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25 [Instant Relief] Home Remedies for Headache

25 [Instant Relief] Home Remedies for Headache

Headache is a common thing in today's race-filled life. People of every age often complain about it. They also take various types of medicines for this. Many times people also spend a lot of money to get rid of headache. Such people may not know that headaches can be cured easily through home remedies.

Home Remedies for Headache

Sometimes headache is started in the office, it is done by sitting in front of a computer. So those who do not have a pill for a headache, either drink tea or coffee or take a break from work and get out for a while. But there are many other home remedies that you can try. Let us tell you some home remedies for headache.

Cinnamon Powder Paste

The best way to get rid of headache is to make powder by grinding cinnamon. Now mix it in water and prepare the paste. Applying this paste on the head will give you instant relief.

Coriander and sugar solution

You can also get rid of headache by drinking coriander, sugar and water solution. If your headache is due to grief, this treatment will prove to be very effective.

Almond Oil Massage

Almond oil is also very effective in getting rid of headache. Headache relief from almond oil for about 15 minutes, relief from headache.

Eat leaf of PAN

Pan is known for its painful properties. It also gives headache relief quite quickly. You can take some paan leaves and make a paste. When you put it on your frontal headache will be very relaxing.

Sleep well

The biggest reason behind headache is that people do not sleep properly. So if you want to get rid of headache, definitely get a good sleep. Even if you sleep for 6 hours you will not even have to complain of headaches.

Cucumber smell

Snacking cucumber in the headache and smoothing on the head gives relief immediately.

Peppermint oil frees snuffed headache

the use of mint oil will shake away your headache. If you are upset with the headache, then put some drops of mint oil on your napkin or on the wrist and smell it. This oil will also free you from stress.

Hot masala tea

This is a panacea for headaches which can be easily tried in the home. On the basis of its properties, it is a stimulant beverage which alerts the brain by running away from sleep. If you are making tea to disappear, then add cloves and cardamom to ginger with a little bit of it.


Acupuncture is very beneficial to cure headache and migraine. Press the jawbone point to remove headache.

Gourd [lauki]

Applying gourd pulp on the head gives instant relief in the headache.

Avoid eating too much paneer

If you are suffering from headaches, then keep cheese, chocolate and mutton away from your diet. Instead, you eat such things as Vitamin C, D and B12 as well as protein and calcium. Include green leafy vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower and fenugreek in your diet. Also avoid avoiding junk food outside.

Drink coriander, cumin and ginger juice

Drink coriander leaves, cumin and ginger tea. This gives relief from headache faster than it is. Take a little hot water and put these three in it and boil for five minutes. For good results, drink it at least twice a day.

Eat apples

When you wake up in the morning, eat salt on apple. After this, drink hot water or milk. If you do this for 10 consecutive days, you will find that the problem of headaches has ended.

Put your feet in hot water

There is another way to get rid of headache. Sit down on the chair and keep your feet in hot water. Do this for at least 15 minutes before sleeping. If you are struggling with a permanent headache, do it for at least two to three weeks.

Drink garlic [lahsun] juice

Take some pieces of garlic and extract the squeezed juice. Remove and drink at least one spoon juice. Actually garlic works as a pancake, which relieves headache.

Massage with coconut oil

Massage of coconut oil by 10-15 minutes will also give you relief from headache. If you are battling headaches in the summer, then this recipe will work effectively. It cools the head and reduces pain.

Apply sandalwood

Prepare a paste of water with a little sandalwood. Now place this paste on your frontal. Your headache will be completely cured.

Drink hot milk

To get rid of headache, drink cow's hot milk. Also, if you are suffering from headache, add ghee to your diet.

Eucalyptus oil to massage

Another good way to get rid of headaches is to massage with eucalyptus oil. This oil has the properties of pain relief and it reaches comfort immediately.

Fresh lime and hot water solution

Take hot water in a glass and drink lemon juice and drink it. This will relieve you of headache. Many times a gas stomach also causes headache. This home remedy makes it easy to cure such headaches. Drinking lemonade not only removes the problem of gas, but also give relief in headache.

Cloves and salt paste

This is an effective treatment for headache. For this, you have to make cloves powder and salt paste. Then mix this paste in milk and drink it. Hygroscopic properties are found in the salt, so that it absorbs all matter matter present in the head. As a result, you get relief from headache.

Basil leaves

You have often seen people drink tea or coffee after headaches. Once the basil leaves are cooked in water and eat it. It is more effective and beneficial than any tea and coffee.

Black Pepper and Mint Tea

Eating black pepper and mint tea in the headache is also very beneficial. If you want, you can also take some mint leaves of black tea.

Cinnamon Powder Paste

Cinnamon powder paste to get relief from headache is a good treatment. Make powder by grinding cinnamon for use and then mix it with water and make paste. Now place this paste on the head. This will give you instant relief from headaches.

Willow bark

Willow Bark gets a lot of relief from headache. Hence this herb is also used in aspirin supplements. If you drink tea after mixing peppermint, cammamile and willow bark, you get relief in headache immediately.

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