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30 [Simple] tricks to gain weight quickly

30 [Simple] tricks to gain weight quickly

Today's article is for those people who tried several tricks to gain weight quickly tried all the claimed fastest ways to gain weight but didn't succeeded. Read this article if you really need to gain weight. This articles contains 30 easy and effective ways to gain weight, knowledge of best weight gaining foods, best drink to weight gain. the article does not end here it contains the Ayurveda remedies to gain weight and best meditation techniques to gain waits.           

Article contains:- 

✔ Reasons for weight loss
✔ 3 Basic things to work on
✔ 18 Tricks for weight gain
✔ Ayurvedic Tricks for weight gain
✔ Yoga Asana for weight gain
✔ 4 Healthy smoothies for weight gain
Today, on one hand, many people are sweating their hours for weight loss while on the other hand there are some people who are struggling to gain weight. Because these people feel embarrassed due to losing weight and they need some such measures, with the help of which they can increase their weight.
Either way both increasing and subtraction of weight is a big problem. But still it seems possible to reduce its weight to some extent by exercising and dieting.

Reasons for weight loss

  • Inconvenience to food: Anaeraxia nevosa, in which a person is always worried that his weight will increase and because of that, he starts leaving his food any time.

  • Thyroid Problems: Some people have problems with hyperthyroidism, which increases metabolism, which reduces weight.

  • Diabetes: Especially due to Insulin Dependent Diabetes Malietus (Type1), too much weight is lost.

  • Cancer: Any cancer that is present in the body also causes most Calories Burn, which reduces weight.

  • Infections: There may also be some infections in the body, which can cause weight loss such as tuberculosis, HIV AIDS.

3 Basic things to work on:-
There are always three basic things on which we have to work, if we want to increase weight these :-

  • Diet
  • Calories
  • Workout routine

Diet: By eating the right amount and the right way, it helps in increasing the weight. To gain weight, it is necessary to consume sufficient amounts of protein. It increases the metabolism by increasing the weight and providing energy to the body. To increase the weight mix eggs, milk, chicken and fish in your diet. You are changing your diet to gain weight. This also includes carbohydrates. They contain high amounts of calories and nutrients which are beneficial for the body. Try to use carbohydrate with the help of fruits, vegetables and rice. Do not eat sugary drinks for carbohydrates, they harm your health.

Calories: Calorie intake is extremely important for weight gain. For calories you should consume protein, vitamins, fat and carbohydrate. To increase the weight, you should increase the amount of calories. Calorie regulates the energy needed for the body to work. If you do not eat the right amount then energy is used by burning fat in the body, due to which the weight starts decreasing. If you eat a lot, then fat increases in the body as it increases the weight.

Workout routine: It is a myth that just go to the gym to make weight and make mussels. People who want to gain weight can also go to the gym. There are different exercises for those people. To increase the weight you have to gauge the muscles, not fat. Fat can cause you to become obese. So do the exercises that help you gain weight.

Many people also take medicines and protein supplements to increase obesity or to increase their weight. You will be able to gain weight by medicines, but after that there will be problems in the future, which will be the side effect, will not be good.


18 Tricks for weight gain:-

Now we will understand the weight gain process in elaborate way on the basis of diet, calories and workout concept. Increasing the weight and increasing the weight properly, both are totally different. If you have less weight and you want to grow it properly, then you have to try some effective measures for it. Most people fight with the challenge of losing weight. But, there are many people, whose problem is the opposite. The weight of these people is less according to the required parameters and they are needed to increase weight. But, this work is not so easy Increasing weight is a daunting task, and even hard work is needed for it. You can increase the weight with the help of some supplements, but its benefits are less and the losses are high. It is therefore necessary to adopt healthy methods to increase weight like-

1-Whole grains:-

Eat whole grains for weight gain, carbohydrate is found abundant in whole grains. Eat whole grains like wheat, jalar millet, corn, barley, oats, ketto, pasta etc. Whole grains contain more calories and vitamins than ground grains. Whole grains can be taken with milk as well. It also protects from many diseases.


Eating almonds leads to the development of nerves. Also, it can be used as a good option for weight gain. If you eat almonds every day, there will be stability in body functions and nerves and weight will increase.


Peanut is a good alternative to a healthy diet. There is a great amount of calories and fat. The boys can use peanuts in every way. Peanuts can be eaten after lunch and dinner. Its use does not fill the stomach but the body gets more calories and fat.


Nut good natural supplementation for weight gain. Walnuts have necessary monounsaturated fat which provides healthy calories in high doses. Regularly if 20 grams of nut is eaten then the weight grows fast.


Cashew nuts are an easy way to get self-portraits. Cashew oil not only has weight gain designs. Eating regular cashew nuts will make your skin look soft and hair shiny.

6-Coconut milk:-

This diet is a rich source of oils. Coconut milk is known for its good taste and good taste for food. Cooking coconut milk will increase the amount of calories in the body.

7-Dairy Products:-

Milk and dairy products have high calorie intake. With the use of milk shake, creamy milk and chocolate with lunch and dinner, the body gets extra calorie, fat and nutrients, which increases obesity. After lunch and dinner, curd and ice cream can be eaten in the dessert. By mixing cheese and butter with potatoes and eggs, the weight increases by eating.


The meat contains high amounts of protein and fat. Meat-like weight can be increased by eating red meat, chicken and fish. Omega-3 fat is found in the fish, which increases the weight rapidly. Meat can also be eaten by mixing in fast food and junk food.


Eggs contain plenty of vitamins and proteins. Eating it strengthens muscles and bones. Egg can be used in breakfast with milk and juice. Buck it aside and put it in sandwiches and burgers, this will increase the weight easily.

10- Protein and carbohydrate:-

Protein intake is important for weight gain, so add chicken, fish, egg, milk, almonds and peanuts to your diet. Apart from this, carbohydrate is also helpful in weight gain such as pasta, brown rice, oatmeal etc. Make sure to eat fruits and vegetables with all of them.

11- Banana is beneficial:-

The most effective and easy way to increase weight is banana consumption. Eat at least three bananas a day. Banana is also beneficial with milk or yogurt. Make breakfast with breakfast every morning - definitely milkshakes. The results will be in front of you throughout the month

12- Honey in milk:-

Honey balances weight. If your weight is high, honey helps in reducing it and if it is weight loss then it works to increase it. Eating a milk honey daily before or after breakfast can increase your weight. It also keeps your digestive power good.

13- Contact the doctor:-

Incomplete food, high intake of food at the time of food, consuming less food and working harder than it is one of the reasons for weight loss. Apart from this, there is a long illness that can be due to diseases such as TB, cancer, hormonal imbalance and anorexia nervosa. So in this case, contact the doctor and get the appropriate advice.

14- Beans also beneficial:-

If you are vegetarian then you have no choice from beans. There is 300 calories in one bowl of beans. It does not only help in weight gain, but also helps in nutritious.

15- Melon is beneficial:-

Those who lose weight, doctors advise them to eat melons. Although this is seasonal fruit, but it also increases the weight by eating it faster. It also protects you from dehydration.

16- Milk with nuts:-

To increase the weight, dry the dry nuts in the morning or boil it in milk or drink it and drink it. The weight increases rapidly, especially with the consumption of hot milk with almonds, dates and figs. Eating raisins increases weight faster. Regularly include 30 grams of raisins in your diet. You will feel the difference in your weight throughout the month by consuming it everyday.

17- Peanut Butter:-

Peanut butter contains good amount of monounsaturated fat. Not only does it help to increase weight, but it is also very tasty if you eat with toast and biscuits.

18- Exercise also needed:-

Exercise is equally important as a diet to increase weight. For this you can exercise like pull ups, swats, dead-lifts etc. With the help of these exercises the activity of hormones increases and you feel hungry. 

Not only the exercise is the contribution of balanced diet but also in weight gain diet. 

Dietary significance is a complete role in weight gain. However, people with low weight use many tips to gain weight. Many of them resort to junk food and fast food and some often consume fried foods. Even though these food items may increase your weight, these foods are harmful to your health.


Ayurvedic ways for weight gain: 

Now its time to understand the Ayurvedic role in weight gain. In this section we are going to tell you about some Ayurvedic Tips to Increase WeightIf you want to increase the weight in a healthy way, then follow Ayurvedic tips. It not only increases the weight but also provides a variety of nutrition to the body, which keeps the body healthy.
Increasing weight is as hard as losing weight. To increase the weight, people practice different types of workouts and follow the diet plan. Many people consume supplements for quick weight gain but it affects health and promotes many health problems. With the help of Ayurveda, you can increase the weight in a healthy way and it also provides nutrients to your body. With the help of Ayurvedic tips, many people do not know about weight gain and because of this, they adopt wrong measures. Their consumption keeps the body healthy and well-being, while increasing weight.

How to increase weight with the help of Ayurveda?
following ayurvedic herbs are very beneficial for weight gain
  1. Ashwagandha
  2. Chyawanprash
  3. Vasant Kusumkar Ras
  4. Raisins and figs

  • Ashwagandha:-Ashwagandha contains amino acids and vitamins that increase the weight in a healthy way. By mixing Ashwagandha and butter in hot milk, the weight increases easily. Drink it every night and see changes in it.

  • Chyavanprash:-There are many nutrients present in Chyavanprash, which help increase weight and increase immunity. Apart from this, it also strengthens the bones. Consumption of chyavanprash daily can give you better results.

  • Vasant Kusumkar juice:-Vasant Kusumkar juice powder and tablet are available both. It strengthens the memory and increases immunity. Eat together 150-250 mg of honey of spring Kusumkar juice, sugar and ghee daily, sugar and ghee.

  • Raisins and figs:-Raisins and figs contain high amounts of sugar and fiber and calories, which increase the weight in a healthy way. Put 6 figs and 30 grams of raisins in water overnight and then eat it twice a day and see changes in it.
To increase the weight, you should follow Ayurvedic tips instead of supplements so that your health is not harmed.


Yoga for weight gain

Often people think that yoga is a measurement that they are not employed in weight loss or weight reduction. But do you know that through yoga you can get amazing results of weight control. You can take advantage of yoga well without any loss.Yoga helps in weight loss and yoga helps in weight gain. Yoga is useful in a way similar to other physical actions as you do swiming or doing weight lifting. However good diets with yoga are also important. Just like some seats are just useful for weight loss, there are some such asanas that can help you gain weight easily. Let's learn how Yoga is beneficial for weight gain.


  • Surya Namaskar yoga:-
If you do the posture of two Surya Namaskas in the morning everyday, then your body becomes active. Surya Namaskar usually has more effect on the shoulders and chest. Surya Namaskar has 12 positions and you must take every action of the surya namaskar for at least 5 seconds. Standing for Surya Namaskar ​​and coming in the post of Namaskar. After this you try to bow down on your body and try to bow down and touch your feet.After you become normal, then turn one leg backwards and turn your knees in front of the other and try to stay in this position for a while. Surya Namaskar is a process which fills spontaneity in your body and also helps in increasing your weight in a healthy way.

  • Swargasan:-

Swargasan is very helpful for weight gain. For swargasan you have to sit on your bed and lift your legs upwards and your rest body will be downwards, only your feet will remain in the air.

  • Bhujangasan:-

This is a another beneficial weight gain yoga. In this posture you have to catch yourself as if you are swinging swing. You have to lie upside down on the valley, in it your waist will be upwards and then you have to raise your feet gradually, that is to turn towards the waist. Then take your hands off the side and catch both the toes, just like your body swings Engaged After this, lift your mouth as high as possible.

  • Shawasan:- 

Shawasan is a very easy yoga. It is very helpful in relaxing your body and also helps in weight gain. In this asana you have to lie down in the valley and your stomach will stay upwards. After this you close your eyes and leave your hands and legs loose. You can do this asana even for half an hour.


Increasing weight is not an easy task nor is there any fixed way to it. Some people have obesity or low weight genetic, so if you do not gain weight even through these methods, do not force them and contact the doctor. It is of course that if the above mentioned measures are done regularly, it will definitely be beneficial.

Healthy Smoothies to Increase Weight:-

In this part of the articles we are going to tell you about smoothies, which can help you to gain weight.
  1. Strawberry-Avocado Smoothie 
  2. Strawberry-peanut butter smoothing 
  3. Peanut Butter-Chocolate Smoothie 
  4. Nuts Smoothie

Strawberry-Avocado Smoothie:-

Avocado is an anti oxidants and has healthy fats. Take One quarter cup milk, Three quarter cup yogurt, one banana, One cup strawberry and One quarter cup avocado. Mix all the ingredients together and keep it in a fridge for a while. Now your weight gain healthy drink is ready.

Strawberry and Peanut Butter Smoothie:-

Peanut Butter has healthy fats, as well as rich with protein and anti-oxidants, so its consumption is beneficial for healthy weight gain. Mix three quarter cup yogurt, one banana, two spoon peanut butter in a quarter cup milk and place it in a fridge. Smoothie is ready

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Smoothie:-

Peanut Butter has healthy fats, while there are plenty of anti-oxidants in chocolate, therefore peanut butter-chocolate is beneficial for weight gain. Mix one quarter cup milk, three quarter cup yogurt, one quarter cup dark chocolates, two spoon peanut butter and place it in a fridge.

Nuts Smoothie:-

Due to milk, fruit and healthy nuts, this helps in increasing weight as well as healthy weight. Mix one cup milk, one banana, one quarter cup nuts, two tablespoon peanut butter, two teaspoons of protein, two tablespoon honey, One spoon cocoa powder and place it in a fridge All these smoked foods help to gain weight better.


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