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31 Easy ways to treat joint pain quickly[Tested]

31 Easy ways to treat joint pain quickly[Tested]

Today we talk about severe knee joint pain or joint inflammation (arthritis). This article contains best and tested home remedies/ natural care for joint pain (arthritis) treatment like natural magical paste, foods, drinks, etc which helps in healing of joint pain. We will discuss joint pain relief supplements, ayurveda remedies and yoga for joint pains. Also we will discuss about cause and precaution for joint pain. we write this article 31 Easy ways to treat joint pain quickly after a huge research that's why it contains all the points related to the cause and treatment of joint pain.

Joint pain is a very difficult situation in our life Ninety percent of people are troubled by knee pain today. The disease of joint pain starts. When the amount of uric acid in the body increases, the particles of uric acid begin to accumulate in the joint of the body, resulting the pain in the joint. This pain is very severe and it is difficult to endure. When you wake up in the pain of arthritis in the morning, you feel tightness in the joint in which you are not able to move easily. You feel Light pain throughout the day and severe pain in the night.

Article contains:-

💁What is arthritis?
💁Knee pain.
💁Does weight loss helps in knee pain?
💁Food to avoid in joint pain.
💁Home remedies for joint pain
👌Magic paste for joint pain
👌Magical oil massage for joint pain
👌Magical drinks for joint pain
👌Magical food for joint pains
💁Natural treatment for joint pain
💁Acupressure treatment for joint pain
💁Exercise for joint pain
💁Yoga for joint pain
💁Aurvedic Treatment for joint pain

joint pain

What is arthritis?

[its better to understand the problem]

Arthritis occurs when there is swelling in the joints of the body or say that when the cartilage (gentle bone) is dissolved in the joints. The joints of the body are such places where two or more bones get together like each other, such as hip or knee. Cartilage is like a mattress in the joints which protects them with pressure and facilitates the activity. When the cartilage breaks in any joint, your bones rub with each other, causing pain, swelling and cramps.
The most common type of arthritis is arthritis of the bone. In this type of arthritis, in the long-term use or in the case of aging of the person, the joints are added. This type of arthritis also results in injury to the joints. Arthritis of the bone is often in the knees, hips and hands. Pain and obesity begin in the joints. From time to time there is tension in the surrounding tissues of joints and pain increases.
Arthritis is a long-lasting joint condition, which usually affects body parts such as knees, hip, spinal cord and feet. Due to this there is a lot of pain in the joints, stiffness and limited activity of joints. Over time, arthritis gets worse. If it is not treated, then the person's life can be significantly affected by knee arthritis.
Persons with arthritis can not be able to carry out their daily activities and even simple tasks such as walking are difficult. In these cases, the doctor may ask for surgery to replace the damaged knee.

Knee Pain: -

We have seen many elderly people suffering from knee pain. They do not get any relief even after taking medicines day by day. There is a lot of trouble in walking around and at the same time folding knees, difficulty sitting and sitting. Sometimes they may feel so much pain that they can not even sleep properly and they also come to sleep in their knees. With age, bone disease increases.

There are three main causes of knee pain. 
  1. Weight
  2. Synovial fluid
  3. Excessive physical activity

  • Weight:-

Weight is also the reason for knee pain.
Read it in detail 
  1. Heavy Weight
  2. Low Weight 

  • Synovial fluid:-

Synovial fluid is a fluid that makes the movements of joints. Due to lack of synovial fluids bones start rubbing each other and pain begins to occur.

  • Excessive physical activity:-

If you have been a sportsman like races, football, hockey etc. or you have more trademil or cycling than you need in the gym then you may have trouble.

A study printed within the yankee Journal of medical specialty found that men United Nations agency play sports that need quick acceleration, fastness and rotation have a four- five times bigger risk of developing degenerative joint disease compared to lower impact sports.

Does Weight Loss helps in knee pain?

{👸A million Dollar question}
It has been observed that with increasing weight in obese people, the risk of developing arthritis increases with joints (especially the weight bearing joint). Therefore, it is important that obese people should either take appropriate steps to control or reduce their weight.People with obesity / overweight with arthritis are weighing about 1 pounds (0.45 kg) in weight, 4x less weight in the knee. Thus, weight loss helps in reducing stretch on the joint, loss of pain and delay in the progression of arthritis.

Food to avoid in joint pain:-

{💀 Read carefully}
According to Arthritis Foundation blog there are some food ingredients which we should avoid in joint pains. These food ingredients increase inflammation. 
These food ingredients are –

  1. Fats
  2. Sugar
  3. Alcohol and Tobacco 


Fats are not good in arthritis. We divide these fats into two categories 

  1. Fats to take in limit 
  2. Fats to avoid 

Fats to take in limit:- 

  • Saturated fats :-

According to Christine McKinney, RD, a clinical dietitian at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, person should not take more than 20 gram of saturated fat. He said that little bit intake of coconut oil as a saturated fat is ok. Basically saturated fat is found in butter, meat and cheese. 

Fats to avoid:-

  • Trans fats:- 

Trans fats are available in beef and dairy products in a small amount but mostly trans fat are created by adding hydrogen to vegetables oil. You can find trans fats in commercial baked and fried foods. According to Cindy Moore, a dietitian and nutrition therapy director at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation there are two types of cholesterol good cholesterol (HDL)and bad cholesterol (LDL). LDL level is increased by both fats but trans fat is more dangerous because it decrease the level of HDL also. 

💁Summary- avoid fried and process foods. 


According to Arthritis Foundation blog high intake of sugar can increase the inflammation so you should avoid candies, processed foods, white flour baked goods, and sodas.

Dairy products:- 

The type of protein available in dairy products can increase the arthiritis pain. 

Alcohol and tobacco :-

According to Dr Karen Costenbader, MD, MPH, a rheumatologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Alcohol can increase the chances of gout. While tobacco increase the chances of rheumatoid arthritis.

Home remedies for joint pain

Magical Paste: - 

There are some magical pastes which are very beneficial in joint pains. These are-

🅧Turmeric and chilli are more beneficial in removing pain. Heat turmeric and chili together for a while, then keep that coating on the joint.After some time the pain will get relief. Do this process twice a day.
🅧One Tablespoon turmeric powder, one teaspoon of powdered sugar, or bura or honey, one pinch of lime. Put this red thick paste on your knees before sleeping. 
🅧Take 1 teaspoon of dry powder and mix some mustard oil in it. Make a thick paste by mixing it well. Apply it on your knees. You can use it anytime of day or night. Wash it after few hours. By using this, you will get relief in knee pain very quickly.
🅧Mix sesame oil in a small spoon of dry powder and make paste. Leave this paste on the area of pain or sprain for 3 hours. Using this coating for 1 week will give you relief from pain.
🅧Boil the bark of the blackberry tree and use this paste on joints, gives relief in pain.

According to the report of general of alternative and complementary medicine published on 2009 the researchers compare the properties of turmeric with ibruphane.

Magical oil massage:-

Garlic mustard oil:-

Fry 3 to 4 garlic buds in 1 teaspoon mustard oil. A gentle massage relieves the pain.

Coconut oil:-

The major advantages of coconut oil is that coconut oil does not only make your hair strong, but it also helps to strengthen many parts of your body. If you massage your body with coconut oil then you will get rid of the pain. 

Black pepper and til oil:-

Roast the black pepper in a til oil Applying on cold to joint gives relief in joint pain.

Olive oil:-

Massage of olive oil gets relief in arthritis.

Apple cider vinegar and mustard oil:-

Add mustard oil to apple cider vinegar and combine it.

Magical Drinks:-

There are some drinks which helps in joint pains. These are-

Drink one:-

Four to five almonds, five to six whole black pepper, ten muffins, six to seven walnuts. Mix all these ingredients together and drink with warm milk. By using this daily for some days you will get relief in knee pain .

Drink two:-

Mix a spoonful of turmeric powder in a glass of milk. Drink it twice a day, it works as a natural painkiller. 

Drink three:-

Arthritis can be cured by drinking empty stomach juice of half a cup of fresh potato in the morning. Do not drink anything after 2 hours of drinking tea. 

Drink four:-

Drinking 10 grams of garlic with 100 grams of milk provides relief. 

Drink Five:-

Drink one teaspoon cinnamon powder and two grams of honey twice a day with lukewarm water and get relief from pain in one month.

Drink Six:-

Drink coconut milk 2 tablespoon apple cyder vinegar mix in 2 glasses of water and drink slowly.

Magical foods:-

🅐Dates are a good natural source of vitamin A, B, C, iron and phosphorus. Therefore, the date is very effective for the pain of all types of joints, including knee pain. Soak 7-8 dates in a cup of water overnight. Eat these dates empty stomach and drink the water in which the dates were soaked. By doing this your knee muscles will be strong and you will get relief in pain.

🅑Combine lemon juice with carrot. Consume it daily, it strengthens the joint's ligaments and provides relief from pain.

🅒Eat the mixture of  4 to 5 soft leaves of urad and  black salt together and get relief in joint pain.

🅓add 10 to 15 walnuts in the water at  night and eat it empty stomach in the morning. Arthritis can be cured by rooting for 2 months continuously

🅔Soak 1 teaspoon of fenugreek (methi) seeds in water for overnight and it by chewing fenugreek seeds in the morning. It provides relief in pain.

🅕Take equal quantity of wheat grains, 1 cup of curd or water in  every morning for 3 months, any arthritis can be cured.

Natural treatment 

👉The best source of vitamin D is sunlight from sun, which gives you vitamin D which is more beneficial for bones.
👉Drink 4 to 6 litres of water daily which relives uric acid with urine.
👉Wrap the ice in a cloth apply it on joint for 10 to 20 minutes. it increase the blood flow and give relief in pain and inflammation.
👉Mix Apple cider vinegar in 2 cup hot water and apply gently on  knee joint in the bucket.


Use Acupressure ring for acupressure middle finger and ring finger  for three minutes, three times a day.


👉Practice regular anulom vilom  and kapalabhati pranayama. Make sure to follow the gradual and at least do it hundred times.
👉Walk for at least 2-3 kilometers daily.


Daily yoga of Surya Namaskar and Pranayama can get rid of the pain of Joint

Ayurvedic treatment

Adding powder of Ashgandha, asparagus and amlike with water in the morning gives strength to the joint.

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