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Beetroot has 10 dangerous side effects

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Beetroot has 10 dangerous side effects

beetroot has dangerous side effects

Beetroots can be very dangerous for those who eat it daily. Today we are going to tell you about who should avoid beetroots and why?

Everyone knows the benefits of beetroot. But excessive use of beetroots can make you sick. yes beetroots has dangerous side effects. If you want to take maximum advantage of the medicinal properties of beetroot, then you have to understand its side effects.

Side effects of beetroot:

  • Beaturia:-

When we consume beetroots in a large quantity, then the color of our urine becomes pink.
According to a research done in Britain, Bituria has a major effect on those people who have iron deficiency (1). In this research, eight people were included, seven of which showed signs of Bituria (2).
It is said in a research that beeturia is not harmful. It only points to the problems in iron, in the digestive system of our body (3).

Hematuria is a case of blood presence in the urine. Although beet sugar does not cause the condition, the symptoms are similar to Bituria - urine coke color (8). Therefore, if your urine is colorful and you are consuming sugar beet, then one reason may be bituminous. But what if it is not? This is the reason that you are advised to consult your doctor.

  • Kidney stones

According to the Harvard Health Blog, acetic acid is found in beetroot, which can make kidney stones (4). 

If you have ever complained of stones, your doctor may advise you to quit or reduce the use of beet sugar. Because the use of beetroot increases the likelihood of re-calculation (5).

There are four types of stones in the kidney, in which the most calciumic stones are the most common. Minerals can make stones with other substances such as oxalic acid. Acetic acid is most commonly found in beetroot, which can contribute directly to kidney stones (6). These urine can increase the likelihood of calcium oxalate stones by increasing oxytate emissions (7).
Sugary is also known for increasing urine oxytate concentration, which can eventually cause kidney stone (8).

  • Rashes

Some individuals may also be allergic to sugar beet sugar intake. These include rashes, gall bladder, itching, and even cold and fever. Some people also complain about tightening the vocal cords, although this is rare.

  • Colourful stools

Beeticide contains a chemical called betacinin, which gives it a dark red colour. Most of the foods lose their colour due to chemical action in the digestive process, the colourful stool may be harmless, but still it is always better to consult your doctor. Your doctor can test the stool and prevent the presence of blood after testing (9). There may be some serious signs of blood flow in the stool. Due to beetroot can be a disease called bitrot melena, which has turbines or black stool (10).
If your stool is often coloured, then the use of beetroot should be stopped if the problem persists, then immediately consult your doctor (11).

  • Sudden reduction in blood pressure levels

It can be good. But if your blood pressure levels are already low or fluctuating, then beet sugar is not beneficial. Because beetroot can suddenly reduce blood pressure levels. Therefore, beetroot should not be eaten in such a way.

An Australian study states that beetroot juice can reduce blood pressure in men eating beetroot in normal diet (12). Nitrates have excessive sugar beet. According to some studies, healthy people may have a high level of blood pressure (13).

  • Abdominal discomfort

If you are already suffering from stomach problems, eating beetroot can only lead to problems. They can also swell, stomach, and even cramping.
Eating sugar can also cause gas pain. Due to the amount of fiber in beetroot can cause pain in the stomach and gas complaint. Most gas passes and bowel movements get relief in pain, if it does not happen, then your doctor should contact.

Anyone who is allergic to beetroot can also complain about those people like stomach cramps.

According to a report published by the Ohio Department of Health, short-term exposure to high levels of nitrites can lead to stomach problems and other stomach conditions such as diarrhea and vomiting. After eating high-level nitrites, symptoms show up in 18 to 36 hours. In some cases these symptoms can occur from 2 hours to 14 days (14).

  • Excess of blood sugar

It can be a serious concern for anyone with a problem of blood glucose. The rate of beet sugar in the glycemic index is generally high, which is negative. This is the reason why you should be away from beet sugar if you are suffering from sugar syrup.
Beetroot can be a part of a diet plan made for a stable glucose, but the doctor's advice should be taken before using it.

  • Problems during pregnancy

The beetle found in beetroot can become a cause for concern on its use during pregnancy. 

According to one study, Beten showed adverse effects in animal testing and there is not enough study to support pregnant women on its safety. In addition, pregnant women are more sensitive to the effects of nitrite (15).
Due to being high in nitrites, mothers should be avoided by the use of beetroot. Not only the mother, even the embryo may be more sensitive to nitrites poisoning, especially during the 30th week of pregnancy when oxidative stress increases (16).

  • Can cause arthritis

This type of arthritis that is caused by excessive uric acid is very painful. Its symptoms include pain of joint (especially on the basis of toe), bright red joint and high fever. 
According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, oxalate foods such as beetroot can contribute to arthritis (17). Therefore, the use of beetroot should be avoided.

  • Can harm the liver

Beetroot is found in iron, magnesium, copper, and phosphorus. Consumption of beetroot consumes them in the liver. It can damage the liver and pancreas.
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