which is quite spongy, it can cause your back pain. Try that the mattress is a bit rigid, which is cooperative for the back and waist.
  3. Taking excessive stress is also one of the reasons for back pain. Actually, taking excessive stress affects your brain as well as the nervous system and can cause pain in the spinal cord.
  4. Excessive accumulation of fat often causes pain in your muscles, which persists continuously. For this, it is necessary to reduce the fat deposits ie obesity. [25 magical weight loss tips]
  5. Being weak of bones is also a major cause of back pain. It is extremely important for some bones to be strong and to include the right diet in daily routine. Calcium intake is essential for bones.

What to do

  1. Walk regularly
  2. Do not sit over stool or chair for longer periods of time.
  3. Do not steal from physical labour. Muscle strength is confirmed by labour.
  4. Push and keep heavy stuff instead of holding it.
  5. Always kneel down and sit down.
  6. Contain body weight.

Home remedies to avoid back pain

There are following Home Remedies for back pain

  1. Heat every 3-4 buds of garlic in a mustard oil or coconut oil every morning, after cooling, massage the waist with this oil. Put a towel in hot water, add squeezed salt and squeeze it. After this lie down on the belly. Take the steam from the towel instead of the pain. This is an absolute remedy to provide relief from back pain.Add two-three spoonful of salt to it and mix it well. Make this salt bundle in a thick cotton fabric. Even compressing this hose on the waist gives relief from pain.
  2. Heat the garlic with three-four kaliyas (until the garlic buds become black) in the mustard or coconut oil every morning. Massage the waist with this oil on cooling
  3. Squeeze the hot water and add a towel and squeeze it. After this lie down on the belly. Take the steam from the towel instead of the pain. This is an absolute remedy to provide relief from back pain.
  4. Avoid soft padded seats. The patients of waist pain should sleep slightly by lying on the bed.
  5. Yoga also benefits in back pain. Bhujjasana, Shalbhasan, Halasan, Uthanapadasan, respiration etc. are some such yogaas that bring great benefits in the back pain. Yoga of Waist Pain should be done only in the care of Yoga Guru.
  6. The seat should be strict at the time of driving the car, keep the pusher seating right and tighten the seat belt while driving the car.
  7. Do not sit back while doing work in the office. Lay your back on the chair in such a way that it is always straightforward. To keep the neck straight, in the chair can be applied by turning the thick towel backwards.
  8. Add two-three spoonful of salt to it and mix it well. Make this salt bundle in a thick cotton fabric. Even compressing this hose on the waist gives relief from pain.
  9. Bake celery on low flame on the pan. Swallow slowly while chewing and swallowing Its regular intake provides benefits in lower back pain.
  10. Do not work in the same position for a long time. Wake up every forty minutes in your chair and walk a little while.
  11. Bones are weak even with low calcium intake, so eat calcium content.
  12. Exercise should also be done for waist pain. Walking, swimming or bicycling are safe exercises. While swimming, weight reduces, it is also beneficial for the waist. While biking, the waist should be kept straight. By exercising muscles will gain strength and weight will not increase.
  13. When lifting heavy weight in the waist pain or lifting any thing from the ground, do not bend the waist, but bend the knees first and bend down and when the object goes down to the object, lift it and stand straightening the knee.
By adopting all these measures, you can also get some relief from the back pain.

For instant relief apply following tricks

Comfrey Compress

Talking about the combination of camphire, Doctor says that this drug works very fast. This method is an ancient treatment method in which a stitched bag is planted directly on a portion of the plants or medicines, which is needed for treatment.

While doing this treatment, you should take a muslin cloth and put it on the layer of the complimentary notice. The drug gets 5-20% of the medication in the form of cream, polytri and lip. This element is made by mixing with dried or fresh leaves. Due to its therapeutic strength, the caffeine can be wounded, cut and injured on muscles or ligaments.

Supine Stretch

According to Doctors, there is more pressure on the spinal cord compared to sitting at the time of sitting. They say that a normal person is sitting 50-60 hours a week, which is a major reason for back pain. They say that there is pain due to excessive pressure on the spinal cord. Due to continuous sitting, blood circulation in the disc decreases between the vertebrae. IIt seems to be painful. This reduces the water in the disk in the end and there is a clutter in it. And when the person turns on due to this closeness, then there is a risk of injury to his spinal cord.

To avoid waist pain and to make the spinal cord more flexible, doctors recommend stretching. They say that stretching regularly helps keep the spinal cord flexibility necessary. If your spinal cord works properly then your life is also healthy. Therefore, we must take every necessary step to protect the spinal cord from any type of problem.

Devil's Claw

Doctor says that it is extremely helpful in removing lower back pain. It is found in the form of supplements and is used to reduce inflammation. The ligaments of the pelvic area are usually broken down, due to which there may be pain in the lower back. Doctor  says that until the pain is removed, the devil clove can be taken up to 100 mg of the day.

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home remedies to treat every pain

Home remedies to treat every pain


Pain definition

Pain is a general sense in the nervous system that begins with alerting you to any potential injury and care for you. Typically severe pain is caused by sudden illness, fire, or tissue injuries. 
Pain is an unpleasant experience. Its experience is sometimes caused by an injury, stumbling, hitting someone, salt or iodine in a wound. [1] According to the Pain definition given by the International Pain Research Association, "An unpleasant sensory and emotional experience is real or potential Is related to tissue-loss; or can be described in reference to such a loss - pain is called "[2]

Classifications of pain

There are following classifications of Pain which is according to the causes of pain or according to symptoms. The fundamental classification of pain is based on the periods of pain;

  1. Acute pen (short term and severe pain)
  2. Chronic Pain (Chronic Pain)

Short term and severe pain

The symptoms of short-term pain are as follows:

  1. Its period is short.
  2. The diagnosis and prediction of its disease can be predicted.
  3. Painkillers are often used for medicine.
  4. Usually, after treatment the pain is cured.

Chronic pain

👉Chronic pain can remain continuously or may be repeated. (Can last for months or years).
👉It is often caused by a chronic illness and may be one of the symptoms of that disease.
👉It can not be predicted and often the identity of the disease is not ensured.
👉In practice, many methods are commonly used in conjunction.
👉Often, after the recovery of the disease or the treatment is complete, there may be another pain.

Examples of chronic pains

  1. Pain in the lower part of the waist
  2. Arthritis pain
  3. Fibromyalgia
  4. Migraine
  5. Cancer pains
  6. Neuropathic pain (trigeminal neuralgia, diabetic neuropathy, phantom limb pen, post herpetic neuralgia).

Difference between acute pain and chronic pain

The biggest difference in the acute pain and the chronic pain is that the acute pain is protective and after completion of the disease it becomes completely freed, while the chronic pain often does not go away even after the end of the disease and it usually has no benefit . In addition, the Chronic Pain affects the quality of a person's life to a great extent.

Home remedies for pain

While working, we engage in intestines that forget about paying attention to their health. Then they sit next to the pain of different organs of the body. Due to the pain of pain in every part of the body, we may also have bad habit of changing living and eating habits. In this case, people use a variety of pen-killers but they also get addicted to it.

If you are also often troubled by the pain of different organs of the body, then today we will tell you some home remedies, which will prove to be effective in relieving every pain.

Waist Pain

Complaint of waist pain is more in women than men. In the morning, after adding 3-4 buds of garlic in a mustard oil or coconut oil, heat it. Massage the waist with this oil on cooling. 
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Joint pain

Joint pain is not only great but also very young people. If you too often get bothered by joint pain then cook 10 grams of garlic in 100 grams of water and 100 grams milk. Drinking this  will remove the pain of joint.
31 ways to trear joint pain easily [tested]

Heel pain

Adolescence begins to suffer from long-lasting feet. To remove the pain of heel, add rock salt in hot water and dip the legs for 15-20 minutes. Then massage your heels with oil.


Headache can be due to any reason. Try to avoid medicines and try a domestic prescription. Mix lemon juice in ginger juice and drink it 1-2 times a day. This will avoid headaches.
Also there are following other methods-
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2- 25 [instant relief] home remedies for headache
3- 20 ways to get rid of migraine

Neck pain

Keeping the neck in a single position consistently complains of pain. In such a way, it becomes difficult to turn neck. In this way massage the neck by adding clove oil to the mustard oil.

Stomach pain

Complaint of abdominal pain often keeps people In such a situation, it becomes difficult to eat and drink. If you are also troubled with stomach pain, put 1 small piece of ginger in the mouth and suck the juice. This will improve the stomach pain immediately.