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25 magical weight loss tips

  25 magical weight loss tips 


In this article we will tell you about 25 magical weight loss tips. but first we have to understand about the reason behind obesity. Because we better use these weight loss tips, if we know the reason behind obesity. All these wight loss tips are only home remedies. In this article we will also tell you about the acupressure points of the body which will help you in weight loss. 


Article contains:-

  • what is obesity?
  • reason behind obesity.
  • symptoms of obesity.
  • obesity problems
  • obesity prevention.
  • weight loss surgery
  • 10 home remedies.
  • 5 acupressure techniques for weight loss.
  • 10 fat burning super foods.

What is obesity?

Obesity is a condition when excessive body fat accumulates on the body to such an extent that they have harmful effects on body. Obesity is associated with many diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, sleep apnea, many types of cancers and osteoporosis. The main cause of obesity is the consumption of high calorie foods, lack of physical activity, genetics mix Could. However, only due to genetic, medical or mental illness, very few are found.

Reason behind obesity

Obesity can have many causes. The major of these are: -

  1. Obesity and body weight gain is due to the imbalance between energy intake and the use of energy.
  2. Eating too much fat is also the cause of obesity.
  3. Exercise less and stabilizing life are the main cause of obesity.
  4. Due to unbalanced behavior and mental stress, people start eating more, which causes obesity.
  5. Even if the body does not have proper functioning, the body fat gets accumulated.
  6. Obesity of childhood and puberty may also be there for adults in the form of Hypothyroidism (hypothyroidism)

Symptoms of obesity

Obesity brings many changes in life on the physical and mental level. Because of which the symptoms are reflected in the person. But many times people do not give importance to them and do not take any medical advice about it which is harmful to their health.

 The main symptoms of obesity are as follows:-

  • Breathlessness - The problem of repeated inhalation is the symptom of obesity, which can be due to several reasons and causes many diseases.

  •  Increased sweating - Sudden persistent sweating and sudden, it shows that the person is suffering from obesity.

  • Snoring - Obviously obese people can be seen snoring very snoring in sleep, as the obesity increases, this problem increases even more.

  • Experiencing inability to reconcile physical activity - Inability to perform any physical activity in general is related to obesity and it is also one of the most prominent symptoms of obesity.

  • Feeling very tired every day - It is usually only a symptom of obesity to experience the exhaustion of fatigue without any extra workload.

  •  Back and joint pain - People with back problem of obesity can get back and joint pain in general.
  • Experience of lack of self-confidence and self-esteem - due to physical problems, decreases in ability to do any work and there is no confidence in self, which also leads to decrease in self esteem.

  • Feeling lonely - experiencing loneliness in obesity is a common practice. Due to physical changes, people feel most different and lonely themselves.

obesity problems

Obesity problems

Due to obesity, there are many health related problems, including type2 diabetes, hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol, gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD), high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, joint osteoarthritis, joint pain, sleep apnea and respiratory problems, urinary stress Incontinence, asthma and lung problems and reproductive problems

Obesity prevention

To reach the goal of treating obesity and maintain proper physical load for good health and to avoid obesity, it is necessary to adopt some measures. All programs related to weight loss give importance to changes in the habits of the person's food and the increase in physical activities, but it relies solely on the wishes of the person concerned.
Measures to avoid obesity include 
Change in diet
Exercise and activity
behavior modification
Weight loss drugs

"During menopause, to avoid increasing body weight, measures related to the diet and exercise" described by Dr. Pankaj Sauram

"If these measures are not adopted then surgery is the last stop for weight reduction under obesity therapy". - Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala, bariatric surgeon.

💁 Diet Plan - You always make your diet plans so that you can keep your obesity in control

Fair weight

The expected weight of a young person's body should be according to his length, so that his physical formation is favourable. The most common way to measure body weight is the body mass index (BMI) and it is twice the weight of the person's body and weighing it out in weight by kilograms
In the foods consumed to lose weight, it should be noted that they contain high protein content and reduce the amount of fat and carbohydrate.

Weight / length ratio classification
Low weight
normal weight
Category-1 fat
Category -2 Fat
> 40.0
Category -3 Thick

The quantity is high and the amount of fat and carbohydrate is reduced.

weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgery is supported if there is a lot of fat and there is no weight loss due to the strategies being made to monitor diet, exercise and / or medicines to lose weight such as medicines. This is a lifelong treatment for life-changing people and changes in life.

How it is done: Most bariatric surgery procedures are limited by the quantity of food consumed and the patient feels less on eating even when he has enough food. This surgery is always done using keyhole surgery.

10 Obesity & Weight Loss Home Remedies:-

  • Lemon Juice

Lime water is considered to be the most effective home remedy to reduce obesity. It cures digestion and enhances the detoxification.
To reduce fat, digestion is most important to correct, because it provides the body nutrients needed to burn excess fat. It also helps to remove the toxins that reduce metabolism from the body.

⇶ Take 3 spoons of lemon juice, one teaspoon honey and half a teaspoon of black pepper powder in a glass of water and mix it. (If black pepper is more sweeter then add one fourth spoon).
Drink it empty stomach every morning. Do this for at least three months continuously. You can also consume lemon juice only by mixing it in water.

  • Apple vinegar (apple cider vinegar)

Raw and unsweetened apple vinegar is a very popular recipe to reduce obesity. Although the correct address of how it helps in reducing weight, it can not be seen till today, but with some research it has proved that fat prevents body fat from growing. It helps in the process of breaking the fat and prevents it from getting absorbed in the body.

⇶ Mix one teaspoon raw and unleavened apple vinegar in a glass of water. Take it empty stomach every morning.
You can also consume a teaspoon apple vinegar with a lemon juice and a glass of water.

Note - Do not take apple vinegar (apple cider vinegar) more than two spoons a day. After consuming more than this, the level of potassium in your body and the density of minerals in the bones may be reduced.

Aloe vera is also beneficial in reducing obesity as it stimulates metabolism, enhances energy consumption and helps burn excess fat in the body. There are natural collagen proteins in which the body is working hard to absorb the proteins. Also, it helps to excrete toxins from the digestive tract and stomach.

⇶ Remove the pulp from the fresh aloe vera leaves. Now mix it with a cup of water and mix it. (If possible, you can use orange juice or grape juice instead of water). Drink it after mixing it well for three minutes. Take it for at least one month regularly

  • Green tea

Green tea is also quite popular treatment in the process of reducing weight. A recent research has revealed that in Green Tea, a compound called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) is found which reduces the absorption of fat in the body and helps in reducing excess fat.
Along with that, other nutrients such as Vitamin C, carotenoids, zinc, selenium, chromium and other essential minerals are also found in the green.

⇶ Take three cups of green tea daily to lose weight. You can also eat it with ginger tea or red chilli tea.

  • Cayenne Pepper

Red pepper also helps to reduce obesity and weight. It contains an ingredient called capsaicin which stimulates the body to burn fat and increase energy consumption. Along with this it also cures digestion and prevents excessive hunger due to the low absorption of nutrients in the body

  • Curry Leaves

To take 10 fresh curry leaves every morning, there is a lot of effective Ayurvedic treatment in obesity and diabetes due to it. Do this treatment for three to four months every day.

Curry leaves contain alkaloid called mahanimbine which has anti-obesity and lipid-lowering effects on the body. Therefore, it helps to reduce body weight and also lower the levels of total cholesterol and triglyceride.

  • Tomato

Tomato fixes the body's hormone levels and reduces the appetite. Take two tomatoes in the empty stomach every morning. Keep in mind that take tomato with its peel and seeds as it contains essential fiber.

Together, tomatoes contain vitamins A, C and K, and magnesium, manganese, choline, folate and other nutrients which are beneficial to health of the body. Apart from this, antioxidants present in tomatoes protect the body from cancer.

  • Cabbage

Add cabbage to your obesity diet. It contains tartaric acid which prevents sugar and other carbohydrates from being converted into fat. In addition, vitamin C and fiber are high and calories are less.
Due to being cruciferous vegetable, it contains phytochemicals that fix the balance of estrogen metabolism. If estrogen metabolism is unbalanced, then the possibility of breast cancer, overran cancers etc. increases. It also benefits other cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, brass sprouts and Swiss chard

  • Fennel

Due to having diuretic properties in fennel seeds, it is also considered beneficial in reducing obesity.

First fry the fennel seeds and fry them and then grind them to powder. Now filter this powder with sieve. Take this powder twice a day and a half spoonful with warm water twice a day. It also removes stomach gas, indigestion and constipation problems.
You can also consume fennel tea 15 minutes before eating

  • Honey and cinnamon

By consuming tea of ​​honey and cinnamon, metabolism increases, energy increases and the body's toxic substances are released. Honey fats up fat by increasing metabolism of fat. Cinnamon reduces hunger by fighting insulin resistance

⇶ Mix one and a half spoon cinnamon in a cup of hot water. Now add one spoon of organic honey. Consume half of its amount in the morning empty stomach and take half the amount before sleeping at night.

Regularly follow the above measures to reduce obesity as well as consume at least eight glasses of water daily with which the body's toxicity is released.


5 Acupressure techniques for weight loss

Do it faster, reduce fatness, press everyday, these 5 points of body

Everybody knows about acupressure points but do you know that by suppressing some points of the body, your obesity is rapidly decreasing. To reduce weight, through these acupressure techniques, you have to put some pressure on the body, which reduces your fatness. Through these you have a hunger control, which helps in weight loss. So let's know about these acupressure points that reduce obesity

  • Acupressure point of ear

To reduce obesity, press the fleshy flap portion in front of the canal for about 3 minutes with the help of your fingers. By pressing this point daily you will have a hunger control and you will avoid overting. This will help you lose weight

  • Acupressure Point of Foot

On the back of the ankle bone of the feet where the bone ends, press your finger and thumb for a second for a continuous one. Do this at least 1 time daily. By pressing this point your diagnosis system is fine, which controls your weight.

  • Acupressure Point of Hands

Pressing these points will reduce your obesity faster. For this, give pressure for two minutes on both sides of the thumb near the thumb. You can do the same with acupressure plants of the legs. It is very helpful to lose weight.

  • Stomach acupressure point

To reduce obesity quickly, give pressure on two of your fingers at the bottom of your navel. After this, press the help of one finger of your finger, for one minute continuously. The pressing of this point will improve your digestion system, which helps in reducing obesity.

  • Elbow acupressure point

To reduce weight, take the fingers of the elbow to the fingers in the inside crease. After this, press the second hand thumb on the Acupressure Point present here and press and hold it like this for 5 minutes. Do the same with the other hand elbows.


10 Fat-Burning Super Foods

There are many foods that actually help to burn calories and help reduce body fat. They increase the metabolism rate of your body, make the stomach feel full, increase body temperature and provide nutrients that help reduce weight.


  • Grapefruit

Grapefruit is considered to be the most effective food for reducing body fat and burning calories. Even it is also known as "negative calorie" food. This means that the more calories it takes to digest it than the calories your body will provide.
If you want to burn your body fat fast, then take a gourd regularly. The more pulp in the grapefruit, the more beneficial it will be

green tea

  • Green tea

Green tea is one of the most beneficial beverages to burn fat. Green tea is hot or cold, it is beneficial in both cases. It contains an antioxidant named EGCG which works to burn calories throughout the day and keeps the metabolism rate high. Drink 2 to 3 cup daily for fast result
red chilli

  • Red chilly

By consuming red chilli, metabolism also increases, which helps in burning the fat faster. Red pepper has a compound called capsaicin that increases body temperature. As a result, it helps to burn calories. Consume red chilli tea everyday. In the beginning, add one-ten spoonful of red chilli in a glass of water and make tea and gradually bring it to a spoonful of red chilli. To take advantage of it, squeeze half the lemon into it. Take this tea for at least one month daily.
Include red chillies and other spices such as ginger, black pepper, mustard seeds etc. in your diet.
You can consume red chillies by adding fresh, raw, cooked, dry and powder in your favorite dish. You can also consume it by adding some drinks such as lassi and so on. Only one red pepper intake can increase your body's metabolism by up to 25% and it is effective for about 3 hours of eating.


  • Ginger

Ginger is also a very popular food item to reduce obesity, which should include you in your diet.

Ginger helps in widening the blood ducts, thereby increasing blood circulation in the body. Increasing blood pressure increases body temperature, which is called thermogenic effect. As a result, metabolism increases and helps burn more calories. Plus, ginger reduces the metabolism experience as you increase the metabolism, which prevents you from eating more.
Take two to three cups of ginger tea daily. Also, include fresh or dried ginger in your diet

blue berries

  • Blue berries

In the blue berries, an antioxidant called resveratrol is found in abundance. Resveratrol contains a high amount of polyphenol compound which reduces free radicals in the body and prevents obesity. Also, the blue berries feel full due to having high water and fiber content. This does not make you feel hungry again and you do not consume unhealthy junk foods.

Eat a cup of blue berries daily. You can eat them in the form of snacks throughout the day or you can also eat as a salad with food. Alternatively, they can also be consumed in soup, smoothed or yogurt.


  • Spirulina

Spirulina is a micro-algae superfood that helps to burn body fat easily. Also, this super food contains a lot of natural nutrients which increase disease resistance, fight cancer, take out the toxic substances of the body and reduce the inflammation.Spirulina is easily available as a green powder on any food store. 

⇶ Mix one or a half spoonful of this powder in your juice or smoothie and drink it.

Note: Do not consume spirulara of hypertension (hypertension), stones and arthritis sufferers.

green apple
green apple

  • Green apple

Green apple is rich in high soluble fiber, vitamin C and antioxidant content, so it is considered to be very beneficial food for burning body fat. The soluble fiber known as pectin, which is present in green apple, reduce body fat. Because it keeps the stomach full and reduces the ability to absorb the fat of the cells.


  • Broccoli

Broccoli is one of the few rare vegetables that helps in fat-burning process in the body. It is rich with phytochemicals which accelerate the breakdown of fat in the cells, causing the body to burn fat instead of storing it. In addition, there are plenty of vitamins C, A, B6 and B12, magnesium, folate and dietary fiber which help burn fat. Broccoli also helps fight against inflamation. Inflammation is also one of the reasons to increase weight loss resistance in the body.

⇶ Add one to one and a half cup broccoli in your regular diet 4 to 5 times a week.

red grapes

  • Red grapes

By consuming red grapes daily, the fat burning process in the body is faster. In red grape peels, there is quite a good amount of resveratrol antioxidant that stimulates the enzymes that control many important functions of the body such as aging, DNA repair and fat production. Even your muscles do not get too tired. In addition, red grapes contain a large amount of alagic acid, which increases metabolism of fatty acids and prevents them from forming new fat cells. It also contains fiber which helps in reducing appetite.
Another advantage of red grapes is that the calories in them are in accordance with the need, so it is one of the best diet to reduce body fat.

⇶ Take a cup of fresh red grapes daily. You can consume them as juice, salad or smooti.

  • Alfalfa

Alfalfa or alfalfa are also considered to be very beneficial in burning body fat. This herb contains sympathomimetics and compounds named xanthine that increase the basic metabolic rate of the body. As a result, the process of burning the body fat and calories is faster. It is highly laced glycemic food, so consuming it does not increase the amount of sugar in the body. Increasing amount of sugar leads to the release of insulin hormone which increases fat storage. Also, it works like a natural diuretic, causing the toxic substances of the body to come out easily and the excess water in the body is less. Dietary fiber is also found in this superfood which makes the stomach feel full for a long time.
You can consume the alfalfa leaves by putting them in a sandwich, making a gooseberry or soup.
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