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30 "Proven" Home Remedies for Acidity [YOGA treatment]

30 "Proven" Home Remedies for Acidity [YOGA treatment]

This article tells you the magical ways to get rid of Acidity or Acid reflux with yoga and Home Remedies

Acid reflux

Acidity meaning [Acidity definition]

It is a situation in which the upper part of the stomach is felt burning and pain. This irritation usually happens immediately after eating food. The main symptoms of the problem of digestion are pain in the upper part of the stomach, lack of appetite, dizziness and gas in the stomach. During this disorder, there is a sour taste in the mouth and there is a lot of stir in the stomach, after which there is usually a problem of constipation or diarrhea.

Today, the problem of acidity in the society has become quite common. This problem occurs when the acid present in the stomach comes to the phosphate. It also causes irritation problems in many people's heart. We should know about acidity symptoms, acidity medicines. Should try to diagnose this problem completely or else it may also change in some major disease. Esophagus line can also be destroyed due to this problem.

Although you take lightness in the stomach acidity, but do you know that this acid is so fast that a razor blades the throat. Only then do some physicians consider it extremely dangerous. They say that if this acid is so fast, then think about how much harm it will bring within the body. Due to the adventurous and irregular lifestyles of today, the problem of stomach has become common.

Usually acidity is caused due to intake of fried and spicy food. There is also no time schedule for eating, which causes acidity. When excessive amount of acid is released in the stomach, it is called acidity. Let us tell you some such home remedies which you can get rid of acidity.

Acidity is known in medicine as gastroesophageal Riflux Disease (GERD). In Ayurveda it is called Aml Pitt.

Reasons for acidity:-

According to modern science, hydrochloric acid and pepsin are released for digestion in the stomach. Normally this acid and pepsin stays in the stomach and does not come in contact with the food tubes.
There is a special type of muscle on the attachment of stomach and food pipe, which keeps its stomach and diaphragm off from its compressibility and some accounts open when it is eaten. When there is a distortion in it, many times it opens up automatically and acid and pepsin come in the food tube. When it happens repeatedly, swelling and wounds in the food node become.

In normal language The problem of digestion occurs when the stomach acids come back to the mouth and it occurs when the stomach's door is not functioning properly. The main factors of this problem are weight gain, sleeping soon after eating, excessive eating, excessive consumption of fried foods, drinking alcohol only, stress and pregnancy

Causes of Acidity

👉 Excessive acid intake can lead to acidity.
👉 When the status of indigestion or indigestion remains for a long time
👉 Protein additives, such as: cheese, egg, fish and pulses, etc., with substance are taken, then the protein is digested first, but the white diet does not digest, due to which the sour dancers begin to appear.
👉 By eating more food in hot spices than just eating it weakens gastragyi, which causes the food to rot in place, and acidity becomes sick.
👉 More stress and anxiety also cause hyper-acidity.
👉 Acidity increases with spicy, sour-sweet, chilly-spiced, salted, fried foods such as chaat-pakode, dalmoth, tea, plenty of smoking, alcohol and non-vegetarian food.
👉 Late to sleep, after sunrise, it is also possible to increase the incubation.
👉 Chronic constipation leads to high levels of harmful substances in the blood, and the action of blood purification leads to acidity.
👉 The lack of water in the body increases the acidity too.
👉 Eat the food of enemy spirit together - milk and curd, milk-garlic etc.

Symptoms of acidity


The main reason for chest irritation is the collusion of stomach acid in your esophagus. This pain can sometimes be longer than usual.

Post-meal pain

Many times the stomach fills the stomach due to more food, and due to lack of any other feed, this food has to come up, which later takes the form of indigestion.

Bitter taste

This is also a major symptom of indigestion. The reason for this is that stomach acid has to reach your throat, resulting in your mouth becoming bitter.


Many respiratory diseases, such as cough and cough, are caused by burning sensation, mainly due to the stomach acids reaching your lungs.

Extra saliva

If there is a sudden amount of sputum production in your mouth suddenly without any reason, then it may also be due to your stomach's indigestion. When indigestion, our body tries to remove this strange substance from the body, and it takes the spit for it.

Complications of Acidity/Acid reflux [GERD]

If the intensity of both types of ulcers increases, then the patient may have blood vomiting. For long periods of time, the path to stomach leads to acne due to which the patient gets acute vomiting. Sometimes the ulcer may also rupture, causing infection in the stomach and severe pain in the stomach. Chronic ulcers can be a risk of cancer. With this, acidity can be treated with Ayurvedic prescription too.

Diagnosis of Acidity/Acid reflux [GERD]

In this disease, treatment of barium X-ray, endoscopy, sonography can be started by detecting the complexity of the disease.

Prevention of acidity

👉 Eat in Gap - Eat in many parts 4 to 6 times a day instead of eating stomach.
👉 Do not drink water immediately after eating - drink a glass of water after half an hour after drinking the water immediately after eating it.
👉 Drink water in the morning - wake up early in the morning and drink a glass of water. Acid is made in the stomach at night.
👉 Get enough sleep - at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep at night. This keeps the diagram correct, which keeps the acid control.
👉 Avoid spicy food - Avoid excessive chilly-spicy food. The amount of acid in the body increases with more spicy food.
👉 Do not take medicines empty stomach - some medicines cause acidity. Do not take them empty stomach.
👉 Control the weight - Due to the increase in weight, the diagram is poor. Therefore, control the weight as soon as possible with the help of exercises or yoga. [25 magical weight loss tips]

How to cure acidity permanently:-

  1. Drink half a glass of aloe vera juice to treat the gas in the stomach, 
  2. Taking 2 teaspoons of apple vinegar with water affects a lot.
  3. Acidic medicine, 1 teaspoon baking soda in half cup water is also very effective treatment.

Home remedies for acidity


👉 To get relief, take cinnamon tea to correct the infections in the gastrointestinal area.
👉 This common masala works as a natural antacid for your stomach and helps your stomach get relief by helping to absorb hazard and food.

Apple Cider Vinegar:-

👉 Many times, your acid reflux also causes the amount of acid in the stomach to be very low, and in such a situation, the apple vinegar works for you. 
👉 For this, add 1-2 teaspoons of raw and unclean apple vinegar in one cup of water and consume it twice a day. 
👉 You can take a teaspoonful apple cider vinegar and mix it in a glass of water and eat it too. [100%{Researched Base} Benefits And Side Effects, Dosage,Recipes Of Apple Cider Vinegar [The End Of Your Search]]

Coconut Water:-

👉 When you consume coconut water, it becomes your pH acidic level (alkaline) level of acid. It also helps in the formation of mucous in your stomach, which prevents the stomach from harmful effects of the extra acid production.
👉 Because it is composed of fiber, so it helps prevent digestion from reproduction by helping with digestion.
[The Poisonous Coconut Oil : Side Effects Vs Benefits [AReality Based On Research]]

Consume green juice before a meal

👉 Consumption of green juices proves to be beneficial for a variety of diseases, including infections in the stomach.
👉 Green juice alkalize the body and reduces inflammation, and also helps in digesting food by controlling gas juices. 
👉 If you take them about 30 minutes before eating, they are most effective. 
👉 If you are experiencing bad breath even in the morning or even in the evening, you can take them at such times.

Eat Jaggery [gur] for acidity

👉 Jaggery consumption is very beneficial in acidity. Eat some of jaggeries after meal will help in acidity. 
👉 Jaggery increases digestion and makes our digestive system more alkaline which reduces acidity of the stomach. You can take small pieces of jugerries after eating. 
👉Since jaggery also helps to maintain normal body temperature, and keeps the stomach cool, so experts recommend drinking jaggery syrup during the summer.

Aloe vera acidity

👉 Many people know that aloe vera is very beneficial in the treatment of acidity. 
👉 If you want a permanent remedy for your acidity problems, then drink aloe vera juice before eating it.

Cabbage juice acidity

👉 Close cabbage will be easily available to you in the market.
👉 Put a chopped cauliflower in the mixer and take out its juice. Now cut a carrot into small pieces and put it in the mixer and also remove the juice.
👉 You can either drink carrot juice every day or even use cabbage juice.

Honey for acidity

👉 Honey is a natural product and it is also easily available in everyone's homes. Because honey also has some medicinal properties, it is quite effective to get rid of stomach problems.
👉 The use of honey is also very beneficial as a remedy for acidity. Take 2 tablespoons of honey daily before sleeping.

Ginger for acidity

👉 It is one of the main ingredients found in the kitchen.
👉 Grind ginger and soak her juice. Now cut a lemon and take out its juice and put it in a small utensil and mix both of them well. Now take this mixture. This will benefit greatly.

Papaya for acidity

👉 The enzyme that is found in papaya is called Papen.
👉 It is very effective in dissolving the proteins in the body.
👉 Usually it is consumed after eating because it increases your digestive power. It is easily available in the market near you. 
👉 It also provides relief from the problem of constipation.

Banana for acidity

👉 Banana is rich in potassium and regulates the production of acid in the stomach and prevents the body from harmful consequences of excessive amounts of mucus in the stomach.
👉 Banana contains fiber it helps in the problem of digestion.
👉 Eat a banana daily for immediate relief from acidity.
👉 Bananas act as buffers against acids. This is the simplest way to get rid of acidity. 
👉 If the problem of acidity is high, eat one banana per day to get rid of it.

Basil leaves [Tulsi] for acidity

👉 Basil leaves help in the production of mucus in the stomach. 
👉 It protects the body from the effects of harmful juices of the stomach. 
👉 If someone feels uncomfortable or is experiencing irritation in the upper part of the stomach, then he should eat some basil leaves.
👉 Whenever you feel that the outbreak of acidity is increasing then chew some leaves of Basil.
👉 In some cases it will feel that irritation, restlessness in the stomach decreases.

👉The properties of basil leaves can give you immediate relief from acidity. 
👉 Eat some basil leaves on the first sign of gas or boil 3-4 basil leaves in water and drink it. This will give you relief.

Cold milk for acidity

👉 Drinking cold milk will give you much comfort with symptoms of indigestion. 
👉 Milk is rich in calcium. This prevents you from becoming acid in your body and helps to absorb the extra acids created in the stomach. 
👉 Drink a glass of sugar without getting sugar immediately and get relief immediately from indigestion. 
👉 This treatment becomes even more effective, if one spoon of ghee is mixed in milk.

Aniseed [saunf] for acidity

👉 It is an important element of digestion, which plays an important role in cleansing the intestines. You get rid of indigestion only by chewing fennel. Another way is to boil fennel with water in the night and keep this water deposited.
👉 Take this water in the morning or the next evening.
👉 You can chew fennel after food to prevent acidity. Fennel has gastrointestinal properties which strengthen the digestive system.

Cumin seeds for acidity

👉 Cumin helps in your digestion by producing sputum in your mouth. It also increases the metabolism of the body and eliminates stomach problems. 
👉 Ayurvedic experts believe that cumin has a comforting quality, which prevents you from burning irritation. 
👉 Take a spoon of cumin seeds in a little water and consume it. Alternatively boil water after adding cumin seeds, and take it after it cools.

Clove for acidity

👉 Cloves play a big role in improving your digestion and prove to be very effective in removing symptoms of indigestion. 
👉 The nutrients present in the cloves help a lot in pushing the food present in the stomach to the intestines. Chew it with a clove in the mouth and swallow its juice and get relief from indigestion.

Cardamom [Elaichi] for acidity

👉 According to Ayurvedic scriptures, there are three major faults in the body - vata, gall and cough. 
👉Cardamom has such properties, which are capable of perfecting these three defects properly.
👉 Cardamom is very helpful in improving your digestion and provides relief from jerks rising in the stomach.
👉 If you put cardamom in water and boil it and eat this water, then it may disappear in your dysfunctional jumps.

Mint [Pudina leave] for acidity

👉 Mint plays a significant role in improving digestion by slowing down the process of production of acids in your stomach.
👉 Burning and pain in the stomach can be easily removed by the cold and comfortable effect of mint.

Tomatoes for acidity

👉 Calcium, phosphorus and vitamin C are found in tomatoes. Which brings out the bacteria from the body. Tomato is sour in taste, but it increases the amount of alkalis in the body.
👉 Regular consumption of tomatoes does not cause acidity.

Pineapple for acidity

👉 If you have acidity, take pineapple juice filled with enzymes. 
👉 After eating, if you are feeling full and full of stomach, then drinking fresh juice of half a glass of pineapple will end all discomfort and acidity.

Celery for acidity

👉 Celery has been used as a spice for many centuries, but celery is not just a spice.
👉 It is full of many types of medicinal properties. It is also very beneficial in acidity.
👉 Fry a little celery and cumin seeds with acidity. Then boil it in water and filter it. Mix sugar in this water and drink relief, it will get relief from acidity.

Papaya for acidity

Papaya is one of the most potent fruits. It works like nectar for stomach disorders such as constipation, gas, acidity and cough. The juice coming out of it quickly digests 100 times its protein from its weight. It provides a lot of benefits in gastric and intestinal disorders.

Asparagus for acidity

👉 Saturn's root is very beneficial for acidity. If the powder of its roots is boiled in cow's milk and given to the patient with acidity, then it gets faster comfort. 
👉 Taking mixture of asparagus powder and honey will gives fast relief.

Black pepper and lemon for acidity

👉 Use of black pepper and lemon is very good in acidity. 
👉 Mix A glass of lukewarm water, pepper powder and half a lemon. Drink regularly in the morning. Doing so keeps the stomach clean and give relief in acidity.

Fenugreek for acidity

👉 All problems of stomach and intestine can be removed with  fenugreek. 
👉 To avoid the problem of acidity, it is useful to eat a few ripe fenugreek leaves every morning. Or drink a batter of fenugreek and mithote. Doing so will remove all stomach diseases including acidity.

Guava for acidity

👉 Intake of guava is very beneficial in constipation and acidity. Vitamins, fibers and mineral present in it are extremely beneficial for health. 
👉 Fiber found in guava removes constipation.

Blackberry [jamun] for acidity

👉 Blackberry contains carbohydrate, proteins and calcium. As per the weather, it should be consumed as medicine. Its intake enhances digestion and give relaxes in stomach disorders.
👉 Eating empty stomach berries ends the problem of gas and acidity.

Muleti for acidity

Take a mousse and grind it and make a decoction, it eliminates acidity along with throat irritation.

Neem bark for acidity

To get rid of acidity acidity, allow the bark of neem to be filled in 1 glass of water overnight. Filter this water in the morning and drink it. You can also use neem bark powder by making it.

Giloy for acidity

Boil 7 small pieces of the root of Giloy in water. After being lukewarm, drink it sour and get rid of acidity.

Yoga for acidity

The problem of gas and acidity is a very common problem, which not only aggravates but also young people. There can be many reasons for this, but due to lack of food or food at the time of time, it is difficult for people of almost every age to have this problem. In this case, some people take immediate medicines, or many do not eat enough due to the problem of gas, which is not the right remedy. However with the help of yoga, this problem can be settled permanently. So let's know, which yoga can be beneficial to get rid of gas and acidity.


Matasya means fish. Because doing this asana is to keep the body like fish, hence it is called Mittasyan. To make the niggery, first sit down the mat on the ground and apply Padmasana. Now lift the back from the ground and take the head back so much that the top of the head will fall from the ground.After this, use the thumb of the left hand and then the right thumb from the left hand. Put your knees on the ground and lift the back part so that only the knee and the head of the body touches the ground. Regular leave of this seat, after doing late practice, eliminates the problem of gas and asidity and increases the appetite due to the constriction of constipation. This also improves digestion power.


In all cosmic exercise all the organs of the body happen simultaneously, hence this seat has been given the name of universal name. To do this, lie down on the flat mat on the flat ground and place both of your hands close to the body. And then lift the two legs up slowly. Make the whole body straight from neck to right angle and apply chin to the chest.After this condition, take deep breaths at least ten times and then gradually bring the feet down. By doing swargasan, the body develops fully and the activity of the thyroid glands increases. Also, regular practice of this asana increases blood circulation and digestion power increases. This provides relief from the problem of gas and acidity.


Stand up on the seat sitting on the chamber to lift your feet and lie down and keep the stomach part upwards. After this, keep both hands together with the body and keep touching the ground with palms. Stay in this position for one to two minutes and then lift the legs straight upwards while breathing.And then keep the head from the ground. Now keep the legs upwards at an angle of 90 degrees. Stay in this position for a while and then gradually return to normal in leaving the breath out. Eating, gut, and stomach, feet and waist are highly strengthened and they become strong. Regular practice of this posture removes dysentery and gastric problems.


To do Bhujangasan, first turn the mouth down and lie down on the stomach and then leave the body absolutely loose. After this, place the palms above the ground on the shoulders and between the grounds and gradually lift the portion from the navel upwards like a snake's funeral.Now drag the toes on the back, so that the fingers touch the ground. Wait for some time in this position and do it at least four times. Regular practice of Bhujangasan does not cause gas, constipation etc. in the stomach. Apart from this, this posture also gets rid of problems related to neck, shoulder and spinal cord.

In addition to these asana, you can also practice regular meurasan, vajrasana, halasan, shalabasana, anlom vilom pranayama and dandukasan etc. All these asanas also remove the problem of gas and acidity and make the body health and strength.

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