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Yes! you can prevent headache

Yes! you can prevent headache


Headache is the state of pain on the head, neck or sometimes the upper part of the back. This is the most common problem, which occurs in some individuals repeatedly. There is usually no serious cause of headache, so it can be overcome by learning ways of lifestyle changes and relaxation so you can prevent headache. Apart from this, there are some home remedies, which can get relief from headache.

Reason of headache

Headache is only a symptom, not a disease. There are many reasons for this, such as from ordinary anxiety to lethal brain tumor. The description of more than 100 reasons for this is not possible here, but the reasons for this are mentioned in the following groups:

Reason of headache in internal carotid artery -

👉 Brain disorders - Tumor, boils, meningitis and cerebral palsy;
👉Tannicular diseases - tonsotitis, tumor, cyst, and haematoma (hematoma)
👉Diseases of blood vessels - Hemorrhoids, blood clots, thrombosis and blood vessel circulation (aneurism), arterial sclerosis etc.

Reason of headache in external carotid artery -

👉Cervical tuberculosis, muscular arthritis and tertiary analogy;
👉Eyeballtermoma, abscess, glauscoma, eye shingles, and weakness of vision;
👉Dental diseases - boils and osteoporosis, Cervical boils, tumors and inflammation;
👉Ontology - boils and edema;
👉Nasal disease - seepage of polyp and nasal septum and
👉Throat diseases - Dementia, tonsil disease, adenoid and polyps.

Poisonous headache -

👉Exogenous toxin-toxic gas, closed-room environment, gas of gas, coal gas, chloroform, ether and medicines, such as quinine, aspirin, opium, tobacco, alcohol, excessive vitamin D, lead poison, food poison and allergy;
👉Endogenous toxin: Blood cell poisoning, blood poisoning, diabetes, arthritis, constipation, indigestion, liver disease, malaria, typhoid, typhus influenza, boils, fungus and carbuncle.

The causative cause of the headache -

  1. High blood pressure - Arterial sclerosis and kidney disease;
  2. Low stress - Anemia and cardiovascular disease;
  3. Mental stress - The struggle of the inner, animate and unconscious mind
  4. Excessive pressure on the head;
  5. excessive noise;
  6. Strain the eyes from huge film;
  7. Long journey (motor, train, air travel);
  8. Sunstroke;
  9. Hysteria;
  10. Epilepsy;
  11. Nerve colic
  12. Menopause
  13. Head injury and
  14. Migraine (semi-head: pain).

There are many assumptions about the origin of the herpes. The brain is not sensitive for its own injury, but the membranes or tannins around it are extremely sensitive. It produces pain due to any irritation, such as inflammation, stretch, tension, deformity or dispersion. The pain caused by excessive stress of the eye and crotch muscles.

Other reasons for headache:-

👉 Stretch in muscles: Usually scalp muscles cause headache due to stretch.
👉 Physical stress: Working hard for a long time and sitting in front of the desk or computer can make headcake for hours.
👉 Emotional stress and genetic reasons: There may be headaches due to bad mood or delay thinking about something. Genetic causes for headache are also up to 20 percent. For example, if a person has a migraine in someone's family, then he may be also.
👉 Sleep is not complete: Due to lack of sleep, the entire nervous system is affected and the brain is stretched in the muscles, causing headaches. Apart from this, many times when you do not eat food, there is a lack of glucose in the body or gas becomes in the stomach, which can lead to headache.
👉Alcohol: The excessive alcohol consumption can lead to headache.
👉 Disease: Other problems such as the eyes, ears, nose and throat problems can also give headache.
👉Environmental Factor: These factors are also responsible for high headache, for example, the cause of carbon monoxide headache caused by the engine of the vehicle can be caused.

Types of headache

Headache can be of several types:
  1. Dizziness is due to inflammation of the scalp. This pain increases by moving the head, bending, coughing, hard work, sexual stimulation, alcoholism, apprehension, rheumodharma etc.
  2. Vibration is caused due to the absence of excessive stomach or dilation of the artery inside the crotch. This reduces the pain of lying and increases by walking.
  3. Impulsive - due to neuralgia, impaired pain. This pain comes from shock and goes away.
  4. Rhythmic - This kind of pain is caused by the spread of the artery of the brain, arteriosclerosis and superstructural stress.
  5. Penetrative - Hysteria knows as if someone is piercing a crotch.
  6. Constant - This is caused by tumor, syst, blood vessels and tonsillitis.

Headache on the basis of the location, time, type and other symptoms and signs of the limbs: Diagnosis of the cause of pain or disease is diagnosed.

Typically the headaches are of four types:
  1. Migraine,
  2. Tension headache (stretch in the muscles),
  3. Tumor headache and
  4. Sinus headache

Prevention from headache

  1. Take a lot of sleep: Take at least 6-8 hours of sleep at night and sleep - try to keep the waking schedules uniform.
  2. Do not take tension: Instead of taking the tension of being in the forefront of life, put a habit of living normally with competitiveness and support Yoga, Meditation, Hobby classes, games etc. to reduce tension.
  3. Exercise: The role of exercise in the prevention of headache is very important, because it causes endorphin in the body, which acts as a natural painkiller for the body.
  4. Avoid smoking and alcohol: smoking affects blood vessels and blood circulation, so that blood circulation in the muscles is not done properly and there is a strong headache. Take alcohol low. Also, to avoid dehydration, drink plenty of water after drinking.
  5. Liquid is important: There is also a lot of headache due to dehydration. Minor headache can be stopped by taking plenty of water and other healthy liquids.
  6. Stretch neck: Do not forget to stretch the rest of your neck and body slightly - for a while, especially if you work late on a desk, computer or laptop.
  7. Eat Good: The chemistry of the brain is affected by what you eat and it can also change the size of the blood vessels. Not only this, some foods may also be allergic to some special foods, which can cause headaches
  8. Avoid taking too much caffeine: To avoid stress of work, people drink more tea, coffee etc., which contain caffeine. Taking excess caffeine increases the risk of headache.
  9. Do not eat too much medicine: Take a painkiller can also be a cause for headache, because even after having a little pain, taking the painkiller gets the habit of the body. By doing this for two to three months continuously, the headache comes back and does not go until the painkiller is taken.

Treatment of headache

First of all, the patient should search the cause of the headache and proper treatment should be done. Relaxation is essential. Some medicines are used for simple headache such as aspirin, soda-salicylas, novelgeni, ergapirin etc. Dip of pithidine or morphia can be given for acute headaches.

For normal headache, fill in the vial with equal amount of lime and naushadar and mix well. Take a pinch and smell when there is a headache. 

Wrap the snow in a cloth and put it on the head, gives relief too but do not do this in the cold or cold headache. 


Migraines usually have half-headed pain and may also have nausea or vomiting during headache. It has to be taken according to its frequency. For example, if you have more than two to three times a month, take medicines with doctor's advice. The rest can follow the measures written below.

Ayurveda Treatment for Migraine

Make one of the steps:

- Adding the godanti bhasm and the juice of Shirushulavirini will give you relief for a while, but do the whole treatment with the consultation from doctor.

- Take Shirshulhar vati.

- Take two tablets of sootsekhar ras three times a day.

- Take two tablets of laxmivilas  ras three times a day.

- Take two tablets of praval panchamrita twice in a day when light pain is there.

Yoga for migraine

- gradually make the anulom - vilom pranayama. 
- Pull ear slowly. 
- Pressing the hands and feet of the fingers immediately relaxes.

Home remedies for migraine

- Before sleeping in the night, insert two drops of cow's ghee in the nose. 
- Smell the mustard oil and put it in a bowl. Take out a silk seed and put a whole rye in it. Rinse before sunrise and swallow the mouth with water. Do this 2-3 days. 
- Before sunrise, prepare a saunat bura (pei khanda) in water and drink for 2-3 days. Sugar does not follow it at all.
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Homeopathy treatment for migraine

Belladonna - Take four times in 30 or Bryonia -30 or -30 Glonain or Iris - V -30 or -30 Jelsimiam four - four drops day.

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