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Problems in Menstrual Cycle

Problems in Menstrual Cycle

Problems in Menstrual Cycle 

Menstrual problems
menstrual cycle or periods is a natural thing in a girls life. If you are having a regular menstrual cycles or periods it means you are healthy and fit. In other words if your hormones, ovary and uterus  all working normally it means you have a regular periods. 

There are a few distinctive menstrual cycle issues that you should understand.

Heavy periods (Menorrhagia):-
Menorrhagia is a very heavy bleeding reason sometimes your body is not producing enough hormones which is estrogen and progesterone and trigger the heavy bleeding. hormonal disorder is the main cause of menorrhagia but there are other reasons also like thyroid, cervix inflammation, infection, fibroids.

Problems in Menstrual Cycle 

No periods (amenorrhea):-
There are two types of amenorrhea primary and secondary. Primary amenorrhea is called when a girl didn’t get her period till age of 16.

Secondary amenorrhea happens when there are no regular periods for more than 6 months.

In both cases common causes are :- hyper thyroid, cyst in ovary, pregnancy, hormonal imbalance

Painful periods (Dysmenorrhea):- 
Dysmenorrhea is a period with pain in lower abdomen, hips, thighs and lower back. Mainly caused by hormonal disorders and ovary cysts.

Pre-menstrual Syndrome:-
Premenstrual Syndromes happens ten to fifteen days previously your period starts. In some ladies there are emotional and physical disbalance and few  encounter couple of side effects.

Premenstrual Syndromes can cause: swelling crabbiness spinal pains migraines bosom soreness skin break out sustenance desires unnecessary weariness melancholy tension sentiments of stress a sleeping disorder obstruction looseness of the bowels mellow stomach issues

You may encounter diverse indications consistently, and the seriousness of these manifestations can likewise fluctuate.

NOTE:- every body has different type of menstrual cycle effects for some these effects are normal but for some maybe  its abnormal. It is important to take a doctor’s suggestion if u feel anything abnormal in your menstrual cycle  

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