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Diphtheria is an infection which is mostly spread in children. This disease can spread from the infection to any age group. There is a problem in breathing after this disease has occurred. If a person comes in contact with infected person then he may have diphtheria too. If it is not treated after its symptoms, it is spread to the whole body. This disease can also be deadly. Find out more about this disease in this article.


This is done by the infection of coronibacterial diphtheria bacteria. Its bacteria infects the tonsill and respiratory tract. Due to infection, a membrane is formed which causes obstruction in breathing and in some cases even death occurs.This disease is higher in children than older people. The throat starts drying when the disease occurs, the voice changes, there is difficulty in breathing after having a trap in the throat. Infections in the other organs of the body are not spread on treatment. If its bacteria reach the heart, then it can also be known. Other children are exposed to this disease when exposure to diphtheria-infected children.

Diphtheria Symptoms

Symptoms of this disease appear in two to five days of infection. which is:-
  1. Runny nose
  2. Throat pain
  3. Fever
  4. To feel sick

Membrane itself is a special symptom of the disease. Due to not starting appropriate medical care immediately, it can prevent the respiratory tract from occurring around the neck, causing the patient to be inhaled and the air in the lungs does not reach. 

Swelling occurs in the throat. The tonsils also swell.The membrane can not be formed in the throat and in the trachea below it. Snoring is especially more prone to pancreatitis, but it is not breathable. The membrane is collected in them in the disease of the eye and genitals.

Fever feeds up to 100 ° 102 ° F. Due to blood poisoning, the patient is seen to be cold. The severeness of the disease is reflected by its face and simple condition. Headache, dislike, constipation etc. remain.

The degeneration effect of the diphtheria is on the myocardium. When the heart becomes weak, its pulse becomes weak, which reduces the body's blood pressure. The more heartache increases, the lesser the hope of the patient's life becomes less.

There is also the effect of toxins on neurosurgery. The pillar of muscles within the throat is usually seen on the 10th or 12th day, which begins with weakness in the first place. The patient's word becomes nasal. Water or other drinks return to the nose after swallowing.

The function of eye muscles may be degradation, so that the patient is not able to see the small alphabets due to lack of accommodation. The symptoms of polyneuritis are shown after two or three weeks later and sometimes even before.

Occasionally the larynx becomes inaccessible, which causes fear of asphyxia. In this case, tracheotomy has to be made and breathing is done immediately.

Diphtheria Diagnosis

It is not often difficult If the membrane does not appear after the disease is suspected then culture examinations of throat discharge are necessary. 

Identification of the disease patients by the Schick test helps in preventing disease.

Diphtheria is essential to identify diseases like phyaryngitis, tonsillitis, fungus infections in the mouth and throat.

Diphtheria causes / Diphtheria transmission

👉 It is a disease of infection that spreads through its bacterial infection.
👉 Its bacteria live in the mouth, nose and throat of the victim.
👉 It spreads from one person to another by coughing and sneezing.
👉 Its bacteria spread most in the rainy season.
👉 If the treatment is delayed, the bacteria spread throughout the body.

Diphtheria Treatment

Antibiotic poisonous serum, which is often made from the blood of the prudential horses, is the first drug of this disease, but the physician must first decide that the patient is not intolerant to serum, because some patients do not tolerate serum Especially those patients who have been injected with serum first.

For this reason, you should ask before injection. If there is no injection then there is no particular fear. If necessary, it is necessary to check intolerance. This condition is called anaphylaxis. It can be till death.

The success of the therapy depends on the early start of medical treatment. It is necessary to initiate the treatment as soon as the disease is suspected. In some rare conditions and especially when the disease has started, it is necessary to give antibiotic venom serum to the patient's life-saving 80,000 units from 200,000 to 200,000.

In ordinary fierce conditions, 16 to 32 thousand quantities are sufficient. In soft disease five to 15 thousand amphibians are enough. In extreme conditions, at least half the amount should be given by the vein and the rest should be given in intravenous injection in the hind bump.

Prokan benzyl penicillin is given six lakhs of amounts (including one lakh ordinary benzyl penicillin) once per day for five days. The bacteria of the disease are its deadly action. Erythomicin has also had satisfactory results.

Complete immunity is required for at least three weeks to protect the heart even after the disease. After severe disease, the patient is not able to work till three months.

Diphtheria Prohibition (Prevention)

To protect against throat disease (diphtheria), children should get DPT vaccine. See schedule for infantry transition for details.

If a child has the possibility of throat disease (diphtheria), consult the doctor immediately, because it is a life threat. It is very necessary and always successful. Nowadays this vaccination is started in infancy. 

At the age of 10 to 12 months, the first injection of diphtheria toxoid, second on 15-18 months, and then the last injection is given at the age of eight or nine years during school admission. This keeps the child immune to life.

It is very necessary to check the tolerance, in which the injections of serum have been detected, it should be examined and given injection.

002 millimeter (non-dissolved) serum is then re-inspected if the patient does not have any special symptoms, after half an hour after giving a 002 millimeter subdivision injection of the solution of a power dissociation in antiparturum (antiserum).

Apart from this, if the symptoms are not generated then the full volume can be given after half an hour. Upon the appearance of symptoms, except for the idea of giving serum it has to be done with penicillin and other antibiotic toxins.

Side effect of Diphtheria Vaccine 

There can be following side effects
  • injection site reactions (redness, warmth, swelling, tenderness, itching, pain, hives, and rash)
  • weight loss (anorexia)
  • persistent crying
  • rarely convulsions
  • fever
  • drowsiness
  • fretfulness
  • vomiting

Who should not get diphtheria vaccine ?

You should avoid this vaccine if :

👉 You have any type of serious allergy with any ingredient of this vaccine
👉 If you noticed or reported  any serious reaction from this vaccine in the past.

Tell your doctor if:

👉 If you have any type of neurological problem
👉 If you have immune system disorder
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